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    Thomas Bucher

    SphereWorld - Creates a World of Spheres:
    Version: v0.5

    You need another Challenge on your Server..
    SphereWorld makes it. You will start planting Trees, just to get the Material needed to reach the next Spheres ;-)

    NOTE: Ice spread around on the Floor still makes the Map nearly unplayable in 1.6..

    • Creates a unique World of Spheres
    • Can be run as default or any world of a Multiworldserver
    • Pot Worlds
    • Seeds for World and for Spheres
    • Random Type (Pot / Sphere)
    • GlowStoneRings
    • OtherWorld
    • Protection for the Glass. PotProtection < 65 / SphereProtection = all (Op can still destroy the Glass)
    • Added Protection to Floor
    • Change Initial Generation
    • Water / No-Water on Floor (icebug)
    • No Spawn on Floor
    • Added some Grass / Longgrass to Otherworld
    • ....
    pictures (open)






    NOTE!!! Make a Backup of your Stuff.. I am not Responsible if you "*** ** ****" it up.


    Download The Plugin 0.5 MC 1.7.2
    Thanks to oliverw92

    Download The Plugin v0.4f MC 1.6

    Download The Plugin v0.2 MC 1.5
    Source Code is in the jar file.
    or at GitHub

    Download the Jar into your plugins Directory,
    Adjust config if you want or just restart the Server

    Config (open)

    The Config-File:
    usefloor: true
    worldsize: 2000
    mindist: 80
    useglass: false
    maxradius: 40
    spherechance: 100
    minradius: 8
    killonfloor: true
    maxheight: 80
    world: sphere
    minheight: 40
    usehalfglass: false
    userandomglass: true
    worldseed: 123456
    sphereseed: 123456
    otherworld: false
    useglow: false
    glassblock: 20
    potprotect: true
    sphereprotect: true
    floorprotect: true
    nofloorspawn: true
    nowater: true
    autosavechunklist: true
    autosaveinterval: 30
    Explain of the Config:
    usefloor -> Creates a Floor of a Bedrock and a Watertile if set to true
    NOTE: usefloor: false will give you some Error: Floor is missing, with most Teleport plugins etc.
    NOTE: only set it to false, if you use this as the only World on your Server!!
    worldsize -> set the Size, the Spheres will Spawn on each Side of the 0,0 Point.
    NOTE: A worldsize of 2000 Gives you around 1500 Spheres.
    mindist -> Minimum distance between to Sphere-Centerpoints.
    NOTE: Make sure, they to not intercept each other mindist should by > maxradius * 2
    useglass -> Will the Spheres be surrounded by Glass?
    NOTE: True is a good joice here, else there will be lot of water and lava floating..
    maxradius -> Maximum Radius of a Sphere.
    NOTE: should be < minheight + 2 and < 128-maxheight
    minradius -> Minimum Radius of a Sphere.
    minheight -> Minimum Height of a Spherecenter
    NOTE: should be >= maxradius + 2
    maxheight -> Maximum height of Spherecenter
    NOTE: should be < 128-maxheight
    world -> The Name the Spherewold will have. (The plugin creates a World with that name)
    NOTE: Initial the World should not exist. It should not be entered.
    killonfloor -> Kill players that are on the waterlevel (out of Universe)
    usehalfglass -> Only use Glass up to see level. No Glass on Uppersides
    NOTE: set useglass to false, for this to work, if you want half glass Spheres.
    userandomglass ->Random use Full Spheres or Pots
    NOTE: set useglass and usehalfglass to false, for this to work, if you want random glass Spheres.
    worldseed -> seed of the world (only numbers)
    sphereseed -> seed of the spheres (only numbers)
    otherworld -> Generates another World.. Very Strange (Nothing todo with Spheres)
    NOTE: all the Glass and Distance Things have no influence on otherworld
    useglow -> If set to true, the Spheres get some GlowBlock Rings.
    glassblock -> set the Type of Glass you wanna use.
    NOTE: Makes only sence, if you use it with usehalfglass.
    potprotect -> Protects all Glass from Sphere below Block 65 (Seelevel)
    sphereprotect -> Protects all Glass from the Spheres. (Op can Destroy only)
    floorprotect -> Protect the Floor from being Build on..
    nowater -> Genereate no Water on the Bedrock (reduce Ice problem)
    nofloorspawn -> Dont Spawn monsters at Bedrock Level
    autosavechunklist -> Enable this to Autosave the chunklist
    NOTE: if the Server does not shut down correctly, unsaved chunks will be regenerated
    autosaveinterval -> Minutes between autosaves

    Try the Defaults first, as they should work out of the Box.

    To Start over:
    1.) Stop the Server
    2.) Delete the Worldfolder "sphere"
    3.) Delete Files plugin/SphereWorld/*.data
    4.) Start the Server again.
    5.) After Startup is Finished, you can port to the World. example: /world sphere

    • /cr
      Regenerates the Chunk you are staying on (OP only)
    • /sphere
      Gives you information about the Sphere you are in (Everyone)

    • Add Bridges between Spheres.
    • Add / Remove Floor on the fly (force reload of all loaded Chunks)
    • Configurable Blocks for level 1 and 2
    • Add Underwater Version of the Spheres.. (We may need some more Light with this ;-P
    • Prevent Creeper from destroy protected Glass
    Version 0.5
    • 1.7.2 Compatible (thanks to Oliverw92 for his Effort)
    Version 0.4f
    • Prevent Glassbreaks from Explosions.
    changelog (open)

    Version 0.4e
    • Added Longgrass/Grass to Otherworld.
    Version 0.4d
    • Added AutoSave To chunklists.
    Version 0.4c
    • Fixed an Otherworld reload Bug
    • Added No Water on Floor (reduce Ice Bug)
    • Added no Spawn option for Floor (No Monsters on Bedrock)
    Version 0.4a
    • Added Long Grass
    • Added Dead Bushes
    • Fixed Interaction with other Worlds Floor.
    Version 0.3d
    • Bugfixes
    • Better Floorprotection (reset on Chunkloads of Floor)
    Version 0.3c
    • Added new Inital generation Process (less smud)
    • Added Floorprotection against Builds
    • Added noice Option for the Floor (made a lot of Lag)
    Version 0.3b
    • Fixed a Bug with Spherechance was nearly 0 again.. ;-)
    Version 0.3a
    • Added Protection to the Spherehull
    Version 0.3
    • Added 1.6 Support
    • Added Another World (OtherWorld)
    • Added Glasstype to Config
    • Added Glowing Rings
    • Added Some Fixies
    Version 0.2a

    • Fixed a Bug where the Spherechance was nearly 0.
    Version 0.2

    • Added World / Sphere seed
    • Added Random Sphere / Pot option
    • Fixed some Glitches
    Version 0.1c

    • Added usehalfglass. Now you can have "open" Spheres. See last Screenshot above.
    Version 0.1b

    • Fixed noglass parameter
    Version 0.1a

    • Added Commands
    Version 0.1

    • Releasing my awesome plugin

    You can try it at: ( Magiccarpet is installed .. /mc ) <- SphereWorld <- OtherWorld

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  2. Well, so far I've managed to work the code over enough that it doesn't crash when it rains. (Interesting learning experience!) However, after this victory I was exploring around and my client crashed out on me, checking the logs it was because of something else to do with SphereWorld that I'm not smart enough to fix, but I may be able to comment out enough lines of code to make it work. :p Some biomes don't exist any more, so I took lines to do with them out, not entirely sure what they did. The last two crashes I saw seems to come from a Null Pointer to do with Dungeon Generation and Sugar Canes. And the one map I was looking around in seemed very heavy in obsidian for some reason. I have no idea if my trying to duct tape this together will have any meaningful results, and I wouldn't make any guarantees on it when done either. I'm just trying to hack it together to work again. But my CodeFu isn't as good as the actual dev's. I'm not really up for any more testing just now, but if anyone wants to mess with the .jar, I'll attach it here.

    Just to make this explicit, if you WANT to mess with it, use a test server.
    Use a test server.
    Use a test server.
    Don't use your actual server unless you have just that much hubris.

    (Use a gorram test server.)

    The modified source is in the .jar. I think. As a final measure of security, it's labelled as a .zip. Rename it to .jar. Do not extract it. If no one downloads this, I will not be offended. I'm trying to fix it so my server can enjoy the generator, but most everyone's so happy running around the regular world still I haven't opened up the generated worlds I've been setting up. I just thought I'd share my progress so far.

    Attached Files:

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    Downloaded and testing...I would love to see this plugin forked or resurrected. My server just won't be the same if I have to let go of my space world...
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    Someone tested it? Does it work without Errors or something else? I really need this Plugin it would be bad if it won't work anymore correctly :/
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    PM me I can easily update this for you :)
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    I would love to see this updated! If you want to, please do so.

    Best regards,
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    I tested it on my server, and it worked...mostly. But after the 1.0 release of minecraft, it was completely broken.
    We (the community of minecraft players/admins) would be interested in seeing it revived...should we expect a link to a bukkit dev project anytime soon?
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    I will update you sphere world. I will not rest till things are round once again.
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    Great thanks Deathmarine.
    I miss the sphere world so much...
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    I also dearly miss my "Aether" as I called it... endless appreciation to anyone who can update us to the post-beta mc!
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    Hi, is there now someone who update it or how is the staus now?
  12. I was going to take a crack at it, but what I was doing was just pure hackery and wasn't going to be pretty.

    Someone else said they were going to work on it, so I totally stopped because anything has to be better than what I was working toward. I was just removing and replacing biomes with little more than a wing and a prayer.
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    I am looking for another project to take up since my current plugin is very easy to maintain. So I will take a look at this tonight and see what I can do. I don't know if Deathmarine is working on it or not, if you are let me know so I don't waste my time.
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    If someone would like to update this program I'll donate 20 dollars to them. I'm sure others will donate as well since many of us invested a lot of time and work into this plugin.
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    Hah if I were you I'd better go look for some other concept :p The code is way old and would have to be totally rewritten from scratch to even work on 1.2 ;) (This was written before the actual wgen stuff was put into bukkit, so it's hacky as hell :) )

    I loved this plugin but I let go :p No one ever finished updating it despite so many promising ^^
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    Thomas Bucher

    It could be done quite easy.
    The Mech of the Spheres can be adopted to the new Worldgen Stuff (Use Default Chunk-Gen) and modify the created chunk as needed with the old mechanics.

    I thought about porting some of my old plugins to the new version, but i decided against it.
    If someone wants to take this plugin over, and needs some infos / help on porting / understanding my old code, feel free to contact me. But you have to be able to make a plugin on your own, i will not push anyone through ;-D

    Sincerely Thomas
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    War mir nicht bewusst dass es dich noch gibt :D
    Ich hab selbst auch schon Plugins gemacht aber irgendwie noch nie das WGEN zeugs verstanden, sonst haett ichs versucht ;)
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    Thomas Bucher

    Jo es gibt mich noch. Kriege immer noch die Mails von den Threads hier.
    Aber ich spiele kein Minecraft mehr, und mein Server hab ich abgeräumt :-D

    Falls Du es versuchen willst, hau rein.

    Gruss Thomas
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    It's unbelievably slow (5 minutes to generate initial world), features are missing, and random bits of tree and lava are all over the place, but it works!
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    Thomas Bucher

    Good Job, keep it up :-D
    Process Blocks from Top to Down, should Fix the Float-Things, and also stop the Lag at Generating, because much less to flow around.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Isn't there an option for world generation generatestructures true/false? I have no experience with this at all, but I think I remember seeing something like that in the javadoc somewhere...
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    I did notice, but I don't want to turn it off as it might be fun to see a village in a sphere. I'll take a look at it.
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    So is this updated ??
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    Urgh, I still long for the day this gets an update
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    I've been working on an update to this plugin. I'll list the changes I've made, thus far:

    • Reduced generation time to something that is usable. While it isn't recommended to fly around generating terrain, it is now possible to do so without crashing the server.
    • Removed unused options from the config file. Anything that I find a way to implement, I will add once more.
    • Removed unused code from the project.
    • Cleaned up existing code. In point of fact, I've effectively rewritten the project several times.
    • Split subclasses out of existing classes.
    • Switched the plugin back to using notchcode rather than bukkit code in certain areas. While this fixes several massive memory leaks, and enables the plugin to work significantly faster without lagging the client or server, it means that certain portions of the plugin need to be updated every time minecraft is updated.
    • Switched the plugin from pregenerating a list of spheres for the entire world to generating them on the fly. While this allows the server to generate spheres no matter how far out you go, it also means I cannot prevent them from intersecting without potentially breaking seamless generation. (But the intersections are actually quite awesome)
    • Removed the /sphere command. This is because generating the spheres on the fly means no data is stored regarding a specific sphere, and thus the command would become much more resource intensive than it was in the past.
    • Created a background process to clean chunks after they have been generated, to prevent the lava and water fountains, tree bits, and structures like mineshafts from showing up between spheres. This process is automatically saved, so that there is a minimal loss of chunks in the cleaning queue in the event that the server crashes.
    • Set spheres to generate only below y=64, then add the missing glass during the cleanup process. This fixed the spheres generating with strips of ice/snow in snowy biomes, rather than a complete covering of the two. This also fixed issues regarding villages generating inside spheres.
    • Added configuration options to protect villages and strongholds by spawning a multitude of spheres in their area, thus preserving the majority of either structure.
    • Added configuration options to generate spheres filled with whatever you want. These have a configurable spawn rate, shell, filler, size, and height, per type.
    • Upgraded to bukkit's latest 1.3 release.
    • Added configuration options to protect jungle and desert temples by spawning spheres in their location.
    • Set the plugin up to copy the initial configuration file into your plugin directory with comments to explain what each option does.
    There are several additions I still plan to make, the most notable being a command to add a chunk (or multiple chunks) to the cleaning queue, and the ability to add .schematic files to be pregenerated into the world. For those of you who are curious about the current progress, you can find the repository here, which will be updated as I make changes. I don't have a hosted jar file yet, but that's because I don't feel it's really ready for release. When I do, I'll be making a project on bukkitdev for it. However, if anyone here knows how to compile with maven, all they need to do is make a clone of my github repository using the Git Read-Only link towards the top, and they can compile it at any time. I would like to note that I do not commit code unless it compiled under the settings I provided in the pom.xml file, so it should be compileable at any time. Also, for those of you who are curious as to what a world might look like with the updated plugin, I can provide a link to my last test generation here. (I would like to note that I have fixed a few bugs since rendering that map, one of which addresses the empty sphere near spawn. I would also like to note that the resource spheres actually have no shell when inside another sphere. That was originally an accident, but I liked it enough to keep it.)

    Also, I have a question for the original author, ToasterKTN. I dug through your repository, and the subsequent one I cloned, but I could not find any license information. While I am somewhat certain that I don't have anything remaining in the project directly written by you, I would like to ask if it is all right for me to place the plugin under GPL or LGPL licensing. As it stands, I can't really add the ability to make the plugin use .schematic files without either manually building my own parser or importing something from WorldEdit. The one from WorldEdit is licensed under GPL, which requires that I use a compatible license if I am to import it.
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  30. Anything new?
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    I'd love to see this updated. I even got in contact with Risugami to see if he'd be interested in porting it over, but no dice. He did give me permission to decompile his "Biospheres" mod and alter it to work with Forge based servers, but I'm very much a Java n00b, so that's a bit beyond my capabilities.

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