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    GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar v1.3

    This plugin will reveal if there are any caves or air spaces in the ground below the player. It won't tell you if there is lava or water, so be careful. It also won't scan for minerals, as it is more intended for exploration than mining. It only reveals the existence of the topmost non-surface air block below the player; the height of the detected air space is not provided. Also, the scanning width/height are purposely hard-set so the results fit nicely into the 10-line chat area.

    This image shows that there is a cave just 20+ blocks directly below. The aqua arrow in the
    center represents the player, and also (roughly) which direction they are facing, relative
    to the map shown. It also appears that there is another air space nearby, 30+ blocks below.

    • Shows the depth in blocks
    To use, simply enter the command /SCAN <#>, where <#> is the depth you wish to scan to. The command /GPR <#> also works.​

    Download The Plugin (JAR) v1.3
    Download The Plugin (ZIP) v1.3

    Source Code (ZIP) v1.3GitHub


    Version 1.2 03-May-2011
    •Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #740.​
    •Fixed scan result formatting code​
    •Fixed player direction indicator code​

    Version 1.2 26-Apr-2011
    •Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #733. No changes made.​

    Version 1.1 30-Mar-2011
    •Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #602. No changes needed.​

    Version 1.0 25-Mar-2011
    • Created the plugin​
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    Peter Pan

    Interesting Plugin for exploration :D
    -tries it out-
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    Neat idea! Looking forward to trying it out, but here's a couple of ideas for enhancements:
    1. Also bind the scan function to right-clicking an object (gold pickaxe might be a good default?)
    2. Add a /gpr depth <x> command to set the default scan depth so it doesn't need to be typed all the time.
  4. Sounds cool! gonna try it out.

    Also i totally agree with both of desht's suggestions. :)
    *supporting his ideas...*
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    Great ideas! I'll implement them, as well as Permissions.
    And yes, I need to fix those persistence bugs.. :D
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    Looks really cool, gonna try this out now :)

    I agree with desht too, having it on an items right click would be good
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    Either bound to an item, or just some other way to make it slightly inaccessible, say having to pay a configurable amount of iConomy currency to buy one (probably a bit much work, wouldn't know).

    Or perhaps it consumes fuel from your inventory per scan? A coal per 10 depth would be pretty cheap, maybe a gunpowder? Or just one item flat, like a glowstone dust per scan?
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    Definitely needs some sort of cost (Preferably configurable), but this is really cool stuff.
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    I'll add these things soon :)
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    Chris 1000

    Great stuff :D
    How about iconomy support? with a configurable cost per use.
    Permissions as many have suggested would be fantastic too.
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    This is a fantastic plugin, used it briefly, but unfortunately it's unusable on the latest versions of Minecraft/CraftBukkit. Namely the text wraps before the end of each line - see attached. Any possibility of a fix?

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    I fixed it in v1.3, hopefully it won't break again! I also fixed the slightly-buggy player-
    direction-arrow code. Permissions will definitely be added in the future, along with configurable cost (iConomy and/or resources) ^_^

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    Awesome! Try updating it to Craftbukkit 818.

    If it works with 818, then don't mind my other post.

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    I do need to update it (though it does seem to work with my server's 818) - I have some high-def fonts (Misa's HD Texture pack) and it makes the scan results look all messed up (since it's not a monospaced font) - so I will likely add some kind of settings file where the admin can specify a character to pad the output with.. Like whitespaces or what is currently the forward-slashes.. make it definable) May end up doing it today :)

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    This is an awesome looking plugin! Anyone already used it on 953?
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    BTW: got permissions yet??? Also, it works on CB #1000

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