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    NEWS (open)

    Version 11.2 released (22nd October 2011)

    Version 11.2
    • Added permissions wildcard support (mcdocs.*) works for all commands.
      • Note: this only allows all commands. mcdocs.reload does not fall under this wildcard. This needs to be set separately.
    • Added some try catch around the motd: configs.
    • Fixed motd-enabled
    Version 11.1
    • Removed the spacing that occurs when you only have 1 page.
    • New variable: %time (Shows what time it is in the player's world in 12 hour format.
      • Sun rises @ 5am, Sets @ 7pm
    Version 11
    • Updated to work with PermissionsBukkit (Tested, nodes work)
    • Updated to work with Register for %balance, you will need to download the Register plugin for this to work with iConomy and various other economy plugins.
    • Optimised much of the code.
    • Updated the commands config structure, much simpler now than before. :)
    • You can now use %name, %size, %world, %group, %ip, %world, %prefix, %suffix in your file paths in the config.yml
    • Redefined the MOTD process.
      • Is now all defined within configuration
      • You can now use online files
    • Changed how logging occurs, you can toggle if you want to be informed about errors or not in the config now.
    • Group support now uses an in house permission system, where you define the groups players are in manually.
    • New permissions-enabled variable, Do you have any permissions system installed? Yes: true | No: false
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    Yeah, I figured that out when I looked at the wiki page. I just want to be able to insert it manually as a sort of "linebreak" that looks nice and pretty. Some of the help documents aren't longer than 9 lines.
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    Then make one manually at the top of the txt file...........
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    How do you get the news to display on login?
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    Please read the help/wiki linked in the first post. If you still have issues, please ask in slight more detail.
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    I've got the Problem with the Duplicate name if i use %online_group too
    Is there a solution or what can i do against it?
    If needed i can send you the Server directory but that take's some time

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    Not at the moment, there is not a fix.

    I do have a directory to work with, but another would be swell..

    Please see my post, linked to in the first post.
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    I have an issue with the MOTD and Commands stuff. When listing off player names on join it adds "%prefixPLAYERNAME" to it. Anyone else have that problem/know a fix?

    Also the commands file dosent work for me either. I have a /online command in there to show who is on and it is broken as well.
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    %prefix is most likely showing due to not having permissions installed. Just remove %prefix from the config.yml

    For further assistance:

    If you require assistance with your install of MCDocs, please make a post in the Bukkit MCDocs Thread with the following information. Failure to do so will lead to you post being ignored.
    • Bukkit Build
    • MCDocs Version
    • Console Errors
    • config.yml
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    Maybe I missed this, or perhaps it could be added.

    Is there a way to end a page?

    In other words, I have to 3 pages to show, but the 2nd page doesn't take up the whole page... Is there a command to put in the text file that will make it end that page of the text file?
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    just make a few empty lines between the end of the second page and the third page...
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    lol... okay :p
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    A nice function to add would be Permissions nodes to hide certain players from the list- I don't want players to know when administrators are online.
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    I assume that this plugin is the one that's printing a list of online players during login? If so, is there a way to prevent it from doing so?
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    in the config.yml, you can turn off the motd. See the wiki.

    Once i have the %online_group fixed and working, you'll be able to do this.
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    Is there a way to hide certain players when using the %online, or w/e the variable for that is?

    Even if its not permissions based, if you could default it to ops, that would be TERRIFIC! ^-^
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    Set the motd to false, and still get a list of online players at login.
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    EDIT: try going
    /mcdocs -reload
    in game

    if it's still there after that, Then it is not this plugin.
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    It is still there, even after that and a full server restart. I'll go hunting.

    EDIT: Found it. The offending plugin turned out to be CommandBook. Sorry for the trouble.
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    good luck.
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    2011-05-17 16:43:27 [INFO] [MCDocs] ERROR! One of the following is not found: %group %prefix %suffix for player Avous
    i get that spammed whenever anyone joins
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    Psycho Robot

    Your permissions file likely lacks definitions for prefixes and suffixes. Even if you don't want a prefix or suffix, you still have to define it (as nothing) with these lines:

    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    Though make sure you have it in the correct format. Double check the default permissions yml to ensure you put it in the correct location
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    @Tazzernator Why does %news jump to the next line? :p
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    That's likely due to a change in how both Minecraft and Bukkit handle messages now. Bukkit forcibly splits lines sometimes while preventing another bug.

    It will likely work again if you remove the 'the' and should still make sense.
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    Remove what? :p
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    shorten the length of the line...

    ... I can;t control the wrapping, unfortunately :<
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    No there isn't,

    once online_groups is fixed, you should be able to find a way to do this.
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    You can code pretty much anything.... but you have to understand that I've made this plugin for the majority use.

    Furthermore, I'm going into exam period, and won't be able to make modifications due to the lack of time.

    Damn uni >_>

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