Inactive [INFO] µCompass a.k.a. MicroCompass v3 - See which direction you're looking at. [1.1-R8][1.2.3-R0.2]

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    µCompass - See which direction you're looking at.

    Version: 3

    This plugin allows your players to quickly see which direction they're looking at.

    A Player can check the compass by typing:
    if they have the permission node:
    which defaults to true

    No need for any additional configuration.


    • Type /compass to see which direction you're looking at.
    • Can be controlled with a permission.
    • No need for any additional configuration

    Bug Tracker (BukkitDev)


    Version 3
    • Changed the directions to match the Sun direction since Minecraft Release
    Version 2
    • Fixed errors with negative values.
    • Non-Player CommandSenders are now informed that this command is for players only.
    • Refactored Code
    Version 1
    • Initial Release
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    title missing plugin version
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    nope, look closer, it's been word-wrapped to the next line. (I can't read properly)
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    He means the version of the plugin, not bukkit compatiblity.
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    Whoa... I can't read properly!

    Sorry about that, it has been fixed.
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  7. On the plugin list, when you search for plugin, this plugin shows up as "null". Just so you know. :)
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    I think the backwards q is why it makes it "null" in the title.
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    Man I notice that you post this 2 times plzs dont post a thread more then one because it gets very annoying
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    YoungCrafter, its not posted 2 x, the other "null" post is MicroOP.
    The forum folks need to fix the forums to allow the µ (micro) in the titles, or other extended characters.
    (Or the owner of the thread needs to remove the µ from the title :D)

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    it is displayed correctly in the bukkitdev search section, so personally I don't see it as a big problem.

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