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  1. Any chance for support for item damage? Right now, someone can post an auction for wool currency, you can bid with for example red wool, then if someone out bids you, you can /collect wool, and it's suddenly white.

    For us that's an issue, as we want bleaching wool to have a cost, which it has, namely bonemeal :p
  2. Currency doesn't support damage or data bytes yet, have to come up with a solution for that.
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    i did that and it said i cant use that cammand cant u just take pictures of how to do it
  4. You still need an attributeprovider, I have to get around to fixing this. If you install the configuration one it will work just as it should if you didn't have any.
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    Thanks for a quick responce ill try to figure out what u mean..........
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    is it compatible with CB860 and will it be continued in the future?
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    this doesnt make sence.......... like what are you supposed to type in?
    like this? /ah auction 10 10<gold is default correct? 1 hr 2 weeks

    theres a diffrent plugin that has iconomy

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    Hello and thank you for the great plugin Protected.

    I'm wondering if there's a feature that announces in chat auctions people would want to bid on.
  9. It's compatible with like the past 400 builds. It needs more work and will eventually be officially open sourced when I have the time (maybe next week). It will never work with iconomy.

    /ah auction 5 60 1440

    Starts an auction that ends after 1 day or after 1 hour without bids (after the first bid). The minimum bid is 5 gold.

    /ah auction 5:diamond 30 30

    Starts an auction that ends after 30 minutes. The minimum bid is 5 diamonds.
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    I was looking for an auction plugin for my server that didn't need any economy plugin and I found this, sadly it looks like you are no longer developing, makes me kind of sad. I don't like how everything revolves around economy plugins and fake money. This plugin would have been perfect.
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    Where can you still download the plugin even know you arent working on it

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