[INFO] LastLogin v1.2 - Displays last time user logged in [953]

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    LastLogin (Durango) - Displays last login time for users
    Version: v1.2

    This plugin was made per request found here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/last-login-informative-plugin.11787/

    Ever wanted to know when you or another player logged into the server last? Now you can with LastLogin! Once you login you will be greeted with your last login time. You can also check your last login at anytime and can also check the last login of any player.

    • View your last login
    • View others last login
    Download v1.2 [953+]
    Download v1.1 [803-860]
    Download v1.0

    • /lastlogin - Shows the time of your last login
      Example: /lastlogin - Show your last time of login
    • /lastlogin <player> - Show the time of last login for the specified player
      Parameters: <player>: In Game Name of the player of which you wish to view the last login
      Example: /lastlogin XYZ - Show XYZ's last login time
    • /lastlogin reload - Reloads the config and time files
      Example: /lastlogin reload - Reload the config
    • [NEW] /ll - Alias to /lastlogin. Can be used in its place
      Example: /ll reload
    Example config with notes:
        usemillitime: true
        dateformat: EEE, d MMM yyyy h:mm:ss a z
        newformat: ''
        showmotd: true
        permissions: true
        allowaliasll: true
        usetimediff: true
    # usemillitime - True tells the plugin to use millisecond time to store times
    # dateformat - Java time format to use.
    # newformat - Format to convert all times existing times to if not empty.
    # showmotd - True shows a MOTD when the player logs in with their last login, False only shows on demand
    # permissions - True will hook onto a permissions plugin if found or will fall back to standard options if it cannot find one
    # allowaliasll - True will allow the new /ll alias to be used. Can be disabled in case of command confilct
    # usetimediff - True will display a new time style in which it will say for how long the player has been logged in or off.
    # If usemillitime is set to true the plugin only reads dateformat. If it is set to false and newformat is  not empty all existing times will be converted.
    # Note: If a new time format is set and there is nothing to save both the date and time It may result in loss of times.
    lastlogin.self     # allows user to view own last login time
    lastlogin.others   # allows user to view last login for other players
    lastlogin.reload   # allows the user to reload configurations
    If you need help with finding or creating the time format code, please refer to this page: http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html

    Example lastlogin time with usemillitime set to true:
        XYZ: '1302240358992'
    Example lastlogin time with usemillitime set to false:
        ABC123: 'Fri, 8 Apr 2011 12:25:58 AM CDT'
    • Keep this plugin up-to-date and working with the latest craftbukkit build
    Version 1.2 - Codename: Durango
    • Added permissions, new display format, and new command alias. [953]
    Version 1.1 - Codename: Snooper
    • Added option to disable/enable MOTD on player login [803]
    Version 1.0 - Codename: Snook
    • Initial Release [670]
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    No problem. The date of each player's .dat file is the last time they've logged out. :)
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    Please implement the command from the CLI.
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    i have two little requests :>
    -an option to turn off the welcome message
    -external text file for translation

    permissions would also be nice :D
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    Does this get updated for latest bukkit or does it work already?
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    Is this being updated or already working with 740? Thanks!
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    Confirmed working with 740 and 756...at least I've had no problems yet, so I'd say it's safe to assume it's all good :)
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    i'm a bit confused when I was reading the time setup on the oracle site. I did this in my config:

    dateformat: 'EEE, d MMM yyyy h:mm:ss a zzzz'

    But no matter what I do, it always comes out as CDT/Central Daylight Time. Why can't I set it to Pacific Daylight Time/PST ?
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    Sorry everyone I've been busy with school with finals this week and next.
    First off this is no longer CB build dependant at least not right now so it will work for all builds from this point on.
    @godsyn - it works from the console just use the command like "lastlogin [player]"
    @chlitto - I will add those abilities and permissions
    @krdecade2 - That config is correct but the problem you see is dealing with the timezone set on the server. If you are on Linux set your timezone again and export it before loading the server.
  10. Rather then to fiddle around with timezones, dates and formatting. Why not report back user was last seen online 14 hours 6 minutes ago. Just an example obviously, and it could ofcourse go higher and do months and days aswell..
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    That is a great idea! Why didn't I think of that from the start? I'm going to really look into that now.
  12. Well, you know how it is.. it takes a truly stupid person to come up with the truly brilliant ideas :p
    The only annoying part could be keeping track of how many days there is in a month. you could ofcourse bypass that by having days as the highest unit.
    Also, it would have to time from logout rather then login. And if used on a player online now, it would ofcourse have to say something along the lines of: That player is online now! Could also be a permission node for ops/admins that will mak it display a second line with disconnect reason, ie timeout, endofstream, quit, kicked, banned etc.. but ofcourse not very important now.
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    Cool idea. I'd run this if I could turn off the welcome message I read about (lord knows I don't need anymore of these).
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    Hmm this will really work. It may take a little research to do but it'll definitely be worth it now and I'm sure everyone will be happy with the results. :D
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    cb 684 - inactive
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    Works perfect with CB #798.
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    Forgot to change that when I was on last.

    Thanks for letting me know so I can post it.
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    You're welcome.
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    I'd like to disable the MOTD function, it creates clutter. Right now I'm using the inactive LastSeen so my players and I do not have to see the message.
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    Ok I'm about to push the first release in a while for the ability to disable the MOTD. That seems to take priority according to the posts. Any other features are being worked on and will be released soon.

    EDIT: New Version out for download now. Added option for MOTD which is set to show by default but can now be turned off. Permission and custom MOTD Messages will be in next release
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    Thank you speeddemon92. :)
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    Working great with CB #815. :)
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    Works fine on #818 :)
  24. How is work progressing to make it show time since rather then specific date?
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    Nice plugin but I have a problem, when I reload the server the format fields in the config file are replaced by :
    dateformat: ''
    newformat: ''
    Therefore this plugin becomes useless everytime I reload the server (no problem when I shut down the server before restarting it).

    My config file looks like this before I reload :
        usemillitime: true
        dateformat: EEE, d MMM yyyy h:mm:ss a z
        newformat: EEE, d MMM yyyy h:mm:ss a z
        showmotd: true
    I'm actually on CB 860 but I had the same problem on CB 818. LastLogin 1.1.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, any idea about how to fix this ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks for letting me know. Apparently alot of plugins including this one don't like reloads. I'll look into how to fix this soon as I hope to finally have extra time to update all my plugins. For now my suggestion would be to keep a backup of the config until i roll out a patch for this bug.
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    Ok, thanks for the quick response. Let me know when you release an update.
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    @Travis_Hironak no problem
    @Sorken I think I found a solution and should have that implemented soon.
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    Any idea of when you will release your update ? I can wait but I just wanted some news. ;)
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    Sorry bout that. I was about to release then I got in a collaboration project and then lost internet as I don't have a job yet. (parents ruling) I'm still trying to get things back in order so I hope to be back up soon.
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    Ok, no problem. Thanks for the response.

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