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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by kerostampcrab, Dec 12, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Logging (I guess? Is there supposed to be a list of categories?)

    Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.17-1.18

    Suggested name: Player Logs

    What I want: I think it would be helpful to have a plugin to log every player's commands, chat messages, teleportations, joins, leaves and chat messages all having the time of it's happening. This is all I can think of but anything helpful for a server admin to see. A purging feature for this would be a good idea, since logs could get heavy in size the more players play.

    A configuration could have togglable stats to store of a player.

    I am aware of a skript for this, but I do not want to download an extra plugin that I would just use for one thing. It also says 1.7-1.14 so I wont bother with that.
    The Player Logs plugin by Tarna does not work for me. (Maybe you could fork it from them?)

    Ideas for commands:
    - '
    playerlogs purge [time of days since logs were made]'

    Ideas for permissions:
    - 'playerlogs.purge'
    - 'playerlogs.blacklisted'

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday. No. Two days ago. Or maybe never. Who knows?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Do you want the logs to be separated? For example separate logs for chat, joins, leaves etc? or is all in one log what your looking for?
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    @OMGitzFROST Seperate in it's plugin folder.

    @timtower Server logs will show only commands and chat messages, and there's so much other stuff in there, it's not convinient to dig through the logs to find just what I'm looking for, especially when my server restarts once every day (in which case I would have to download log files, unarchive it and keep doing that till I find what I wanted)
    We can also have more info for example the teleportations that happen with players in a plugin like this
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    Ok cool i will add support for both then, Defined in the config, if you wish to have separate logs each player will have their own specific log file for each component, if you wish to combine chat it will log to one file to keep the directory clean.
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    Thank's for the quick response to this request! I will definitely try it later today.
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    Your welcome! Let me know if there are any changes of improvements you would like to see, i will be adding purge in the upcoming update, just have to run more tests to make sure it works as intended.
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