Inactive [INFO] EmbInfo b101 - View your players' statistics! Works even if they're offline! [CB1.2.5-R1.0]

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    <BukkitDev | Download | Latest: b101>
    Your soon-to-be favorite static information plugin! :3[​IMG]
    What the tenderly-kiss is this ._.
    This plugin is purely a tool to assist administrators to easily view and acknowledge a player or a block's information.

    What can it do?
    EmbInfo can:
    • Display a player's location
    • Display a player's IP address
    • Display a player's level, experience, and percentage to the next level.
    • Display what a player's holding
    • Display a player's health and hunger level
    • Display a player's gamemode
    More features will be added in the very close future!
    Everything is displayed in a neat and compact format!

    How to use
    For players who have the permission "embinfo.stat", they can type /stat (playername) to view their information

    • b101 - Added offline player statistics. Users that are online will have green statistics. Offline would be red. Fixed offline player NPE.
    • b100 - Initial Release
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    Add gamemode status ;)
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    It's there. I just forgot to list it. :p
    It's next to the player's name.
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    Add "how much played total" :p
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    Hmm. I'll see what I can do.
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    So this is what you have been working on :p -Jaw Dawg
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    Version b101 is now released! It now saves player data when they log out, so you can get their IP, location, and even their gamemode while they're offline!
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    I would really like to see the total online time get added to this, but looks great! I will defiantly use :)
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    Any possiblities to use this for homepage stats?
    Perhaps if you add the function to save in a sql database or export as xml or i dont know ^^
    That would be great!
    Also more permissions for the things which will be shown and Support for some iconomy plugins or Vault.
    Also interesting will be pvp kills or spleef arena stats. Perhaps you can include some of these ideas.
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    Hi I am looking for a plugin that changes the mode of the player when they are offline.

    I sometimes give people Gamemode so they can build big things fast.

    Unfortunatly if they log of in gamemode then I can not remove the gamemode setting intill I see them online again.

    Dose your plugin allow me to change players settings when they are offline. ?

    If no, .... do you know of a plugin that would allow me to do this.

    All the best J & R
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    Could you add a last online?

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