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    This looks useful!
  3. hmm. interesting
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    does this add permissons to plugins that done have it?
    and the config.yml file thst i make is it idot proof?
    like the plugin name then some of the plugins commands, like this.
    portalgun leftclick, rightclick
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    So i wont have to touch permissions config anymore?Will it install any plugin?
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    Sorry to add more to the wall of Q's:

    If I understand correctly, you install, type in "plugins: ['Flight']" in the config, reload the server, and then the permissions are created for Flight.

    I assume the only plugins this effectively works for are the one's you will list and any others are hit and miss, but where do the permissions show up/ where can I look to find out what they are?

    Thanks for your time,

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    so this adds permissions to a plugin like... make it work with permissions? if so IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG :D
    but im gonna test it out later
  8. As written in the list of features this only works with plugins specifically designed for it.

    The permissions are the same as the config options (read the post of the plugin in question to learn about its permissions).
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    As I assumed. But that still doesn't answer the question of where to find the permissions that this plugin provides.

    Unless "Variables can be defined in info: blocks in your Permissions config file." was the answer, then I believe using some more straight forward terms (a.k.a. dumbing it down or explaining a little more) would DEFINITELY decrease the amount of questions you get from this thread.

    I would still like some confirmation on how exactly the permissions are found and put into permissions. From what I read, it looks like the nodes would be created and stored in the "info: blocks" and that's where we can see what allows what. That's how it looks to ME. I only say all this because I am the average semi-intelligent server operator who can't get what you're saying exactly.

    I would just like to spare you a few pages of "how dis wurk?" and help those who would find it wonderful to use but don't have a dev background and therefore understand half of what you say.

    Thank you for your time on this plugin and others, however, it's much appreciated.
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    Really cool!!!
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    If you want to use this variable provider:

    Put the jar in your plugins directory
    Create a subfolder PermissionsPlayerVarProvider, and inside it a new file config.yml using notepad or another simple text editor.
    1. Add a list of compatible plugins...
    2. If you want ALL variables to be pulled from Permissions...
    3. Reload or restart the server!
    These are incomplete instructions, in my opinion. Maybe adding a

    4.) Take configs created after reloading (found in whatever specific file) and put them into your permissions .yml.

    That's all I ask. It'll clarify and put people at ease when they try and decide whether or not to download this plugin.

    I understood the general way to do it, but I was trying to save you and everyone else some effort when all of those who don't understand start asking you and fill your inbox with alerts.

    If you don't care, fine, but please don't assume I haven't read all you have posted on the matter before bashing me with quotes that have obvious meaning to you, but not the people I'm trying to help you to help.

    I know you're probably worn out and tired of dumb questions, but please just recognize I'm trying to help you help others which in turn helps you more in the long run.
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  13. This plugin doesn't provide any functionality by itself. You have to read the instructions in the thread of whatever plugin you actually want to use. It's the third time I'm writing this.

    This thread is strictly for getting this plugin up and running in your server and for providing information to developers. There is a clear [DEV] tag in the topic.

    You already flooded my thread with enough prose that if you'd used it to actually help the users you care so much about I could take a one week vacation. Please do not post here anymore.
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    "Installation and Configuration (if you're not a developer you only need this)"

    Then change that. And you won't have to worry about me.
    Have a good vacation.
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  15. Version 2 is out.
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    Considered inactive.
  17. Who are you and what hole did you crawl out of? What gives you the right to come here and be an asshole without even knowing me or ever having attempted to talk to me?

    In the "for everyone" section choose a provider and read the "installation and configuration" instructions. If you have any specific questions after doing this, post them. Don't act like you know everything just because you read a couple of troll posts by another guy made back when the first post looked completely different.
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    Bryan Taylor

    My sincerest apologies. We can all be stupid sometimes! Believe it or not, I had the same question and thought I read everything but completely missed the Instructions link. Glad it wasn't a snake!! LOL
    I'm deleting my original post. THANKS!!!
  19. Hm, pleasantly surprised. Feel free to post if you need anything else.
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    I'm quite not getting it =) Sorry

    I have a bukkit latest Build Minecraft Server, and i'm running PermissionsEX and Runecraft on it, i've nowhere seen the permissions for runecraft, but they have a whitelist.

    Which AttributeProvider do i need exactly? and how to configure?

    I would love to have just some runes activated for players but all for ops.

    Can you please help me, i just have a big thick wall in front of my eyes oO =)

    Thank you
  21. Sure! Use the OperatorAttributeProvider. In its configuration file write:

    plugins: [Runecraft]
    - runecraft.rune.*
    - runecraft.rune.magicbeacon
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    For the next verion, it would be nice that the plugin automatically creates the folder and a blank configuration file, like the rest of the plugins. It's something very convenient.
  23. Which plugin? There are 4 plugins here and what's actually offered in the thread is a bunch of interfaces. Anyway, there will probably be no next version, because apparently Bukkit is going to include a permissions API encompassing this concept as its official solution. This will obsolesce the APs (everyone wins though!)
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    This guy griefed my server :p
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    Where can you still download the plugin even know you arent working on it
  26. You can't :p
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