IndustrialCraft (port)?

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    Basically Industrial Craft allows the use to build cool things like solar panels, microwaves, electric wire, powered furnaces and other things.
    I originally saw this mod on the official minecraft forum and its thread can be found here:
    If someone would be willing to start development of such a plugin, it would be much appreciated, and hopefully the community would find it useful. :)
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    I think that bukkit plugins cant add new blocks/items but normal smp mods can sorry
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    Can someone please confirm this?
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    As new blocks have to be spawned into the world, mods like IndustryCraft are client-side only. Bukkit can only really repurpose what already exists, rather than editing the way that the game itself works.

    Hopefully Mojang's modding API will fix this and I'll be able to run Mo' Creatures on my SMP server. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see...
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    Okay, Thank you for letting me know, I just wanted some explanation as to why, I am keen on programing, but didn't realize that the Minecraft SMP did not support adding new blocks. When they do add support through the API I might be able to tackle this mod:cool:.
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    Here's hoping, huh. I will personally pay you if you can get Mo' Creatures working on my SMP server. :p

    I'm not a programmer so I don't know the exact logistics behind it, but I'm fairly sure that my basic understanding of what Bukkit can and can't do is near enough to correct.
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    look here:
    It is possible, but only with a client side plugin. :'( , but it hasn't been ported to bukkit yet.
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    "This mod is not compatible with bukkit or hmod."

    I tend to shy away from mods that require every player to mod their client, as there's no way that I can guarantee that every person that logs onto my server will have the mod installed, which will result in a substandard experience for them. A few of my friends on my server enjoy Minecraft but lack the level of nerdery I possess when it comes to computers and so aren't able to mod their clients.

    Still, it doesn't hurt to hope...
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    Well, we will have to wait and see, but hopefully Notch will make the API better to allow better SMP mods.
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    Or better yet, Mo' Creatures will just get added to vanilla. It's such a polished mod, it more than deserves to be implemented into the game.
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    Pulling this thread back up as it seems to be quite dead.
    I guess more than just me would like to "force" our users to use a clientmod just to be able to use something like Industrial Craft.

    Something based on Itemcraft for example. That is both a client mod and server plugin which adds new blocks and the like.

    I would so much like to have like a real power-grid on my server so that you can power lamps and some kind of machines and stuff, more or less disabling redstone or exchanging redstone with this new power system.

    Be able to have a nuclear power plant, solarplant, "waterplant"? All that would be quite awesome.
    I've never tried IndustrialCraft itself, but by looking at the videos, it seems quite cool.

    In the end, as I said before, I don't think I'm the only one who would like to tell our users to install a client mod to be able to play. After all, I'm not running a 100 person server and I guess most of us aren't.

    Anyone else interested?
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    *constantly keeps pressing ''DID YOU NOT READ STICKY?!?!?" and "CLIENT MOD REQUIRED"*
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    Are you high or something? I said "In the end, as I said before, I don't think I'm the only one who would like to tell our users to install a client mod to be able to play."

    Meaning, I KNOW that it needs a client mod, as like ItemCraft is.. It is a CLIENT MOD as well as a server plugin.
    I know this very well... But I believe that there are a few of us serveradmins who would actually like to use this mod, with bukkit.. And therefore could accept that we would need to force our users to use a client mod to be able to play on our server.

    That is our choice, nothing that we force onto everyone, just the players who would like to play on our server.

    I found out that ItemCraft does allow IndustrialCraft to run in some way with Bukkit, which I will be looking into tomorrow. So instead of being a dick @Jaker232 with caps and non-important information, why couldn't you have written that ItemCraft kind of supports this already?

    I guess you're not that smart after all..

    In the end, I'm not mad, I just believe your post wasn't necessary if you'd read through my whole post.
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    With some development on the bukkit side, and making a client mod I do not see why this isn't possible, since it has already been done unofficial. As toffo mentioned for us people who run private, or semi-private servers, we could impose a requirement for people, my users wouldn't mind because of the extra functionality.

    Edit: Maybe to get it working with BukkitContrib????
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    its not totally impossible... Someone made flans mods for bukkit it required you have it client side but also install it server side :D
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    I am still trying to make this work... there is like no documentation how what to do, or how it should be set up. It's just "here's the files" and I have no clue what goes where.
  18. Because it's easy as hell :confused:.

    basically he describes HOW you add those files into craftbukkit, the rest is EXACTLY like starting a regular server D:

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