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    Cool plugin. It would be cool to have support for songs in RTTTL format - they are usually simpler than midi files, thus easier to find decent sounding simplified tunes in RTTTL that would sound decent in minecraft.
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    is there any recommended midi web for this plugin? xD
  4. It takes some real talent to ignore something that's been written on the same page as your post. FOUR posts in front of yours. I am in awe.

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    Since 1.7 update, has anybody else noticed that their midi signs are sometimes blank after a server restart. I have to destroy the blank sign and recreate the midi sign again. I wonder if this relates to Notch's security update as stated in his blog: - 'Hacking clients can no longer edit texts of placed signs in multiplayer'. Any insight would be useful as I now regularly have to go around and recreate the midi signs on our server after a restart.
  6. Hm, I didn't know there was a problem. Midibanks uses 100% server-side access abstracted through bukkit (no direct server hacks), so if there's an issue it may well be a bukkit issue too. Did anyone else notice anything?
  7. My signs go blank. But they're signs that've been hacked with SpeedSign, or RedstoneChips-beta wireless transmitter/receivers. The correlation between these two is that the first line of a RC sign turns red when active, and Speedsign can add colours or overload a sign.
    Except that MidiBanks does no such thing.

    I colour this one unrelated.
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    1.7 has a glitch that randomly causes signs to go blank, this is an issue with the minecraft server not bukkit.

    on another note, this plugin didnt generate a config file and i didnt notice one anywhere, maybe i missed it?
    nevermind, im dumb

    (Didnt want to double post)
    You, my dear developer, are a God! I now have the 1000AD Theme from Chrono Trigger playing in my castle!
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    so here is a question. is there a way aside from redstone to make two side by side players start simultainously? i have two out of nine channels on one midi that require the X option so they are seperate. i tired leaving them hooked up to the same redstone circuit powered by a torch but once the chunk leaves memory they dont turn back on when you enter the area.
  10. Maybe your best bet for now is to edit the midi.
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    i got it to work i just dont get how to get the note blocks to play right XD i mean i got the beggining of the song right but the other parts are bleh :(
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    I placed a stone block with the sign, behind that black I placed 16 noteblocks, and when I right click the sign, nothing happens! please help. :(
  13. You may want to provide a screenshot, any error messages that appear in the console, and the list of midi files in the MidiBanks directory and its subdirectories (case sensitive).
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    There's my error mister its say Playing but nothing come out.
    EDIT: my server was using a build over #1000 for some reason (i didn't know) i downloaded #1000 and it worked xD
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    i want to use a song for my doorbell could u make it if a pusle is put into the sign it stays on
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    how do you set up midi banks when i installed it to my server it says its enabled nut it has no config file or anyfiles in the plugins folder i cant seem to get it to work somebody needs to make a tutorial vid on how to do this but can u help me please
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    is your bukkit updated?
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    more midi's please :)

    don't working with Bukkit #1060
    it's says playing but nothing happens :(

    with Bukkit #1000 all was fine

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    It is broken since CB1060.

    19:26:59 [INFO] [MidiBanks] Auto-starting A banks in currently loaded chunks...
    19:26:59 [GRAVE] Exception in thread "Timer-1"
    19:26:59 [GRAVE] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.block.NoteBlock.setNote(B)V
    19:26:59 [GRAVE] at net.myshelter.minecraft.midibanks.SongInstance.nextTick(SongInstance.java:125)
    19:26:59 [GRAVE] at net.myshelter.minecraft.midibanks.MidiPlayerStep.run(MidiPlayerStep.java:15)
    19:26:59 [GRAVE] at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
    19:26:59 [GRAVE] at java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source)
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    Confirmed, it happens when using any build after 1000
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Also confirmed not working here with the error message on cb 1060.
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    any word on update I miss this plugin :/
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    i miss it too.
    do you update or should we use mcbanks?
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    Donald Scott

    Please update! We miss you. :'(
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    please update
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    how did u do it cuzz i am confused?
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    how this works?? plz tell:'(

    need more songs

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    any progress on 1060 build update
    im going to try to update it myself
    nope i cant make it even compile
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    Donald Scott

  30. You people are stupid. I'm preeeetty sure the OP is aware that CraftBukkit has updated, because he has a computer and is not a vegetable. Therefore, constantly badgering him for an update is pointless and would in fact slow down the deployment of any update that may be in the works.
    You guys are saying "PLZ UPDATE NAO" every four seconds. Do you have any idea how long it takes to make a piece of software up to date? Do you know how easy or difficult it is? It's not 'sit down for ten minutes, headbutt the keyboard ten times, done!', it's painstakingly routing through stack-dumps, examining CraftBukkit's revised code with surgical accuracy, beta tests, making sure that the new code won't nuke your server or cause Java to eat your PC.

    It's not something you can bash out in the time it takes to boil an egg, as you people obviously think to the contrary. So sit down, breathe, chill the f*** out, get a drink. He's got this. And you'll get your damn update when he deploys it. I'm waiting for it too, and I for one don't want the update to be delayed because he has to read fifty posts telling him that he needs to update or your dog will die, or something.
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