Increase server population quickly?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Suprem20, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Never and I mean never advertise on other servers...
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    Advertising on servers is a quick way to have your server blacklisted by most communities - dont do it.

    Also tip: If the market is saturated - much like any other business - DONT VENTURE INTO IT - join someone already established.

    Why not break into the cell phone market instead where there are a lack of cell phones, right RIGHT?!
    If you want to sit and complain about money, here's a few tips:
    1) This isnt a money maker - it can be but if you go into it thinking you will get rich - THINK AGAIN.
    2) There is NO get big quick scheme, unlike viagra - it takes hard work and dedication to maintain a large community and build up to it
    3) Stop cloning servers - come up with something new.

    If I had not started Herocraft almost 2 years ago and became an RPG powerhouse with special plugins/etc - I wouldn't have tried to break into it today, no matter the amount of dedication I had, UNLESS I had a trick up my sleeve that no other servers were offering.


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    I didn't mean it like that. I mean like get the word out. I shouldn't have put servers but oh well. But I really don't see what is so wrong with saying hey this is my servers website if you would like to join just go there. But that is just me
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    Bad idea. don't do it. Don't think about it. *Spamvoldimort*
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    Getting the word out = fine.
    Advertising on already established servers = bad

    No matter how you want to spin it, telling an already established server with the purpose of attracting more players = advertising.

    If people try and do that on Herocraft, I straight up ban them. It is considered a form of leeching and it is highly frowned upon by 99% of servers out there.
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    Oh i got another tip : Search your competitor's weakness, then patch it up on your server.

    For example : One of my competitors trait new players and newbies like shit. A players asked "kan we kill enderman" and the admin said "GTFO, go play some singleplayer first."

    My patch : Because i know for a FACT they treat newbies like shit, and had done some research about it to know that is actually true, i made a new rule on my server

    My new rule : If someone is joining the server for the first time, and he didnt brake any rule, you must say welcome or hi to them, and then when they ask something, you must answer it nicely, saying "you are noob" to them will get you banned.

    The Effect : Lots of new members joined and happy, this is because the first impression to my community is good :)
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    I'd Like to point something out....
    You sir, are what destroys all small servers, advertising yours on them so they suffer, and you profit.
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    I totally agree.
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    Really? I didn't mean it that way but okay. I'm done posting on here. All in get is crap from people -,-
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    Next time, rephrase it.
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    Nathan C

    Good way to piss off other servers and get your server DDoSed.
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    Planet Minecraft is by far the best way to get legit HQ players for your server.
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    I think any server under 6 months old is new still after that if you dont have atleast a small everday line up then your sever sucks or staff does im 3 months old hit 50 everday and i look forward to late nights when 10 are on lol
    i believe in word of mouth advertising some one likes your server they tell friends and so on.. thats all i do
    activities for members is key
    and as far as the guy saying its ok to addy on other servers come addy on mine ill send you some members hope you like pvp and grief cause thats all they going there to do

    I addy on minestatus and mc server list
    but use the votifier on mcserverlist the first month nothing 2nd 99 votes and this last month 611 enough to make the 2nd spot on the 2nd page i was astonished

    and minstatus i dont like the members i got from there or planet minecraft but thats just me
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    Just advertise your server on Planet Minecraft etc... that will gather a few players!
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    Not really, people that come on my server and say: "Hello, I'm from PM and I need to check your server." Get a direct ban.
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    I get like 5 of those a day :p
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    If you want to die from overflowing people saying "I am here to review your server, make me OP and I'll get hundreds of people on!" That will kill your server. Meaning, bad idea!
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    I don't think I've seen any in a long time. My advertising situation is getting weak, as the main source of people is my MCF forum signature (mostly because 4300 posts with my server in the bottom of them is excellent for spreading the word), and the people coming in from our link in the MCHG thread... I haven't touched Planet Minecraft in forever, I mainly focus on getting people to vote at Minestatus.
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    I advertise everywhere you can think of and am planning on to start paying for some advertising, but find that the MC forums are the weakest. Obviously your 4300 posts is helping you, where as I have a measely 50.
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