[INFO/CHAT] WesTwit v1.3 - Show your latest tweet(s) in your server [1.4.7-R0.1]

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    WesTwit 1.3


    This plugin is also on BukkitDev.

    With this plugin you can show the speficied amount of tweets from a Twitter account specified in the config.
    You can also show a speficied amount of tweets from a Twitter account specified in the config as a server broadcast with a configurable interval.
    Or show the tweets on player join to the player that joined. Or a player can just use /tweets to get the latest tweet(s)

    Latest stable build: Download

    WesTwit commands () optional
    Get tweet(s) from the speficied Twitter account
    /westwit count (value)
    Get or set the tweet count
    /westwit colors
    Shows valid colors
    /westwit color (value)
    Get or set the color
    /westwit account (value)
    Get or set the twitter account
    /westwit playerjoin (value)
    Get or set on player join show tweet
    /westwit display (value)
    Get or set if the Twitter account name should be visible[m
    /westwit interval enabled (value)
    Get or set if broadcasting the tweet(s) in a interval is enabled
    /westwit interval seconds (value)
    Get or set the interval between broadcasting tweet(s) if interval enabled is true
    /westwit ?/help (page)
    Shows the help page
    /westwit broadcast
    Force a tweet(s) broadcast
    /westwit reload
    Reloads the config

    You will need a permissions plugin with SuperPerms support like PermissionsEX
    westwit.* : Gives access to all WesTwit commands
    westwit.tweets : Allows you to use /tweets
    westwit.help : Allows you to use /westwit help (default on true)
    westwit.interval.* : Gives access to /westwit interval enabled & /westwit interval seconds
    westwit.admin : Allows you to use all commands related to /westwit
    westwit.colors: Allows you to use /westwit colors
    westwit.color: Allows you to use /westwit color
    westwit.account : Allows you to use /westwit account
    westwit.count : Allows you to use /westwit count
    westwit.playerjoin : Allows you to use /westwit playerjoin
    westwit.accountdisplay : Allows you to use /westwit accountdisplay
    westwit.interval.enabled : Allows you to use /westwit interval enabled
    westwit.interval.seconds : Allows you to use /westwit interval seconds
    westwit.broadcast : Allows you to use /westwit broadcast
    westwit.reload : Allows you to use /westwit reload


        name: jeb_  #Twitter account you will use to show tweets from
        display: true  #Display the twitter account true or false
    color: White #The color of the tweeted text e.g.: green, darkgreen
    count: 5 #The amount of tweets to show when tweet(s) are broadcaster our by using /tweets
        enabled: false  #If is true the server will broadcast tweets in a interval by seconds
        seconds: 900 #The interval in seconds to broadcast tweets
      onPlayerJoin: false #Display tweets on player join true or false

    -v1.3 Fixed: /tweets in console didden't work.

    -v1.2 Fixed:A bug that could crash the plugin with interval tweets enabled.

    -v1.1 Added color list
    /westwit colors

    -v1.0 Added text color
    /westwit color (value)

    -v0.4 Redone permissions

    -v0.3 Minor bugfixes

    -v0.2 Added command /westwit broadcast

    -v0.1 Initial release

    See it at United Programmers.

    Redone permissions for more diverse permissions setup!

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    Updated to v 1.1
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    Updated to v 1.2
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    If you wish to provide a download link on your page, please make it download the file from BukkitDev, not from dropbox.
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