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    Version: 1.50​
    Find and Backroll those Damn Griefers
    LogBlock release are on DevBukkit:

    LogBlock dev builds:

    Please read the installation guide

    I won't port LogBlock myself to mcAPI. Source code is available, so it shouldn't be to difficult for someone else to do it, also I'm still here. so I can answer questions. If there is more than one willing, that's up to you to handle that.

    The reasons I take this step, are the usual: I quit playing Minecraft about 5 months ago and lastly I was struggling to keep up with updates. The developement of Guardian made slow progress, so I fear it won't be ready to fully replace LB in time.

    Download latest dev build: Jenkins
    View the source code: GitHub
    Table of contents:
    1. Description
    2. Features
    3. Why to use LogBlock
    4. Example command
    5. Older versions
    6. Change log
    7. Todo list / feature requests
    8. Permission nodes
    9. Plugins supporting this
    10. Support the dev
    11. How to post error messages
    12. Advertizing

    LogBlock logs block changes into a MySQL database. Block changes can be placed or destroyed block, explosions, burned blocks, sign text changes, chest access, leaves decay etc.
    It can be used as griefer identification tool, to find out who build a particular building, or even roll back changes by certain players. Other purposes can be e.g: Undoing of forest fires
    All additional features are optional, to keep the database as short as possible. All database actions run in their own threads to avoid server lags.
    The use of permissions plugin (or any clone) is possible, but not necessary.
    Uses Spout for chest logging (but it's fully optional, and there is no need for the client mod at all).

    • Logging for block placing, block braking, fire, explosions, leaves decay, signtexts, lava flow and chest content
    • Very mighty commands system, not only allowing to rollback and redo, but also to tp to blockchanges, delete log ingame etc. Full list of commands.
    • Many parameters for lookup/rollback/redo/tp/clearlog commands: Block changes of one ore more player, in a specific area, in a world edit selection, specific block types only, block changes older or newer that a specific date, destroyed/created block only, in a different world and combinations of all these parameters. Full list of parameters.
    • Rebuilding map after importing a backup (/lb redo)
    • Last parameter to use the parameters of the last command
    • Quick ingame lookup of block history a wood pickaxe or a bedrock block.
    • All commands accessible from console (exept tools :D)
    • Custom queries for tools.
    • Different tool modes (lookup, rollback, redo, writelogfile and clearlog)
    • Saves block data like wool color, log type, torch adjustment, etc
    • Multiworld and multiserver support (some servers sharing the same database)
    • BigBrother log import
    • Loggable super pickaxe plugin (not to confuse with WorldEdit's super pickaxe)
    • API
    • Webstats
    Why to use LogBlock:

    Example commands: (thanks to tha d0ctor, read more about commands here)

    /lb rollback player fire since 1d3h – rolls back fire 1 day 3 hours
    /lb rollback player fire since 1d3h area 15 – rolls back fire 1 day 3 hours within a radius of 15 blocks

    /lb rollback player thad0ctor since 1h - rolls back thad0ctor 1 hour
    /lb rollback player thad0ctor since 1d area 5 – rolls back thad0ctor actions for the last day within 5 blocks
    /lb rollback area 10 since 1h30m - rolls back all modifications within 10 blocks since the list 1 hours and 30 mins
    /lb rollback area 10 before 06.11.2011 - roll back all changes in an area of 1o before June 11th, 2011
    /lb rollback player thad0ctor since 05:36:00 - roll back all changes of thad0ctor since 05:36 (server time)

    Download, Command, Configuration and Details:

    -> Full changelog
    • LogBlock v1.50 # 81 (Dez. 13, 2011)
      Works with CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R1
      • Feature: /lb me shows the total block count
      • Feature: Chest logging without spout
      • Feature: Enderdragon logging
      • Feature: Logging for tree and mushroom grow (thanks to MD5 for the api)
      • Fix: Area param works again with default radius
      • Fix: Rollbacks got slowed down a bit to avoid rare server crashes
      • Fix: If mysql username, password or database only consist of unquoted numbers, LB will read them now
      • Config: World configs changed totally, some names changed and all logging options are now in an own section
    • LogBlock v1.41 #63 (Nov. 15, 2011)
      Works with CraftBukkit recommended build #1337
      • Fix: Players with spawnTools permission are no longer allowed to spawn all tools.
      • Fix: Added a check to avoid "The permission xy is already defined!" errors
    • LogBlock v1.40 #60 (Nov. 09, 2011)
      Works with CraftBukkit recommended build #1337
      • Feature: Custom auto ClearLog
      • Feature: Reduced error spam. Instead of like 40 line of error code, there is now just a warning stating the MySQL con
      • Feature: The queue will now be dumped after 10 tries even when the MySQL server is connected
      • Feature: Custom material names, allows naming custom blocks
      • Feature: LogBlock will now respond to messages when started without MySQL connection
      • Fix: Log import runs now async
      • Fix: Log import errors won't crash the server
      • Fix: Console commands work again
      • Fix: You can now use upper case letter in tool names (I don't know why you even should, but ...)
      • Config: Added, clearlog.enableAutoClearlog in main config. Added materials.yml. Removed clearlog.keepLogDays
      • Permissions: Added 'logblock.spawnTools'
    • LogBlock v1.32 (Oct. 04, 2011)
      Works with CraftBukkit recommended build #1240
      • Feature: Player info logging: firstLogin, lastLogin, onlinetime, ip. No ingame lookup yet.
      • Feature: /lb queuesize to see the current queue size
      • Fix: Door logging logs now also fence gates
      • Fix: Bukkit api break in CB #1191
      • Fix: time restriction works now as intended. Thanks to xrobau
      • Fix: Players with insufficient permissions can't smuggle bedrock from one world to another
      • Config: Added logPlayerInfo
    • LogBlock v1.30 (Sep. 22, 2011)
      Works with CraftBukkit recommended build #1185
      • Feature: Chat lookup /lb chat player diddiz search +admin +sucks +dicks (more info)
      • Feature: Door logging
      • Feature: Dynamic tools, define your own tools
      • Feature: Use since and before to define a timespan
      • Feature: Enderman logging
      • Feature: cake logging (who ate it)
      • Config: Added logEndermen, logCakes and logDoors to world config and moved the tool section in main config.
      • Permissions: logblock.tool changed to and
        logblock.toolblock to
    Todo List:

    Permission Nodes:

    Plugins supporting Logblock:
    List (open)

    When you want to appear your plugin here, tell me about

    Support the developer (that's me :D):
    If you want to support me writing plugins or want to thank me for the plugin/support, you can: Suggest features I missed, report bugs (best with fix :D), donate via PayPal, flattr my plugins, gift me The Witcher 2 (thanks to newyoukdaily), 2x 1GB DDR1 modules (thanks to HonestFlames), or send me the inner life of a laptop or netbook with a broken display (need it to build a model aircraft, so there is no need for parts like display and keyboard).


    How to post error messages:

    I won't aswer questions to general MySQL setup/installation/what is MySQL (there are lots of good tutorials out there, use google)
    Please read the installation guide before asking a question about installation problems.
    Please read the FAQ before posting a error report. It may be solved there.
    In case of rollback or lookup problems: Type /lb savequeue and try again (when it's fixed then, it was a consumer problem, see FAQ)
    When you post error messages, it's important to paste the whole stack trace!

    Newyorkdailys Plugin Support Buisness (open)
    Still can't get LogBlock working, or any other plugin? Are you getting errors in your console and cant figure out why? Newyorkdaily offers Basic/Advanced Plugin support.
    • General/Advanced troubleshooting: FREE!
    • Plugin Installations: 1-2 Plugins - FREE!
    • 3 or More Plugins - $2
    Click on the link below to connect to him now!

    There is a LogBlock irc channel: #logblock at
    You can ask me on skype. My name is 'hawky.diddiz'.
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    Are you thinking about maybe updating libraries from MySQL 5.1 to 5.5?
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    for chests it doesnt say who opened them when i right click them with a wooden pixaxe it says block history none. even when i just took something out it says none.

    nm i got it btw is there any way to make it so that when someone actually takes something from the chest it says that they did not just looked inside the chest

    and also what does replaceanyway and dontrollback mean in the config?

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    There is no release of the connector for 5.5.
    Is on the todo, but by now there is no nice way.
    replaceAnyWay are blocks that will be replaced at rollback anyway, even if LB didn't find the expectec block type.
    Expl: LB wants to rollback a log. At the location is the follwing block:
    Air - Thats waht LB expected and air gets replaced by log.
    Stone - That's unexpected, maybe someone other placed it and it shouldn't be replaced, no action.
    Water - It can be flowed ther naturally, and it's on the replace anyway list, so it gest replaced by log.
    dontRollback lists the blocktypes lb shouldn't place, like tnt, fire etc.
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    ok i understand the replaceanyway more, but for dont rollback im not too sure still. can you please give me an example? is it like there is tnt on the ground and someone breaks it and i rollback what he did lb wouldnt re-place the tnt block?
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    Yup, someone destroyed tnt and it won't roll back, even in redos, LB won't spwan these blocks.
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    all of a sudden nothing happens with i try any commands. I didn't change anything that I am aware of. I try any of the /lb commands and absolutely nothing happens. I don't even get any error messages or permission denied messages. I tried reinstall to fix it. Any ideas?
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    I have an idea, Make a sort of "trusted list" feature that makes it so that certain players are not logged, this could decrease performance drain even more!
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    Most likely a config error. What does LB say at start up?
    I'm still not sure whether to implement that. Heard of too many cases where trusted old players run amok.
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    I realized today a new exception from LogBlock on server startup
    14:50:27 [SEVERE] [LogBlock] SQL exception
    java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user 'xxx'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
            at com.mysql.jdbc.SQLError.createSQLException(
            at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.checkErrorPacket(
            at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.checkErrorPacket(
            at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.sendCommand(
            at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.sqlQueryDirect(
            at com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionImpl.execSQL(
            at com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionImpl.execSQL(
            at com.mysql.jdbc.StatementImpl.execute(
            at com.mysql.jdbc.StatementImpl.execute(
    I didn't change anything in config (and mysql). Mysteriously all data is being written to the database anyway (checked that twice)

    This is my config:
    - world
    - lb-main
        port: 3306
        host: localhost
        password: xxx
        user: xxx
        database: logblock
        logBlockCreations: true
        logBlockDestroyings: true
        logLeavesDecay: false
        logFire: true
        logChestAccess: true
        logExplosions: true
        logSignTexts: true
        logKills: true
        logKillsLevel: ANIMALS
        logLavaFlow: true
        useBukkitScheduler: true
        delayBetweenRuns: 6
        minCountPerRun: 100
        maxCountPerRun: 1500
        maxTimePerRun: 100
        defaultDist: 20
        defaultTime: 30 minutes
        toolblockID: 7
        toolID: 339
        dumpDeletedLog: true
        keepLogDays: 21
        - 8
        - 9
        - 10
        - 11
        - 51
        - 10
        - 11
        - 46
        - 51
    version: '0.14'
    The version number is also wrong, may I change it to 0.15 manually?
  11. it appears you have your MySQL setup wrong. Did you add all permissions for the user?
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    Change clearlog.dumpDeletedLog to false.
    The version number doesn't matter.
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    Will this also affect the dump functionality? I was wondering where the data will be dumped to...
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    The dump functionality will be disabled.
    But that only works for local servers
  15. quick question, if a greifer greifs by placing water, when you rollback it only rollback's the source, and you still have to manually clean up the water. Is there a fix for this?
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    Yup, will come with v1.00, but water sources created by waterflow will still not be able to rollback.
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    Using multicraft

    Bukit 766


    Can not use log block commands

    Even had my host set up MySQL for it so I wouldent mess it up

    The stick logs things but any of the /lb commands do not work at all
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    Does LB even run? And what do you mean with "stick"?
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    Sorry should have been more clear

    The "stick" is the in game stick

    I can use that to right click on placed blocks and it will tell me who placed them what time etc.

    So yes it runs and works with the MySQL DB

    But the in game commands like

    /lb me


    It just tells me that it is an unknown command

    I have set myself as an OP set up permissions given myself the * for all commands and even gave each individual permission node to the admin group.

    But still I get unknown command when trying to use the commands in game.
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    I know that this is probably something that will never happen, but will you ever add flatfile support? It is much more easier to setup...
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    Hm, you could open the LogBlock.jar with an archiver tool like 7zip and make sure that in the plugin.yml is lb listed under commands, or just redownload it.

    SQLite maybe sometime in the future, but flatfile is never going to happen :D

    LogBlock v1.00 Developement News:
    Chest rollbacks work (this doesn't include full chest logging)
    added content logging for broken containers
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    Keep going on :D !
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    That means, that can't retrieve the generated primary key and sp isn't able to log signtexts/chest accesses.
    Not sure what causes that, seems to occure rather randomly.
  24. You should add a function like
    /lb rollback creeper (radius)
    /lb rollback tnt (radius)

    just like the player rollback. would be a lot easier when fixing random creeper holes everywhere without rollbacking players buildings :D
    BTW epic plugin, its awesome.
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    Once I got custom plugins to implemented, that would be easy.
    But with the new commands system you will be able to:
    Once type "/lb player creeper area 5 time 99 days" and than in every hole just "/lb rb last"
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    Oh sweet man works great awesome plugin :)
  27. alright thanks! But sources won't be rolled back :confused:
    thats kinda inconvenient, will just have to work around it... (had a house greifed by water today)

    EDIT: wait, 1.0?!?!? won't that be like a year or something?
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    What about WorldEdits "//drain"?
    v1.00 will contain the new commands system, chest logging and no code from bootswithdefer (the original author)
  29. there is a //drain?!?! i gotta look that up :D
    so how long do you think till v1.0?
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    I'm aiming for next weekend :D
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