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    Version: v1.30
    CB Builds Tested: 1337,1060, 1000, 953, 935, 928, 860, 818, 803, 798, 766

    Download: Current Version 1.30 - older: V1.21 v1.20 v1.10, v1.00
    Completely customizable Group-Specific Help Pages. Permissions supported, but works without it. Powerful System to define what is shown depending on group and parameter after /help. Unrestricted: /help can be different from /help 1, pageable named help topics like /help warps, /help warps 2 or even /help 42 without having to define /help 41.
    It's recommended to conform to known standards for the normal help pages, but you can additionaly add easter eggs or store clues for treasure hunts etc.

    • Simple configuration - No YML madness
    • Automatic configuration reload on change
    • Permissions: Group-Specific Help Pages
    • Supported Permission systems: Permissions 2/3, PermissionsEx, GroupManager, Op
    • Reuse of Help Pages for different groups
    • Numbered or Named Help Pages or a Mix
    • Unlimited Number of Pages and Lines per Page (max 10 recommended)
    • Standard Color Codes
    • Color preserving word-wrapping
    • Mutlilanguage Support - Every Message can be customized
    • Custom Group-Specific Variables
    • Testmode to check Help Pages for other Groups
    • Works in-game and in the Console.
    • Creates a list of all Commands and Descriptions on first Start for easy Copy'n'Paste
    • Updateable by CraftBukkitUpToDate
    How to Install:
    1. Download HelpPages.jar from the above Link.
    2. Put it in your plugins folder.
    3. Run the plugin at least once to create the HelpPages directory
    4. Customize HelpPages/config.txt and that's it. No need to reload the plugin. Configuration changes are automatically reloaded.
    5. To integrate this with other plugins that have a /help command like essentials, open the jar file of the other plugin with something like 7zip, extract the plugins.yml, edit it with a text editor and remove the lines defining the help command - i.e. the line "help:" and the following indented lines starting with "description", "usage" etc. Then add the customized plugins.yml back to the jar file.
    Permissions are optional. If you don't use Permissions or the Command sender is not a Player (Console), Op-status is checked instead:​
    • HelpPages.setgroup - Allows you to view other groups Help Pages for testing purposes.
    • /help <page_selector> - Shows the selected Page. The page_selector is optional and can be something simple like 1 or something more complex like wolf 2
    • /help <page_selector> @ groupname - Shows help for different groups - needs Permission
    Basic Configuration (open)

    • Define your Pages and name them. The name is arbitrary, but has to be unique. Example:
      [[page Page1
                          	&4---------------- &fSHAFT&7LANDS &4/help 1&c/2 &4----------------
                          	Lock your chests, furnaces and doors by putting &6[private]
                          	signs next to them - for more Options see &3Lockette &fPlugin!
                          	Chat-Colors: &0&&0&1&&1&2&&2&3&&3&4&&4&5&&5&6&&6&7&&7&8&&8&9&&9&a&&a&b&&b&c&&c&d&&d&e&&e&f&&f
                          	&c/help &7#  &f-  Views help page &7#
                          	&c/m  &f-  Sends a private message to the specified player
                          	&c/r  &f-  Reply to the last player you communicated with
                          	&c/me  &f-  Allows you to emote
                          [[page Page2
                          	&4---------------- &fSHAFT&7LANDS &4/help 2&c/2 &4----------------
                          	&c/who  &f-  Lists the players online and how many slots are left
                          	&c/spawn  &f-  Teleports you to the global spawn
                          	&c/home help  &f-  Shows home related help
                          	&c/warp help  &f-  Shows warp related help
                          	&c/kit  &f-  Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits
                          	&c/ping  &f-  Pong! (Check server response time)
                          	&c/getpos  &f-  Displays your current coordinates
                          	&c/back  &f-  Transports you back to your last deathpoint
    • As you see, you can use the Standard Color Codes:
    • The Order in which the Pages are defined is not important. They are referenced by their name.
    • Then you define which group sees which page depending on the selector
      [[group Administrators,Moderators,(OP)
                          [[group *
    • The Order in which you define those group blocks is important, because the first one that matches your User is used. As you see, Administrators, Moderators (if you use Permissions) and Ops are getting APage1-6 - which I didn't show in the Page definition above and all Users that don't match any of those Groups, fall through and match on * and they get Page1 and Page2. It is recommended to set it up as above - having the empty selector pointing to the same page as the 1 selector, as that's how User expects it to be. You can of course deviate from this, if you know what you're doing.
    • Special groups are (OP) for Ops and Console, (USER) for non-Ops in case you don't have Permissions and * which matches Every User and should be used last as a catch-all, so Everyone gets some Help Pages.
    • Another Example: Setting up the topic Mining with two pages and Monsters with one page.
      [[group Whatever
                           mining    => miningPage1
                           mining 1  => miningPage1
                           mining 2  => miningPage2
                           monster   => monsterPage
                           monster 1 => monsterPage
      • Selectors and Page names are case-insensitiv and additional spaces can be used for formatting purposes and are ignored.
      • Test mode Example: /help Creepers 2 @ SemiOps would show what SemiOps would see, if they would type /help Creepers 2 - given you have the permission to set the group - it's ignored otherwise.
    Advanced Configuration: Variables (open)

    • Default Variables available:
      • {name}, {displayname}
      • {group}
      • {world}
      • {health}
      • {pos} and {pos.x}, {pos.y}, {pos.z}
    • Custom Variables Example:
                         [[group Administrators,Moderators,(OP)
                         [[group *
                         [[page Page1
                         Hello {title} {displayname}
    • Using Custom Variables to reuse Pages at different Positions
                        [[group Administrators,Moderators,(OP)
                          pageCount = 3
                          basicPageNum = 2
                        [[group *
                          pageCount = 1
                          basicPageNum = 1
                        [[page AdminCmds
                        -------- Page 1/3 --------
                        [[page BasicCmds
                        -------- Page {basicPageNum}/{pageCount} --------
    • Another extensive Example is available here:

    Your turn:
    Do you have any suggestions on features you would like to have or did you find a Bug? Post a reply below! Please use a services like for Exceptions and complete Configuration files. I would also like to hear success stories or unusual use cases.​
    Finally if you like this plugin and would like to express your appreciation monetarily, feel free to​

    • Version 1.30 2011-06-16
      • Tested Builds: 860, 928, 935, 953, 1000, 1060,1337
      • Permissions plugin support added for: Permissions 2/3, PermissionsEx, GroupManager
      • Bugfix: Customized Messages not loaded from configuration file.
    • Version 1.21 2011-06-01
      • Tested Builds: 818, 860
      • Bugfix: Bug introduced with v1.20: default config files isn't created. (Thanks WayGroovy, Azelote)
    • Version 1.20 2011-05-30
      • Tested Builds: 803, 818
      • Automatic reload of changed configuration file
      • removed /hp_reload and corresponding permission node
    • Version 1.10 2011-05-26
      • Tested Builds: 803
      • Color preserving word-wrapping added
      • Variables added
    • Version 1.00 2011-05-23
      • Tested Builds: 766, 798, 803
      • Initial Release
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    please add * to your groups and add {group} to one of the pages and tell me what the output is. Which permissions plugin are you using?
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    I'm using PermissionsBukkit.
    I get the same results. I'm guessing the same errors as well in the server log.
  4. Groups with * worked thanks alot :)
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    Oh my god. I'm totally using this.
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    I just started using HelpPages, and ran into this same problem.

    The fix didn't work for me. It actually caused the default * page to show up every time, even when the user was only in one group. {group} always showed the proper groups seperated by |
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    This is now happening to me as well. all users are defaulting to the * pages no matter what permissions group they belong to.

    [[group Owner2, (OP)
    [[group Owner1
    [[group Staff
    [[group Guest, Member
    [[group *
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    I am using pex and i realized that when adding the {name} function the /help pages had errors i mean it worked before but idk just a warning for people before they use {name} or any other function and sit there for hours trying to figure out what is wrong
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    Ummm this is MUCH more complicated then a simple .yml file would be...

    Maybe the config could look like this:

    &c--------------------- HELP 1/2 ---------------------
    Hello User, you can use the following commands:
    &c/help &7[#] &f- Shows help page &7[#]

    Without the [[Blocks]] and such. Much simpler.

    Also, maybe you could add an option for permissions nodes:

    If the user has 'helppages.user' then they can see the "user" help pages, if they have "user.antigrief" they can see the Antigrief pages, etc.
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    Version 2 with permission support in the making, was slowed down due to RL issues though.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    What you wrote is not possible with YML though. YML requires very specific structure.
    Also, having "xxxx:" is not unlikely within a help page - that's why delimiters are used.
    And I feel having pages with the same name, but different content for different groups/users is an important requirement.
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    This stuff is really easy. I feel like it would just take a while type it all out for bigger servers xD
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    Isn't compatible with 1.0.1!
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    For some reason it just isn't working for me. It works great for just the general user files, but then when I add in the moderator pages they can't see them.
    When the players use the /help commands the correct pages show.
    When the mods use the /help mod# command then it states Unknown Help Page. Start with /help.
    There are no errors in the server, and its been restarted many times since the file has been updated.I use Permissions 3.1.6, and just to see if it mattered i gave the Moderator group the permission node HelpPages.setgroup AND HelpPages.Moderator (just to be sure). Even trying the /help mod# @Moderator does not show the page.

    My file setup is currently:

    Welcome to the HelpPages configuration file.
    Everything outside the [[ ]] blocks is considered a comment and is ignored.
    When this file is created the first time, all available commands and descriptions
    are appended at the end of this file for easy copy'n'paste.
    noconfig=Configuration file not found.
    reloaded=Help Pages reloaded.
    unknownpage=Unknown Help Page. Start with /help.
    ###################### Groups ######################
    [[group *
    [[group Moderator
    [[group UndergroundBuilder
    [[group NetherBuilder
    [[group OverworldBuilder
    ###################### Pages ######################
    [[page Page1
    &c--------------------- HELP 1/2  ---------------------
    Welcome to the server! If you are new to the server, please submit a petition with which group you would like to join.
    Overworld group information may be found by typing /help 11
    Nether group information may be found by typing /help 12
    Underground group information may be found by typing /help 13
    To submit a petition, type /pe create [desired group name]
    You will not be able to build until you are given a group. This usually takes 5-10 minutes but may take up to 24 hours.
    [[page MPage1
    &c--------------------- MHELP 1/2  ---------------------
    Welcome! These help files list all of the commands available to you for monitoring the server.
    You may acess any of the help files regular players can by typing /help <#>.
    To acess the Moderator version of the page, type /help mod<#>
    Example: /help mod2
    [[page Page2
    &c--------------------- HELP 2/2  ---------------------
    Page 1 - General Help       Page 2 - Here
    Page 3 - Angry Wolves       Page 4 - AuthPlayer*Offline
    Page 5 - FriendsList        Page 6 - Chat Channels
    Page 7 - Perm Portals       Page 8 - Petitions
    Page 9 - Creating Shops     Page 10 - Shop Curriencies
    Page 11 - Repairing
    Page 12 - Overworld Group Information
    Page 13 - Nether Group Information
    Page 14 - Underground Group Information
    [[page MPage2
    &c--------------------- MHELP 2/2  ---------------------
    Page 1 - General Help       Page 2 - List
    Page 3 - Angry Wolves       Page 4 - AuthPlayer*Offline
    Page 5 - FriendsList        Page 6 - Chat Channels
    Page 7 - Perm Portals       Page 8 - Petitions
    Page 9 - Shops 1/2          Page 10 - Shops 2/2
    Page 11 - Repare Chests     Page 12 - Permissions
    Page 13 - Permissions
    [[page Page3
    &c--------------------- Angry Wolves HELP ---------------
    Angry Wolves is the plugin we use to turn regular wolves into angry wolves (attack on site).
    Also turnes angry wolves into Hellhounds.
    Allows drops from wolves including Bones, Leather, Porkshop, Magma Cream
    [[page MPage3
    &c--------------------- Angry Wolves MHELP ---------------
    Angry Wolves is the plugin we use to turn regular wolves into angry wolves (attack on site).
    Also turnes angry wolves into Hellhounds.
    Allows drops from wolves including Bones, Leather, Porkshop, Magma Cream
    [[page Page4
    &c--------------------- AuthPlayer HELP  ----------------
    AuthPlayer is used for setting up offline user accounts for players.
    /listauth - List authenticated players.
    &4(Warning: It is not recommended to use the same password for this authentication plugin as your actual Minecraft account.)
    /auth [username] <password> - Register or log into account.
    /auth list - List registered players - Authenticate a player.
    [[page MPage4
    &c--------------------- AuthPlayer MHELP  ----------------
    AuthPlayer is used for setting up offline user accounts for players.
    Currently this plugin is broken and does not work.
    [[page Page5
    &c--------------------- Friends List HELP  ----------------
    Friends List adds an In-game friends list
    View Friends List - /friend
    View Enemies List - /enemy
    Add a Friend - /friend add <name>
    Add an Enemy - /enemy add <name>
    Delete a Friend - /friend delete <name>
    Delete an Enemy - /enemy delete <name>
    [[page Page5
    &c--------------------- Friends List MHELP  ----------------
    Friends List adds an In-game friends list
    View Friends List - /friend
    View Enemies List - /enemy
    Add a Friend - /friend add <name>
    Add an Enemy - /enemy add <name>
    Delete a Friend - /friend delete <name>
    Delete an Enemy - /enemy delete <name>
    Currently the Teleporting function of this addon is turned off.
    [[page Page6
    &c--------------------- Channel Chat HELP  ----------------
    Channel Chat provides chat channels
    To whisper a player - /w <player> <message>
    List channels (Joined channels are marked with *) /cc list
    Join/leave channels - /cc join/leave <channel>
    Set default speaking channel - /cc set <channel>
    Show default speaking channel - /cc active
    Speak in non-default channel - /cc <channel> <message>
    List members of a channel - /cc who <channel>
    Make a channel - /cc <channel> . *Passwords may be added to channels by submitting a petition. May take up to 48 hours.
    Channels may be deleted as deemed necessairy.
    [[page MPage6
    &c--------------------- Channel Chat MHELP  ----------------
    Channel Chat provides chat channels
    Reload Channel Chat after any and all edits - /cc reload
    To add a password to a channel for a player you must browse to plugins>ChannelChat>Channels. Find their channel, and put in the password under the password field. Must be put in single quotations.
    password: 'password'
    _________^Space required
    Please close the open petition with a log that you added <password> to <channel> for <petition owners name>
    [[page Page7
    &c--------------------- Perm Portals HELP  ----------------
    Perm Portals blocks players from using a nether portal unless part of the Nether Builder group or given acess to one by sueZtheGreat
    [[page MPage7
    &c--------------------- Perm Portals MHELP  ----------------
    Perm Portals blocks players from using a nether portal unless part of the Nether Builder group or given acess to one by sueZtheGreat
    To give acess type in:
    /pr <username> perms add portal.use
    To remove acess type in:
    /pr <username> perms remove portal.use
    [[page Page8
    &c--------------------- Petitions HELP  ----------------
    Petitions allows user to submit petitions.
    To create a petition - /pe create <message>
    Your petition will be assigned a number, you can use that number to check on the status of your petition using - /petition show <#>
    [[page MPage8
    &c--------------------- Petitions MHELP  ----------------
    Petitions allows user to submit petitions.
    To create a petition - /pe <message>
    To comment or log on a petition - /pe comment|log <#> <message>
    To close a petition - /pe close <#> [<message>]&c*All closed petitions should have a log explaining the solution as well as who closed it
    To list petitions - /pe list
    To view a petition - /pe view <#>
    To assign a petition to a Mod - /pe assign <#> [<name>]
    To unassign a petition from a Mod - /pe unassign <#> [<name>]
    To go to the location the petition was opened from - /pe goto <#>
    [[page Page9
    &c--------------------- Creating Shops  ----------------
    To create a shop you must first place a sign. Put one block onto of another, then put a sign on the topmost block. On the sign make sure you type:
    Buy (# of ITEM_NAME) for (# of currency)(currency)
    Sell (# of ITEM_NAME) for (# of currency)(currency)
    Buy 1 for 1g
    Sell 1 for 1g
    Place a chest under the sign.
    Place items in the chest.
    To buy, right click on sign with currency.
    To sell, right click on sign with item.
    If ITEM_NAME does not work (Apple) , put in item ID instead (260). Submit petition, it will be fixed. Supported currencies found on page 10.
    [[page MPage9
    &c--------------------- Shops 1/2 MHELP  ----------------
    Please refer to the players help page on shops to learn how to set them up.
    To add an item for players to put into the ITEM_NAME slot you need to browse to:
    Follow the format as shown under Aliases
    Save the file
    Go back to the server, type in
    /plugin reload PhysicalShop
    To create a server shop, follow the instructions on the players help page. On the Fourth line, put [SERVER].
    [[page Page10
    &c--------------------- Shop Currencies  ----------------
    Current Shop currencies.
    g = gold ignot
    G = gunpowder
    d = diamond
    If you wish to have a currency added, submit a petition with the currency abbreviation and the currency you wish to add and a mod will add it. The currency abbreviation may only be one letter long, and is case sensative.
    [[page MPage10
    &c--------------------- Shops 2/2 MHELP  ----------------
    To create a new currency for a player, browse to:
    Follow the format of the currencies section, adding the newcurrency as well as what it stands for
    Save file
    Type /plugin reload PhysicalShop
    Browse to plugins>HelpPages
    Find the section called Shop Currencies (approx line 237), add the new currency to the list
    Type in /plugin reload HelpPages
    [[page Page11
    &c--------------------- Repairing HELP ----------------
    To repair:
    Place item into chest, right click on sign with Gunpowder.
    May repair multiple items at once.
    If you do not have enough Gunpowder to fully repair all items in chest, will spread evently across items.
    [[page MPage11
    &c--------------------- Repairing MHELP ----------------
    To create a repair chest:
    Place chest
    Put sign above chest
    1st line = [REPAIR]
    [[page Page12
    &c--------------------- Overworld  ----------------
    The Overworld Group includes anyone who wishes to maintain everything above stone. This includes animal breeding, farming, and building.
    If you join the Overworld group, please type /ch join Overworld after you have been added to your group by an Admin.
    Our main city is Camelot.
    [[page OPage12
    &c--------------------- Overworld  ----------------
    Detailed Overworld Info
    [[page MPage12
    &c--------------------- Permissions 1/2 ----------------
    &6To add/remove a new user:
    /pr <username> create|delete
    &6To add/remove a new group:
    /pr g:<groupname> create|delete
    &6To see if a user/group has a permission:
    /pr <username> perms listall
    /pr g:<group> perms listall
    &6To add a permission to a user/group
    /pr <username> perms add <permission node>
    /pr g:<groupname> perms add <permission node>
    [[page MPage13
    &c--------------------- Permissions 2/2 ----------------
    &6Remove a permission from a user/group:
    /pr <username> perms remove <permission node>
    /pr g:<groupname> perms remove <permission node>
    &6To check the parents (Inheritance) of a group:
    /pr <username> parents listall
    /pr g:<groupname> parents listall
    &6To Add a parent to a user/group
    /pr <username> parents add <groupname>
    /pr g:<groupname> parents add <groupname>
    &6To remove a parent from a user/group
    /pr <username> parents remove <groupname>
    /pr g:<groupname> parents remove <groupname>
    [[page Page13
    &c--------------------- Nether  ----------------
    The Nether Group includes anyone who wishes to maintain everything in the Nether. This includes farming, and building.
    If you join the Nether group, please type /ch join Nether after you have been added to your group by an Admin.
    Our main city is
    [[page NPage13
    &c--------------------- Nether  ----------------
    Detailed Nether Information
    [[page Page14
    &c--------------------- Underground  ----------------
    The Underground Group includes anyone who wishes to maintain everything Underground. This includes farming, building, and gathering.
    If you join the Underground group, please type /ch join Underground after you have been added to your group by an Admin.
    Our main city is
    [[page UPage14
    &c--------------------- Underground  ----------------
    Detailed Underground Information
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    I wish this were updated :(
    The plugin sometimes just stops reading what is in the text file. No matter what I do to it, it won't change, unless I delete the whole file and start new. Then once I start new, it keeps doing the same thing (but it does work for a little before it stops reading the text file).
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    You wanna know why this plugin is the best? Because IT WORKS. Even with the latest CraftBukkit and PEX 1.17. Tho some word-wrapping wouldnt hurt :D

    Can you add world-based pages please, some how? I need this for world specific rules or can I somehow modify PEX rules to do that? Or add some extra permission nodes? Thanks

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    I have the same issue, do you know around when this will be updated?
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    I'm using rTriggers, very useful for many things.
  19. Offline


    I will have to check into that then, this plugin though was a simple help solution :)
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    Super duper ultra epic awesome plugin. WE WAIT FOR YOUR RETURN TO BUKKIT we need your updates man :D
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    such a nice plugin!
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    Can you added PermissionsBukkit?, pls

    Sorry my bad english
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    Still Working great, 1.1 R4 Bperms 1.9.2
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    It doesent work with special characters, like Æ Ø Å æ ø å, which i need for my norwegian helplist... Any suggestions?
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    could you plz add bukkitpermissions support????????
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    Please update to upcoming R5 API if not yet compatible. My hole /help system is based on this plugin.

    Started testing the R5 builds and HelpPages broke. Running on CB 1964, Java 7 Update 3 64Bit. HelpPages 1.3

    2012-02-28 15:33:17 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling HelpPages v1.3 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.ChatColor.getByCode(I)Lorg/bukkit/ChatColor;
    at me.ToastedJelly.HelpPages.HelpPagesConfiguration.augmentColors(
    at me.ToastedJelly.HelpPages.HelpPagesConfiguration.parse(
    at me.ToastedJelly.HelpPages.HelpPagesConfiguration.load(
    at me.ToastedJelly.HelpPages.HelpPagesPlugin.loadConfiguration(
    at me.ToastedJelly.HelpPages.HelpPagesPlugin.onEnable(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    I love you plugin and I need it really bad. I hope you can fix it or ask someone else to make it R5 compatiable.


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    1.2.2? D:
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    Unofficial fix for R6:
    (compile it yourself, or download the jar file by clicking download button).

    Sorry, I have no idea if this is open source or not. I'm pulling the link until someone can confirm that its open.
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    Someone should take this over. I need a CB 1.2.3 version. Please link anyone?
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    I need 1.2.3 Version too!

    Or could you post the source code, so i can make it work with 1.2.3 myself? :p

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    GOOD NEWS! ToastedJelly is active again and starts working on the plugin after a week out of town. So we should see a compatible version with the new API maximum in 2 weeks. Big thanks to ToastedJelly for keeping this plugin alive, everyone show up your support and until then have a nice day :)
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