[INACTIVE][WGEN] FlatLands v0.1 - Makes a flat world [860]

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    FlatLands - Completely flattens terrain infinitely in all directions
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin will create a new world called FlatLands. FlatLands is a completely flat terrain covered in grass, followed by a few layers of dirt, followed by stone until the very bottom, where there's bedrock. There's is no trees, caves, lava, water, or ore. Just grass, dirt, stone and bedrock. Flatlands is great for when you need a huge area for a large build, for example, a redstone computer, or perhaps an enclosed building. Currently, it has no configuration options, but I plan to add them soon.


    • Creates infinite plains
    • /flatlands - Teleports you to the FlatLands
    Download FlatLands

    Version 0.1

    • Initial release
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    nice plugin will try it out on 950#

    btw few bugs:
    i cant build in flatlands
    permissions aint working
    besides that Great Plugin :)

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    Yeah I'm having same building problems too
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    nvm got it working
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    Redstone does not work in the flatlands! It'l work okay for ten minutes after reboot, but then everytime, it will stop working! You get random patches in your wire/repeater that stay on without power, or parts that turn off when there is power.
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    How do I get back to my not-flat world without having to die?
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    Don't use multi-world management plugins to get there. They treat it as normal worlds.
    use a multi-world management plugin like MultiVerse to get back.
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    Anyone use CreativeBuild w/ FlatLands? I want to have CreativeBuild only work on FlatLands.. And is there a way to get rid of the animals etc?​
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    Can you please make a flat world thats 1 layer bedrock, then 1 layer grass and then 126 blocks high building space? This would be great for a Creative world.
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    Hmm i downloaded it and i just use warps to get out of there=)
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    Thanks so much! Its a good idea to combien this with multi inv if you want to mae a free build world on your server.
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    Seems the author is MIA :(
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    how do you turn mobs off? because my config file says that spawning everything is off... and i cant see any config.yml files anywhere for this plugin :( my server is a creative server and i don't want annoying creepers destroying all my work even if they want hugs :) also is there any way to go back to the original world as /spawn just brings me to the spawn in the flatlands world :( <- unless some other plugin is conflicting with it.
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    So, when I install this plugin, it will automatically generate flat area on my default world?
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    This author didnt log in for almost a month, but:

    HJ, try a world manager like MultiVerse, that should do the trick for both of your problems.
    Kamild, did you even bother to read this thread? Shame on you. No, it does not.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I beg you for the source.
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    does it still work?
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    Works great CB 1000. Thanks. :)
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    thats y u should sleep to save ur spawnpoint then if u wana die type /kill <ur playere name> then u respawn bak
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    can u make a Proper spawn i dont like finding the flatland D:<
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    Could you add an option to make FlatLands the main world?
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    I generally use sandstone flatland for my maps, any chance of that here? (sandstone instead of grass dirt and stone).
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    There could be a config file which allows you to specify which layers are what (and, for simplicity, ranges of layers).
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    MB Servers

    update to 1000?
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    please add permissions

    how do u leave flatlands

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    If you're looking for a replacement try out CleanroomGenerator which I wrote after discovering this plugin was no longer being maintained.
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    flatlands does not create.
    It does how ever Create a Regular would.
    /flatlands also does nothing. I do not know why this is not working for me.
    flatlands.jar does not make a folder or anything on creation.
    I don't know if it does or not.
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    are u using MultiVerse?
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