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    Please update this!
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    This is my favorite plugin of all time, please update this!
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    Please, can't reach the download site, can you reupload it? Thanks.
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    Download link doesn't works. ;(
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    The link is broken.
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  9. Lol @ Plugin developer disowning the plugin without any explanation.
    As good as the plugin was, he ended this development in style (letting it fizzle and die with no support.).
    Looks like we'll have to rely on forks, then.
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    sorry for reviving an old thread but where can i get access to the newest fork of midibanks
  11. You really couldn't see the link just before the end of this thread? You know, this one?
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    I mean the source code
  13. Oh. Well, in that case, if it isn't in the thread, then I doubt it. I'd check to see if MidiBanks is in fact open-source, but... Yeah, the OP just used his editing powers to pretend it doesn't exist.

    You might want to get him on the phone about that, see if he'll give you the source code (or at least give some damn respect to terminating this topic).
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    I wish I could but stupid teachers are breathing down my neck with all the projects. I barely have any free time.The reason I wanted the source was to make the signs clear them selves when the song finishes playing because its annoying when all the signs say playing when the songs finished. + I think the sub directory feature was removed so i wanted to add that back in
  15. Well, the OP has been gone for an entire month. Perhaps we could salvage something from this mess. Can anyyone decompile this and make it work? And could they provide updates and support for this, as opposed to irresponsibly aborting it like an unwanted baby like the first time?
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    has there been any progress in this area? Also this plugin is one of the prime features of my server if this plugin dies then a large part of my server will die with it (more than 50%).
  17. Hey, you're the one who asked for the source code. I don't think anyone else would even look at the damn thing.And I'm useless with Java, sooo. Thanks for volunteerin'.
    This plugin is central to my server, too. I have a plaza with music boxes underneath, and each one plays when a button is pushed
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    The PC Tech Guy

    All we would like you to do is simply keep it updated. No need for new features, just keep it working :D
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    The plugin you made is so good that it has a lot of fans. Please don't let them down now.
    Please just update it, or share the code. I can do a bit of java editing in the last case maybe I can update it for you.
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  20. Yeah, I don't think Protected cares about this plugin, given that he used the powers vested in him as a topic starter into pretending it doesn't exist. You're better off just taking the project up anyway.
    #EDIT: Although it must be annoying to kill off your project (for no public reason) and still see people trying to keep it standing upright. You won't see that kind of acclaim anywhere else...
    Could have been all demure about it and say maybe something along the lines of "Sorry, guys, I can't continue this project any longer" or "Here's the source code, get cracking". Instead, he edits the topic to "NOPE! CHUCK TESTA!". And I have scarcely received a more insulting denouement as a supporter of this plugin.
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    has anyone taken up this plugin?I sorry for disturbing this dead thread but when i found out the hard way that this plugin does not work for 1.2.3 well lets just say somebody stole 3 months of combined time from me.I tried reversing the plugin and porting my self but it has a crap load of errors.
  22. You're still the only one who showed an interest in getting this piece of shit working. Sorry.
    Maybe you should post any progress you make up on BukkitDev. If people see it, you might be able to conscript some help.
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    ok ill do so now. I am stuck with 1 more error before I can test the plugin. the error is posted on the bukkitdev page.
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    BTW the bukkit dev page says I don't have access to view it, in case that wasnt intended.
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    The reason it is not viewable is because its not approved yet.Try now it is approved.

    The plugin is hosted on google code for anyone to look at here http://code.google.com/p/midibanks-revival/
    plugin now works!!!!!

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    That is great news, thanks so much for reviving it!
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    Any chance for a 1.2.4 revival?
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    1.2.5 Revival : midibanks
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    Please update to 1.3.1. Thank you very much :)

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