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    Project Manager: Techzune

    OVER 5,000 DOWNLOADS! Thanks for your support!

    Please let me know of any bugs or missing recipes!

    Have often do you forget a crafting recipe? Never forget a recipe again.
    With a simple command, you can view any recipe you choose.

    If the download ever stops working, it is because the plugin has gone inactive for a temporary period. It will be repaired soon.

    *View recipes in the in-game GUIs! (Workbench/Furnace)
    *No need to view the Minecraft Wiki (e.g. Exiting Fullscreen)
    *Permissions (If no permissions, only ops can use Craftipedia)
    *Portable Crafting Grid (3x3)

    /recipe <item/block here> or /rc <item/block here>
    Tells the player a recipe.​
    EXAMPLE: /recipe diamond pickaxe​

    /recipe crafting or /recipe grid
    Opens the crafting grid GUI.​
    EXAMPLE: /recipe crafting​

    Tells the player the version of Craftipedia.​

    The configuration is currently at version 2.0!

    Show Spoiler

    Tested with PermissionsBukkit v1.2
    Allows a player to use Craftipedia.​
    If no one has this permission, only ops can use Craftipedia.
    /recipe <item/block>​
    /rc <item/block>​
    Allows a player to view what version Craftipedia is.​
    If no one has this permission, only ops can view the version.
    Allows a player to use the portable crafting grid.​
    If no one has this permission, everyone can use the grid.
    /recipe crafting​
    /recipe grid​

    Pictures and Videos:
    Show Spoiler

    Thank you to everyone who makes a video of Craftipedia.


    * GUI Update! Adds many new GUIs! (NO SPOUT NEEDED)

    * Added Spaces ("Diamond Pickaxe" now works, even "D i a m o n d P i c k a x e"!)
    * Made the configuration better. (Check it out!)
    * Added portable crafting (craftipedia.portablecrafting)
    * Improved some recipes.
    * Bug fixes.
    Show Spoiler

    * Fixed a major crash bug

    * Updated to 1.2.4 (Added New Blocks)

    * Updated to 1.1-r6

    * Fixed Wool Recipe
    * Added an alias to the recipe command, /rc

    * Permissions Fixed (Hopefully... Tested with PermissionsBukkit v1.2)

    * Updated to 1.1-R1
    * Added Stone Button
    * Config now supports up to 5 defines
    * Config now overrides the default recipes
    * Permissions broken - To Be Fixed
    * Minor Bug Fixes

    * Fixed Bookshelf Recipe

    * Custom Recipes
    * Minor Fixes

    * Fixed cake recipe
    * Fixed permissions


    * Support for 1.0.0
    * Better "Recipe Telling"
    * NOTE: Permissions may not work yet, please test this for me!

    * Added Piston
    * Added Sticky Piston
    * Added Shears
    * Fixed Stone Slab, Wood Slab not showing a recipe.

    * Fixed Permissions Bug

    * Out of Beta
    * Fixed Bugs

    * Permissions Support
    * Update to 953

    * Furnace Recipes

    * Added No Recipe Notice
    * Added Not Found Notice
    * Submitted to Bukkit Forums

    * Initial Completion

    Spout compatibility.

    Furnace recipes are kind of icky, needs a little more work.

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    My mistake (I should have copied and pasted the link instead of typing it) I meant to give you a different link to an article about images to maps. I believe it turned an image into a map and it was programmed by Banana Code.

    Shame I cannot find it.
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    Spout picture support maybe?
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    I can't seem to get it to work with permissions. it works for everyone regardless of the permissions I do or do not give. I have tried to allow/disallow by group and individual player and it just lets everyone use it. Does anyone know why this might be?

    OK, i got it to kind of work. I can disallow someone from using it but I cannot keep someone from using it that doesn't have it specifically disallowed. If I don't give someone permission to use it they still can. :\

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    If permissions are not defined, all players will be allowed to use it.
    try this in your permissions:
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    @jackkiej - Thank you, I think I have it figured out. My only problem now is that some things say they have no recipe, like stone buttons. :/ I always forget how to make buttons and it doesn't help.
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    I don't think permissions are working well, after the update they don't seem to like me.

    I don't understand why buttons weren't included... I will add it in 3.0!
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    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Craftipedia v2.0b (Is it up to date?): special characters are not allowed
    unacceptable character '�' (0xFFFD) special characters are not allowed
    let us loclise it
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    Craftipedia v3.0 has been released.
    Techzune: I broke the permissions! :p

    Please test the custom recipes for me, and report if any recipes are missing or if there are bugs,

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    Craftipedia v3.1 should work with permissions, if there aren't any it will default to op.
    I tested it with PermissionsBukkit v1.2 and it works fine. I am not sure about the other permissions, please notify me if they work.
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    wow thanks so much for this. one thing i hate about minecraft is that there are no downloadable instructions or anything built in. we have the wiki site thats it.

    this should come in very handy. thanks again
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    So great, now the players of my server will not ask "how can i craft a shovel" Or "how can i craft a sticky piston"
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    That is what inspired this for us! :D
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    Anyway, thanks by the nice plugin.

    But i have one question.
    Why "T" is stick?

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    Oh are you talking about the crafting symbol?
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    You should create more plugins.
    Do you have 1 more?

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    It is like that because I just put random symbols for the crafting recipes. I didn't make them have any main purpose to the recipe.
    I agree, we should make more plugins, but I (Techzune) am the only one mainly making plugins right now. I need some ideas for plugins.
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    Ok i will wait...
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    Hey! There is bug or something :)

    /recipe wool

    You will need 4 Glowestone dust

    - - -
    x x -
    x x -
    Where X is string

    Glowestone dust realy ?:D

    Oh and btw suggestion:
    - languange change :)
    - shorter command maybe (/rc)
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    Didn't you hear? 4 Glowstone Dust = Wool now! Haha, just kidding. Ok, I fixed that.
    I will add the alias (/rc).
    Multiple languages? ... I will think about that. Maybe when I get up to about 5,000 downloads.
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    Awesome thank u :)
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    My pleasure.
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    I've got a problem.

    I config the Plugin (config.yml), I launch the Server, but when I write /recipe planches (Planches is name of the recipe, I'm French), he say "Recipe not Found", and the config file is reset...

    Please, help me.

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    I'm trying to download v3.5 but my AntiVirus is telling me 'Hi Risk Website Blocked. Location Access has been blocked as the threat Mal.HTMLGen-A has been found on this website.

    Thought you'd like to know.
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    I believe there may be a bug with the config file writer, I will look into that.
    EDIT: Did you remove the example recipe? If so, that is why it reset. Be sure to leave that.

    That is weird, I am using Mediafire so that may be the reason, but I assure you that Craftipedia doesn't have a virus.
    Ran a virus scan, no viruses.
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    just wanted to say thanks!

    and I think 'arrow' is missing
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    Arrow was accidentally spelled "arrows", use "/recipe arrows" until the next version. Thank you for reporting that.
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    spout support maybe, you know with a GUI thing
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    Really cool plugin! Simple and AWESOME!
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    I can translate to dutch if you want :p
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    Just like to pop in and say i love this mod. Helps out all of the newer players as well as some of the older players with terribad memories. Now if only they could learn to spell...

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