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    turn any image into a world!

    Version 3.1
    Download Here

    Configuration options:
    • image to use
    This plugin allows you to turn any image into a world - this means it can be generated with, for example, BananaMapRender, and do stuff like this!

    That's right, heightmaps translated to maps in-game, for zero effort, just configure the worldname and the image and you're away!

    You need to configure your bukkit.yml correctly and start with a fresh world before using this or it will not work.
                 generator: BananaImageToMap
    • CavePopulator
    • DesertPopulator
    • DungeonPopulator
    • FlowerPopulator
    • LakePopulator
    • Mushroom Populator
    • QuarryPopulator
    • Ruins Populator - thanks @Nightgunner5
    • Snow Populator
    • SpookyRoomPopulator
    • TorchPopulator - thanks @Nightgunner5
    • Tree Populator - thanks @heldplayer and @SpaceManiac
    • Ores! - thanks @Notch
    Fun extras:
    • Will generate a heightmap image if you don't specify any!


    • v1 - released awesome plugins
    • v2 - added block populator for ores, thanks @Pandarr also added awesome cavegen, thanks me!
    • v3 - added fixed populators and cleaned up code, thanks @SpaceManiac (no extra configuration options this time - sorry) :p
    • v3.1 - re-added caves (minus the memory leak) - added proper ore population :D
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    It's not no - it's something that's in the works but no anywhere nearby. It's a program called mcmap - it generates really fast terrain snapshots so it's useful for me checking out how things are looking on my map :)
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    Ahh, it looked very nice, much smoother then dynmap.
    I like the random height map creation btw, it works very well with the tiling effect. Gonna have a look for a moon style heightmap I think. Large creators that the grass and trees have grown over would be kewl :)
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    Thanks :D I'm actually generating it at 1/4 the size then scaling it up and adding blur lol

    We went exploring...


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    Can you make an SSP mod version of this? That would make this even more awesome.
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    Hi, I obviously posted this on the wrong website. Can you direct me to the bukkit minecraft server mod website, where I can discuss minecraft server plugins for the bukkit software?
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    Bukkit is a SMP mod. You'd have to recode it all over again.
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    Still, it would be pretty awesome.
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    A: run a localhost server if you really want this - why would I even bother recoding it for single player when I don't even play single player?
    B: you're obviously 12, wait a few years and think back to how silly you sounded today.

    New dev version out!

    Added: quarries! grass! flowers!
    Fixed: lava pools ontop of trees!

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    Nope, you've got the right website. A good place for any possible SSP versions of this would be Planet Minecraft, although you probably already know of it.
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    [​IMG]Example of the noisemap generated by this plugin if you don't have an existing noisemap to use.
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    Is there anyway to lower the water level? Say to around 30 or so.

    Will there ever be config options like:
    Water-Level: 30
    Gen-Trees: false
    Gen-Glowstone: false
    Gen-Dungeuns: false
    Gen-Lavapools: false

    Or will it auto include all those? Personally I'd rather not have them and add them manually with WE.

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    mh ... thanks for this awesome work
    one question, is it possible to put directly the jar file instead of zipped folder ? please :D
    i'm totally nob with java and couldn't manage to make the jar file
    i tired to rename the .zip into .jar but i got an ugly error then when i start the server =)
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    Hi, I run a service for $60 an hour where I can use TeamViewer to remote into your pc and extract files from zip files for you.
    This sounds like it's exactly what you need.

    There will be options to add them - you want to add trees and dungeons and lavapools with WE? Good on you :p

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    your download link gives a zip files, and no .jar inside
    my question is : could you please put a jar file in your download link instead of this zipped directory
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    You're not very good at this computer lark are you?

    Which link are you using?
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    Version 1
    Download Here
    Version 2 - requires bukkit 920+

    Download Here <==== this one

    and the V1 file is a jarfile i had no problem
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    V1 is a zip which contains a .jar. V2 is a jar which you're opening as a zip. Don't open it, it's the jar itself.
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    ok ! and how do i make my serveur start with a .zip files in the plugins folder ?

    i see V2 as blablabla.Zip
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    This would be so awesome in the Nether.
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    @Psychoma download the most recent version which is just the jar, if you were to download the first version you'd have to extract the jar out of the zip file, but the V2 was never packed into a zip file before upload instead the jar was uploaded itself.
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    Thanks for your help guys :) stops me losing patience.

    In other news - we're now looking at a 75% improvement in memory footprint for this plugin!

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    i don't know why but
    when i click on
    i do get a zip file and not a jar file
    the extension is changed and i don't unzip anything
    i click .jar it's automatically saved into zip

    you can loose patience but i'm not stupid and i hope you understand clearly why i first asked the jar file
    look at the pic i want to download .jar i DO get a zip >_<
    i got this only on this file and tried with Chrome, Opera and IE
    odd bug i don't understand

    i made a friend download it for me
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    Looks as if your .jar files have been assocaited to using a zip program. But even with that i dont know why it would be renaming it to .zip Maybe its recompressing it and breaking the .jar
    You could try right-clicking the link and choosing Save target as... and see if that works, its a long shot tho so will porbably end up the same :(
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    some browsers take unrecconized archive formats and put them into zip formats, because more archives are supposed to be unziped, it does not know that jars are not, you can take the files however and there are several tutorials about how to use command prompt to turn a folder and take all of it's files and put them into a jar file.


    @STHedgeHog yes, when you right click and hit save-as if it still tries to save it as a .zip file, swich the same type to All Files and add .jar to the end of the file name, I got that to work after finally replicating the results.

    @Psychoma look above, I tried it and it 100% works, it named a .zip as a .jar file for me (I even got it to save a .txt file as .jar...
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    New stuff!!

    Spooky room gen! Thanks @AlbireoX

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    Hi, i really like your plugin it's amazing but i have some problem
    when i'm downloading using the V2 link the serveur still start with a V1 babanaimagetomap
    and i get no ressources or caves created.

    If i take the links provided in the posts bellow i get caves and stuff but the land is not shaped like my picture
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    Did you specify your picture? How do you know the land isn't shaped like your picture?

    Also -
    [​IMG]finally got tiling working 100% - expect this to be added when V3 is released - atm I just really need a treegen as I can't generate fecking trees succesfully :(

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    Mr. codename B, great plugin and it's definitely got the creative juices flowing here. I +1 to the suggestions that others have made in regards to configurability which should go a long way.

    Do you think it's possible to add a feature that will auto-generate the entire land area that is covered by the heightmap, rather than just the area around the spawn point? Or can you suggest what you personally do? It takes way too long to manually crawl all over the world I'm working on even with rocket boots (4000x4000), and I can generally make java run out of heap memory by doing this for a while. I'd like to be able to iterate through changes to the source image, see how it looks, make changes etc etc. There's a land generator utility for vanilla server, but A) that doesn't work with Bukkit, and B) all it does it start the server over and over with different spawn points until the whole requested area has been pre-generated.

    EDIT: Scratch that, I just got it working with bukkit ftw.

    And, regarding your edge-tiling, if the edges of my heightmap is all water, will it keep tiling water over and over forever outside the boundaries of my heightmap? (that's what i want).
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    hi i have a problem i have this working but as soon as i make my image bigger then 410x410 my land gets cut off.

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