[INACTIVE][WGEN] FlatLands v0.1 - Makes a flat world [860]

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    FlatLands - Completely flattens terrain infinitely in all directions
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin will create a new world called FlatLands. FlatLands is a completely flat terrain covered in grass, followed by a few layers of dirt, followed by stone until the very bottom, where there's bedrock. There's is no trees, caves, lava, water, or ore. Just grass, dirt, stone and bedrock. Flatlands is great for when you need a huge area for a large build, for example, a redstone computer, or perhaps an enclosed building. Currently, it has no configuration options, but I plan to add them soon.


    • Creates infinite plains
    • /flatlands - Teleports you to the FlatLands
    Download FlatLands

    Version 0.1

    • Initial release
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    Nice plugin! :)
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    added plugin version to the title
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    Amazing mod! One question: if /flatlands brings you there, does /flatlands bring you back again? (I want to know before I put it on my server :) )
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    you need to make it so it keeps its ores and caves that would be a nice bonus for people who want to build huge things out of diff. stuff but play legit. i hope you do this a smiley for you efforts ☺
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    No it doesn't. /spawn should, however.
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    It doesn't. I have PlgSetSpawn. Do I need MultiVerse?
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    I think you should use whatever multiworld plugin you like the most. The reason is that this is supposed to be strictly a world generation plugin and I don't want to add bloat to it.
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    Are you using 860?
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    idk where i can see it ?
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    If you type
    in the console, you should get
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    ok ... i use 760 *fail*
    i update my server and test it again :)
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    You should add an option for ores, water, trees etc.
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    ITS A LAMP! cool plugin i use it when i wanna do some redstone experiments with my buddys.
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    Request: Make a spawn that you go to every time that you use /flatlands. It's not fun spawning in the middle of nowhere.
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    Working perfect. Thanks. Maybe just needs to have /flatlands take you to 0,0 and back to where you last were before using it. Unless you just want to keep it simple then I can just build a portal.
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    I'll probably be removing that command in the next version, as I am adding support for multiple custom worlds. It'd be better to use an existing warp plugin as they have been tried and tested and have more features.
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  19. Edit: No longer relevant, it's probably my failing craftbook skills, I can teleport to it perfectly from code.

    Do you mind opening the source? I'm having troubles myself teleporting to my own custom world. Everything seems proper, and the world generates fine ("Spawn generating X%"), but trying to teleport to it using craftbook's /tp #spawn:#world fails. It says #world is an invalid identifier. I'm not sure what the error is, as the SkyLands I loaded works fine.

    Source I'm currently using: http://pastebin.com/SrfTuT7M
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    I believe the world is newly created whenever the server is rebooted? I'd love to see this as a configurable setting. I would have liked to use the world as a static entity, where I can work on projects through a server restart. I can also see the benefit of a flat world that returns to its original state though.

    Perhaps adding the option to have either a static world, or a temporary one that can be replaced upon command, or even both, would be a good idea.
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    echeese, can you add an option to set the height of land it generates? Right now it's generating at ~64, and ideally I'd like it at ~10 so we can have taller structures in the world.
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    YES! im sure more people like me would want this as well.. However I believe that minecraft by default trys to place the Spawn point around 64 in hight and if it cant find it has problems so this would not work with flat map as your primary map(probably a non issue)
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    can you please add permissions, so only moderators and admins can go to flatlands
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    On my server it doesnt work...Nothing happens when i type /flatlands

    Ahhh i got it :)
    Great plugin! Perfect for building

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    Any chance of configuring this to be just 1xbedrock->1xdirt ->1x grass layer - would be nice to be able to build 100+ high without having very unattractive square walls from where we created giant air pits. (or the resulting hours of work smoothing out said pits in to giant craters so they don't look so awful)
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    I agree with the other suggestions. It'd be great to have 1 bedrock, 1 stone, 1 grass for 124 free blocks of height. :)

    Also, it'd be nice to make it day all the time with no monster/animal spawns...but I know that's probably asking a lot.

    All in all great start for a plugin I can't wait to see where it goes. :)
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    LOL I like your profile picture!
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    Why is it that even if i put Mobs= False it still give me mobs when i go to the flat land and why dont i spawn in the flat lands
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    If you use MultiVerse, you can turn mobs off through that to prevent mobs from spawning in the flatlands.
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    I can build in my main world, but I can't build in the flatlands! Have I done something wrong?

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