[INACTIVE][WGEN] FlatLands v0.1 - Makes a flat world [860]

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    FlatLands - Completely flattens terrain infinitely in all directions
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin will create a new world called FlatLands. FlatLands is a completely flat terrain covered in grass, followed by a few layers of dirt, followed by stone until the very bottom, where there's bedrock. There's is no trees, caves, lava, water, or ore. Just grass, dirt, stone and bedrock. Flatlands is great for when you need a huge area for a large build, for example, a redstone computer, or perhaps an enclosed building. Currently, it has no configuration options, but I plan to add them soon.


    • Creates infinite plains
    • /flatlands - Teleports you to the FlatLands
    Download FlatLands

    Version 0.1

    • Initial release
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    Thanks man!! really good plugin ;) a little thing it needs it it could abit bigger like 3x bigger or 10x bigger :O! i can find the side to the "normal land" every side only 1 minutes walk ;D always nice work ;)
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    That's because it's incompatible with bukkit build 1000, it's outdated. Same problem for me, it used to be infinitive
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    really great mod, me and my friend downloaded it and used it on a server but a couple of day ago the flatland started to dissapear and random mountains and lakes started to appear in the middle of the land, does anyone know what is happening and what we can do to stop it?!
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    I can't remove monsters from flatlands? Everytime i disable monsters they re-appear. It's so annoying.
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    Nice Plugin =) but i will flatlands as Mainworld and the World as second world but i cant it help please =)
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    Update please!
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    b00m he@d $h0t

    i found a bug when i made an area of stone with worldedit and then used //outline stone and then //undo it spawns a ton of monsters
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    Nice plugin! I tested it out, and it works fine with 1060! Thanks for making this plugin:)
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    Can you turn this into a generator for multiverse?
    Also how about setting the number of levels for the stone and dirt and grass?

    Great plugin BTW!

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    there are only a couple flatland plugins and i like this one im glad i chose it,its easy and makes ANOTHER world instead of making it the base world...i love this plugin
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    update your server Andddd add permission nodes
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    the download doesn't work :(
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    For some reason my flatlands started to generate real world instead of the flat one. Why?
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    Is it possible I could take a look at the source code?
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    So, is this still working? Please answer because I really would like to use it. :)
  17. i'm angry... I'm trapped in flatlands because when i type /spawn i just come to the place i spawned on in flatlands. I have the spawncontrol plugin. Can't you just make so when you type ex, /exit . you will come back to the normal world?
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    are the things you build in a server and then you install this plugin does it remove the things that you have created already?
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    The admin for this mod is AFK since Jun 16, 2011
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    A great plugin simple to use 5* :D
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    Hmm... In this I found a herobrine like building in our Admin World "Flatlands". Come see it in your free time please.

    My in game name is maeyrl, but, on the server I changed it to xXMLGxProzXx (Shuffling Robot).
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    I have a problem. I tried uninstalling this plugin because I didn't want it anymore, but still everytime I launch the server, a world called "Flatlands" generates, but It's not flat. Then, when I reeinstalled the flugin /flatlands took me to a non-flat extra world! When I delete the world! It just comes back on relaunch! Please help!
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    didnt betterphp make a tutorial on how to make a plugin like this with exactly the same name and version? xD
  24. I reccomend getting PlgSetspawn for /spawn and /setspawn
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    You motherfucking liar! There is a ton of trees just a little far away with hills, caves, etc. FIX IT BEFORE I REPORT THIS PLUGIN!
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    Since its outdated, could you post the code so someone (*wink*) could continue it?

    I think what you did is:
    Install the plugin
    Use it once
    Uninstall it
    Reinstall it
    Thats what I think would cause this, or mabye its outdated.

    I would reccomend deleting the flatlands world then reinstalling.

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    Thx! That worked!
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    No problem :)
  29. Actualy, I decomiled and got the Source Code, Modifyed it like this
    Grass 1x
    Dirt 2x
    Stone 7x
    Bedrock 1x
    (think it whas like that, But i gave me a 110 Space to build on :).)
    I could Post my remkae of the Plugin..., Duno if i am allowed to thoe.

    Oh, Running the Remake on my server, Works Fine, But disabled it Due to Some Other Plugin Bug.
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    Does this plugin generate flat land in all directions infinitely or is there a limit to how many flat chunks it will create?
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    Is there anyway you could release a new version of this that allows you to make multiple worlds and modify how they are constructed (i.e. what's in each layer, etc)

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