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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TiTech, Jul 25, 2016.

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    Plugin name: Infinite Night Vison

    Version: 1.9.2

    Description: before you link me to something else hear me out. What I need is a plugin that gives infinite night vision that isn't toggleable and gives you infinite night vision without any commands (basically it's passive). If possible I would like to be able to disable this in other worlds (I use multiverse) and I only need it for my one minigame world and would like it enabled in my survival world. I urgently need this so if anyone could make this I would really appreciate it and be in your debt.
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    So it works infinite and when you join again you still have the night vision? I'll do that.

    UPDATE: Here is the your plugin. It gives you nightvision from the moment you join untill the moment you leave the server again.
    When you reload the server the effect will remain active.

    Please give at least some feedback for the small effort I've put into this project.
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    thank you sorry i was gone for awhile so i didnt have access to my computer, the plugin works great!
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    @TiTech It would probably be best to mark this as filled!
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    I disovered a bug. I will create an update url. Whenever die, you lost your nighvision. I'll fix this.
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