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    Namespace - Naming your places v1.3.7
    What's new:
    • Fixed unable to start (without a reload) if a world is loaded by a plugin that is loaded after namespace.
    This is a plugin much like Interesting places but with multiworld support. In other words you mark spaces in your worlds and name them as you like, it will display that you are entering or leaving the places and you can list who is online and in what places they are. A lot of new features have been added on, see below for full list.

    Since interesting places seem to have been abandoned (although now continued on by Dutchy here), I'm developing a similar plugin, not exactly a replacement since it works somewhat differently with regard to how places are named. In the original plugin the places derived their borders based on proximity of surrounding places marked by single points. In addition to the granularity of places were no less than 10 (or 8? Can't remember now) blocks for the sake of a binary space partitioning optimation. My plugin uses an alternative optimation method that bypasses the searching process altogether and is only done when borders in the space hierachy are crossed. On the other hand I'm abandoning the volatile border around singular point method of marking places in favour of a more precise (1 block granularity) and fixed cuboid selection method, which also means sacrificing the ease of use of the original plugin, by having to mark two spots (two diametrically opposing corners) rather than one. So even if the author of the original plugin returns and continue developement of it there will be key differences between these two that some might prefer over the other, so it is not intended as a complete replacement.

    Downloads (open)

    Commands (open)

    /mark                         - marks one corner
    /name <name>                  - names cuboid specified by two corners (previously marked using /mark or wand) ## is § for colour coding and _ for space.
    /name prism <name>            - names prism specified by n corners (previously marked using /mark or wand) (Y coordinates specified by lowest and highest corner) ## is § for colour coding and _ for space.
    /clearmarks                   - clears memorized list of marks
    /unmark                       - removes space you reside in
    /expand <i>                   - offsets a cuboid face or prism base polygon vertex in the direction (north, west, south, east, up or down) you face by i blocks - contracts it with negative i (try using with visual aid - its amazingly easy to use)
    /prune                        - moves a bordering face of cuboid level with your face or vertex to where you stand on a prism
    /resize                       - moves the cuboid face or prism vertex you look at to the last marked place
    /space list                   - list all spaces in current world
    /dead list                    - lists all dead spaces (that intersect with others and thus got removed from use, but can be restored)
    /dead wipe                    - removes all dead spaces (irrevocable after next modification)
    /revive                       - revive all spaces that can be revived (i.e. no longer intersecting with others)
    /revive <space>               - revives particular space or see what space is in the way.
    /remove vertex                - removes vertex (of the base polygon of a prism) you look at
    /add vertices                 - insert vertices you've previously marked with mark or wand, at the vertex (of the base polygon of a prism) you look at
    /visaid                       - visual aid so you can see the space (even when manipulating it.) It will toggle on and off a glass cage around the nearest space. Warning: Don't use around chests or signs or other unsual blocks that store other data. Until fixed that is.
    /displaypos                   - shows current position as you walk (better than using F3 IMHO)
    /tree list                    - displays bsp tree hierarchy and node which you reside in by "#"
    /gimme                        - gives you stuff (for debugging purposes)
    /cat create <name>
    /cat remove <name>
    /setcat <name>
    /cat nopvp <category name>
    /cat nomvp <category name>
    /cat regen <category name> <regen time delay in seconds>  - negative delay will hurt rather than heal your
    /cat noexplos <category name>
    /cat noblockplace <category name>
    /cat noblockbreak <category name>
    /cat noblockignite <category name>
    NSOnlineList Commands:
    /who                          - lists players online and the places they reside in
    /who <player>                 - show where a particular player is
    NSCompass Commands:
    /find <name>                  - find places or players using the compass
    /find spawn
    /find reset                   - reset compass back to spawn
    /find north                   - compass points north
    /find <x> <y> <z>             - find specified coordinate using compass
    /find nearest <categoryname>  - finds a space of a specific category closest to you
    /find my stuff                - find where you died
    /find stuff of <player>       - find where player died
    /find here                    - find current location (useful in a cave for finding it when coming back later)
    /hide                         - hide from compass of players who don't have strongfind (useful for ops to bypass hide)

    Features (open)

    • finding players and places using compass, and various other compass usages (see find commands)
    • permissions support
    • cuboid selection, naming, renaming and deletion and various other space manipulation methods
    • Prism selection, naming, renaming and deletion.
    • Hierarchy of spaces
    • listing players online and the name of the place they are in or near and how near
    • multi world support
    • flat file data saved in "spaces.txt"
    • optional config file "config.txt", see below for usage
    • Categories
    • import interesting places places.txt
    • deadlist for storing spaces that intersect with others allowing them to be recovered rather than just removing them.
      • Note 0: there are several compromises during import. Spheres are converted into cuboids. Cuboids remain cuboids and unlimited spaces become cubes with size 200 (customizable) after this cuboids are pruned as they intersect along the axis the intersection is most severe.
      • Note 1: imports are not automatically saved (for now), save by doing some other change
      • Note 2: move away places.txt from namespace folder once you've saved or else you might get it imported twice.
      • Note 3: This code has not been tested and may be buggy so check your places to see if they are good enough.
    • visual aid - shows the space you are working with for ease of use, or just to see where it is
    • New O(1) optimization method - no matter how many places you have, it wont slow it down.

    Known Issues:
    • Visaid doesn't like portals
    • NSCompass doesn't work for now until setcompasslocation in bukkit is fixed
    Configuration file (open)

    timerms is the minimum interval between checks in milliseconds.
    importPlacesMaxRadius is the max radius of otherwise unlimited places from interesting places places.txt
    importWorld=world (the world which places.txt applies to during import)
    autorevive sets whether spaces should automatically be revived when no longer intersected.
    The rest: Custom text displayed in various situations. ## is § for colour coding and $1, $2 etc are arguments.
    Also you can change the commands by entering a custom command after CMD_...=

    Permissions (open)

    • namespace.who
    • namespace.mark
    • namespace.unmark
    • namespace.find
    • namespace.find.xyz
    • namespace.find.player
    • namespace.find.playerstrong
    • namespace.find.space
    • namespace.find.north
    • namespace.find.category
    • namespace.find.my.stuff
    • namespace.find.stuff.of
    • namespace.find.here
    • namespace.rename
    • namespace.vidaid
    • namespace.prune
    • namespace.resize
    • namespace.expand
    • namespace.displaypos
    • namespace.cat.create
    • namespace.cat.remove
    • namespace.setcat
    • namespace.cat.nopvp
    • namespace.cat.nomvp
    • namespace.cat.regen
    • namespace.cat.noblockbreak
    • namespace.cat.noblockplace
    • namespace.cat.noblockremove
    • namespace.cat.noexplos
    • namespace.name.prism
    • namespace.clearmarks
    • namespace.tree.list
    • namespace.dead.list
    • namespace.dead.wipe
    • namespace.revive
    • namespace.gimme
    • namespace.remove.vertex
    • namespace.add.vertices

    Planned Features (open)

    • High priority
    • Low priority
      • limited hide (radius), limited find (radius)
      • who showing being in between two places
      • maybe any other popular permissions managers
      • dynmap integration dynamp has no API for it, I might make an API for this though later
      • mark with offset (useful for not having to build 1x1 towers)
      • input coordinates type of cuboid selection
      • cave fill - like using floodfill in paint, makes marking caves easier, creating cuboids that cover a cave without covering nearby caves by accident
      • marking the block you look at
      • option to show "in southern" "north eastern" "upper" etc in who, when in bigger spaces
      • list named spaces (in this world or all worlds)
      • list neighbouring spaces
      • handling multiple spaces with same name (compass problems)
      • create spaces that display custom messages
      • customize commands (in case they conflict with commands of other plugins)
      • compass point at nearest hostible mob
      • compass point at nearest space
      • split space
      • chunk location displayer (variant of displaypos, but with chunk.chunkblock format)

    Changelog (open)


    • Fixed unable to start (without a reload) if a world is loaded by a plugin that is loaded after namespace.
    • Split into a fourth but this time independent plugin: NSCommand
    • Remove mark spam to users who use wand who do not have the ability to mark
    • Defaults to only ops when permissions is not present
    • Creates config file automatically when not present (through NSCommand)
    • Fixed some subspace crossings not being reported
    • Command tree list makes a lot more sense now.
    • hitting with no item in hand error (although nonconsequential) fixed (the other one was right clicking, not left)
    • Commands not working (Illegal access) bug-- weird one, I had to make the functions public which worked before
    • Workaround for bug that causes the player object to become "invalidated" after respawn or teleport.
    • Probably some other bugs fixed as well but can't remember
    • Fixed nullpointer exception when left or right clicking with no item in hand
    • marking with wand hitting it on a block now marks that block's location rather than your location. Waving wand in the air still marks your location.
    • Backward incompatible support for #602 (bukkit api changed so can't help it. You can use the previous vfor #556)
    • fixed bug space player is in not refreshed on space creation or modification in some situations
    • added support for spaces in names using underscores: _
    • Add vertices command adds vertices previously marked with mark or wand (insert at the vertice you look at)
    • remove vertex you look at
    • resize command now also for moving a vertex to the last marked spot
    • prune command now also for moving a vertex to where you stand.
    • autorevive - revives spaces automatically when they can be. Can be turned off by putting "autorevive=false" in config.txt
    • fixed false reporting of intersection with parent space when intersecting subspace
    • fixed adding space containing another resulting in the latter not being contained
    • fixed who showing wilderness in some cases when it should show nearest
    • The selection of what space is to be modified or set in visaid mode, no longer inconsitent (near/inside) but the last space you've been in or are in, thus allowing modification of it from outside yet avoiding accidentally modifying a nearby space.
    • Fixed bug removing subspace and modifying a subspace going into eternal loop
    • Fixed bug visaid selecting outher space rather than inner.
    • Split plugin into 1 core plugin retaining basic functionality and 2 add on plugins called NSCompass and NSOnlineList, NSCompass handling all compass related stuff and Onlinelist handling /who commands. Both are optional although highly recommended (unless you don't want to use them)
    • API Available, just look att he NSCompass and NSOnlineList for usage.
    • Visaid fixed text on sign erased, cacti, and paintings!! (with some help from Edward Hand ) Now only thing left is portals, but I guess it wont be possible until bukkit stop telling me its air.
    • Dead wipe bug fixed
    • marks cleared on naming
    • Removing a parent space does not make children disappear until reload/startup
    • Cacti, flowers, mushrooms, saplings, sugar canes, diodes, stairs no longer dislike visaid, ladders, stone buttons and lever can now be hidden. Only
      problem left is paintings and portals it seems. There is no block id for paintins and portals behave very strange. Edit: Sign texts get erased, be warned, fixed in next update
    • visaid for prisms (only shows walls still but good enough for most things)
    • expand and wandbased expand for prisms. Expands vertex you look at in the direction you look at x/z axis. Rightclick contracts. Looking up or down you can expand or contract floor or ceiling. Negative number on expand command contracts.
    • intersecting spaces on startup and that get in the way of a edited space are put in a dead space list and are preserved in memory and file until wiped or revived. To list dead spaces type "dead list". To revive all spaces, type "revive". To revive a specific space (or see what intersects it, type "revive <space>". To wipe all dead spaces type "dead wipe".
    • Fixed stack overflow when a set of spaces cannot be subdivided along any axis (so much for implementing prisms)
    • Fixed nullpointer exception when there is no world named "world" at startup.
    • Support for hierarchy of spaces Warning - resizing subspaces can cause them to intersect with the parent space and be excluded on next reload/startup and gone after first modification after that
    • fixed of tiny spaces near each other causing division by 0
    • removed some debug messages
    • fixed file exceptions and cleaned up unnecessary file does not exist messages
    • fixed couple of bugs on space creation with no previous existing spaces
    • Axis aligned bsp tree - got rid of network algorithm which was somewhat buggy.
    • Finally support for Prisms! (simple creation method with /mark or wand, removal) More support soon to follow.
    • Command nearest will thus be removed, since its based on network
    • Savefile spaces.txt format altered to accomate prisms, old files automatically upgraded on any modification.
    • Tree list command for debugging purposes
    • Space intersection checks when creating and loading spaces: Warning - if you have intersecting spaces in your save file, they will be gone on next modification. If you want to keep them, read the server log and modify them manually.
    • Fixed severe bug: Everybody had permissions to use everything apparently
    • Fixed couple of bugs with optimation algorithm.
    • Command for displaying neighbouring spaces
    • Command for listing all spaces in current world
    • Implemented automatic system for dealing with configurations, commands, messages and permissions allowing the future potential to change configurations and commands on the fly
    • Some commands, configurations and permissions have changed.
    • Proper colouring of messages
    • All messages configurable
    • Wand configurable
    • Fixed anti-explosions categories not working
    • Fixed space not immediately removed on command
    • Bug fixed: visaid cage stays on reload
    • Bug fixed: expand not working outside but near space
    • Visaid now handles block data and so can handle some more blocks, but still have problems with others, particularly in placing them. Visaid also now handles order of placing and removing things, since some blocks like torches need the block they're supposed to be attached to to be there or they will drop. Hopefully all bugs got fixed there, but not guaranteed.
    • Debug spam removed.
    • source zip files removed from jar, so its smaller now.
    • Wand for ease of use: mark by left click stick. expand or contract (left or right click with stick and visaid on)
    • Anti-griefing: No creeper or TNT explosion option for categories
    • Anti-griefing: No block removal option for categories
    • Anti-griefing: No block placing option for categories
    • Anti-griefing: No block igniting option for categories
    • fixed compass bugs with spawn and north executing find player & place code
    • set categories as health regenerating places
    • bug fixed with spaces growing each time you reload
    • permissions plugin is not required
    • set categories as sanctuaries mvp, pvp or both
    • category.txt format changed, backward compatible
    • find nearest <categoryname>
    • bug with find <x> <y> <z> not working
    • create categories
    • remove categories
    • assign a space to a category
    • categories are stored in category.txt. Non breaking update of spaces.txt format to accomodate categories.
    • who shows category next to space
    • fixed bug where prune, resize, and expand would not save data
    • all commands are now customizable in config.txt: e.g. CMDwho=list
    • compass auto updates as target player moves
    • compass point at specified x y z
    • compass reset/spawn
    • compass point North
    • hide from compass
    • override the above
    • new sub permissions for find
    • Improved responsiveness: timerms will represent minimum time between leaving/entering events (for those who don't like them spammed), not checks, that in the past used to result in unpleasant sluggish unresponsiveness (IMHO).
    • when in wilderness option to show name of space in your line of sight (and distance to it) - this feature was implemented now but turned off by default because it seems to slow things down, not sure why, but it works if you want to try it out.
    • some modifications to optimization algo, to a more symmetric connectivity criterium, also introducing new nodes will remove connections when the new node can serve as mediator. Both should improve performance a bit.
    • fully implemented network searching optimization. In fact I managed to arrange things so I could go beyond mere cuboids in the future.
    • visaid command - visual aid so you can see the space (even when manipulating it)
    • displaypos command - shows current position (better than using F3 IMHO)
    • marked spaces are now slightly larger (in the past you had to dig one step down to mark to be inside the space.) savefiles are not broken since coordinates remain stored in the old format i.e the corners outside the space.
    • who shows nearest place to a player and distance
    • expand <i> command - offsets a bordering face in the direction you face by i blocks - contracts it with negative i
    • prune command - moves a bordering face level with your face
    • resize command - moves the face you look at to the last marked place
    • fixed some configurable text not working
    • added support for colour coding of places
    • import interesting places places.txt(with some compromises)
    • rename command, change the name of the cuboid you are in.
    • more configurable text and more configurability
    • Source code released
    • Added Permissions support
    • Find compass command
    • who [player] command
    • Initial Release

    • Backward incompatible support for #602 (bukkit api changed so can't help it. You can use the previous vfor #556)
    • Should be able to handle situations when namespace is available now.
    • Moving around some code and fixing some embarassing mistakes.
    • Initial Release
    • Fixed compass switching back to pointing to north on movement after finding anything else
    • Fixed compass not auto updating to player location
    • Added find my stuff command, for finding where you died.
    • Added find stuff of command, for finding where specified player died
    • Added find here for finding the spot you stand on. (useful in a cave when you want to come back to a point later)
    • Backward incompatible support for #602 (bukkit api changed so can't help it. You can use the previous vfor #556)
    • Initial Release

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    Nice work.

    I have taken over Interesting Places development (if original author does not respond to my PM) and i will definitely be adding multiworld support! See the last page of the Interesting Places thread for a currently working version.
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    Thanks. I tried to dig myself into his code too but in the end I ended up writing all from scratch since it is built around a different concept of doing things. I saw your post a bit too late... I guess I could have saved myself some work but OTOH this way I can do things my way. So, anyways, good luck in case you decide to continue with interesting places.
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    so why do you two get together and develop together, the bukkit community doesnt need another plugin thats splitting in two pieces...
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    It is really a separate independent plugin based on different method and concept than the original, and after trying for some time to find a suitable way to import places from the original plugin, I've found it hard to even find a compromise that works. The fundamental incompatible differences are:
    1. All borders are volatile in interesting places, they will shrink if a new place is placed nearby. Namespace guarantees that all borders stay as they are when you add new places.
    2. Namespace places are strictly cuboid. In Interesting places, not even "cuboid" places have to be strictly cuboid; they can deform if you place something nearby. Depending on how you place places, they deform like jelly making it difficult to approximate with cuboids.
    3. Interesting places uses a binary space partitioning optimization, which does not jive with having exact position and size and locations of places. I'm aiming for a different optimization method which does not slow down at all as number of places grow, allowing also for faster updates.
    4. Interesting places allows spherical places (but they can also deform by nearby spaces)

    The user thus can consider benefits of each, depending on what is prefered. Interesting places is a bit easier to use thanks to only having to mark one place, that is unless you make cuboids, and allows fuzzy jellyish shapes. If you want exact fine grained and fixed shapes, namespace is for you. Personally I prefer the latter which is why I started to work on this rather than continuing on previous plugin.
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    Excellent!!! Look forward to seeing the progress. Am using now works great.
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    Just a random request, its kind of a bother getting the Y coordinate perfect since you have to dig down for the lowest point, and build a stack of blocks under you to get the high point. Maybe something that lets you nudge the 2 points, like worldedit's //expand and //contract?
  8. Offline


    I haven't used worldedit so I'm not exactly sure but it sounds like what I just implemented, namely the /expand command. Btw from now on you shouldn't have to dig a hole to get one block below the space to mark it, since marks will be the corner block inside the space rather than outside.
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    Yup thats exactly what I need, thanks!
    Is it possible to rename commands? I use another plugin to handle /who. If not, I'll deal.
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    Just a suggestion: Could this plugin be made to display the name of the place a player is entering as they cross a border? I think this would be very useful for helping players understand who has claimed what area and where they are geographically.


    Edit: I just thought of another idea that got me excited. I don't know if this would fit in the scope of your plugin or not but what if place categories could be defined and then assigned to specific places. The use would be to find the nearest place of a specific type. So. for example: /find nearest treefarm or /find nearest home. I can see this being really useful when out wandering and wanting to just find some shelter, or an established place to gather resources. Thanks for listening!
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    Yes, its already on my planned features list but I'll prioritize that now.

    It does that already.
    Sounds like a good idea. I'll add it to planned features.
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    This plugin sounds pretty slick! I do have a couple of suggestions, however :)

    I recall the Cuboid Plugin for hMod having a few really nice features when it came to marking and naming areas. The features I have in mind are the few protection settings that could be applied to areas that have been created.

    For instance, on our old survival server, we had a lot of area uncovered on the map with numerous destinations spread apart from one another. In between these destination we built checkpoints that were protected sanctuaries, meaning no PvP. To protect these buildings from griefing and creepers we also were able to use a creeper protection setting. You could even set a given area to restore health upon entrance, so we built beds (before beds were in minecraft) and marked mini-protection zones on them that you could 'rest' on to regain health.

    This might be a job for worldguard (maybe it's already been done).
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    I'm going to kill two birds in one stone, categories that you can set as sanctuaries, and have other options like health restoring etc on.
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    That sounds amazing. Thank you.
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    I love this plugin. But I have a problem. Whenever I use /find reset I got two lines of response.
    Compass Reset to spawn
    No reset found
    Then it points to my previous target (a player). Am I using it wrong or missed some configuration?
    --- merged: Mar 4, 2011 10:45 PM ---
    Build 493
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    Fixed, I hope. I never replicated the pointing at your previous target thing, but at least it does not execute the find player/place code after reseting to spawn.
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    will this work with Towny installed too?
  18. Offline


    I have not tried it but from the looks of it there shouldn't be anything that breaks it.
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    Yeah, now only first message is shown.
    Sorry, I used the wrong words there. It doesn't change the target at all. For a short moment the arrow of the compass wobbels then it is pointing to the same target as before. The problem keeps here in 0.6.4. I am using GroupManager, some of the Minecart Mania plugins, dynmap and a few of the Essensials parts here.
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    Well it works for me. It might be some of the plugins interfering with it. Does it work if you turn off the other plugins?
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    Well, all other plugins has been turned off and it occurs again. It looks like the compass try to point to the spawn for a short time and then revert to the same target as before. May they changed something in the Matrix, oh, well, API? :)
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 6:37 PM ---
    By the way it looks like the permissions are processed wrong with the FakePermission plugin of GroupManager. My users can do everything without these permissions.
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    Maybe its my fault after all. I haven't tested it (since I don't have anybody who I can test this on atm) but if this happens only when you've targetted a player prior to targetting spawn, try do this: ask someone to stand still, and then do find on that person, check if it goes back or not when you do find spawn. If it does not go back, ask that person to move, then if it goes back, I'm pretty damn sure its my fault. Even though I have code that supposedly prevents that, it might be broken.
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    I just want to note that when /visaid intercepts a chest, it's as if the chest were destroyed, i.e. all the items pop out. When you turn off /visaid the chest reappears (without items, of course) so as long as you manage to grab all your stuff, you don't lose anything. It's just a pain to put it back in the chest(s).

    Maybe you can make it so if the glass would be replacing a chest, it just doesn't?
  24. Offline


    Yes, and I guess signs and furnaces might behave similarly, but that's a good workaround. I'll do that for the next update.
  25. Offline


    If the person stands still it resets to the spawn properly. ;)
  26. Offline


    Yeah I kind of figured that out too by doing find on myself. Anyways its fixed now.
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    Nick Stevens

    An API for this would be super handy, it's one of the things I felt was missing from the original Interesting Places. I'd love to be able to snoop what space/category a player was in as it would be handy for creating plugins that use the zones for even more cool stuff.
  28. Offline


    Good idea, I was thinking about splitting up this plugin into smaller ones anyway so it would be a good idea to have like in minecart mania, a core plugin that handles the spaces and an API that other plugins can use.
  29. Offline

    Nick Stevens

    That'd be groovy. Go for it. :D
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    nevermind ... there was a conflict trying to wget the jar from rapidshare. derp

    having trouble installing ... relevant server.log entries below:

    ## Configuring Minecraft...
    Configuring server.properties
    ## Starting Minecraft...
    13:36:51 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.3
    13:36:51 [WARNING] **** NOT ENOUGH RAM!
    13:36:51 [WARNING] To start the server with more ram, launch it as "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar"
    13:36:51 [INFO] Loading properties
    13:36:51 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on
    13:36:51 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-493-g8b5496e-b493jnks (MC: 1.3)
    13:36:51 [INFO] Preparing level "hgsbackup/world"
    13:36:51 [INFO] Preparing start region
    13:36:51 [SEVERE] Could not load plugins/namespace.jar in plugins: null
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.loadPlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:65)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:129)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(SimplePluginManager.java:94)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:59)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:204)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:191)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:131)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:246)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:366)
    Caused by: java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file
    at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method)
    at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(ZipFile.java:131)
    at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(JarFile.java:150)
    at java.util.jar.JarFile.<init>(JarFile.java:114)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.loadPlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:52)
    ... 8 more
    13:36:51 [INFO] §eLoaded Essentials build 2.0.249 maintained by Zenexer, ementalo, Aelux, and Brettflan
    13:36:51 [INFO] Loaded EssentialsHome build 2.0.249 by Zenexer, ementalo, Aelux, and Brettflan
    13:36:52 [INFO] [HeroicDeath] enabled.
    13:36:52 [INFO] Done (0.080s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    13:37:21 [INFO] 143 recipes

    any idea what might be wrong?

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