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    wp-minecraftadmin - Administrate some Bukkit module with Wordpress:
    Version: v0.4.3

    MinecraftAdmin is for manage and display information of Minecraft server.

    This plugins work with Minecraft server craftbukkit.

    The plugins server use is :

    • Manage user with Whitelist
    • Display status of manager RemoteToolkit
    • Display status of server
    • Display user connected
    • Manage permissions by groups with Permissions
    Download : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/minecraftadmin/
    Source Code : http://code.google.com/p/wp-minecraftadmin/
    Issues : http://code.google.com/p/wp-minecraftadmin/issues/list

    Version 0.4.3
    • Fix css for players list widget
    Version 0.4.2
    • Fix tag version
    Version 0.4.1
    • Fix the permissions configutations page
    Version 0.4.0
    • Add Permission by groups (work with user in Whitelist)
    Version 0.3.0
    • First release
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    very promising, will test. thanks!

    first btw :p
  3. Awesome!
    I am going to try this out now, I may not be able to get it running at this moment, I am at School, but when I get home I will definitely finish!

    My Website is MitchellCraft.net

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    Very nice. I've made something similar for BuddyPress but never got round to releasing it:


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    @leoncx <3

    It looks nice. :)
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    I was able to get everything up and running, and it shows as "remote manager" version and online. but it shows max players and server status as offline.

    If I manually connect to TCP bukkit that all works fine.

    Any ideas?

    Here is the output where it shows sending the amount of players

    15:11:31 [INFO] [Socket] Sent: "Authenticated!" to 8.
    15:11:32 [INFO] [Socket] Received: "maxplayers" in thread 8.
    15:11:32 [INFO] [Socket] Sent: "20" to 8.
    15:11:32 [INFO] [Socket] Sent: "OK" to 8.
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    Can you see the error.log from apache and see any error php ?
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    Thanks working awesome on my Server! Im just using BukkitTcpServer for a Playerlistn ow
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    Could there be a installation guide?:)
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    I know but i just cant find out how it works in Wordpress.
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    öhm arrsome :D
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    I just checked the site, loaded the page with the module, and I dont get any errors in my error.log for apache.

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    is it posible to only have the serverchat for everyonet to use on wp ?
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    For serverchat, I will look after I write fully documentation and bugfix this version
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    This needs some heavy documentation, in understandable English.(No offense).
    I'd love if this worked, but I've been struggling all night to get parts of it to work.

    Would you mind sharing that? Looks great. (I'm also using BP).

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    I'm happy to share the code but it's extremely rough around the edges at the moment. No documentation, requires you to hard-code some of your db user/pass details directly into the php code and also makes assumptions about your server (e.g. that you're running linux and certain plugins installed). Anyone that would want to implement it would need a reasonable grasp of PHP and a basic understanding of cron jobs and bash scripts in linux (not to code their own particularly but to implement the same stuff as I have done).
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    All I really need is the whitelist-feature.
    I've set up "Whitelist" to save to the same database as wp, but nothing changes in the 'whitelist' view.
    Is there something I'm missing?
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    How do you use it... I installed it to my web server i use with xampp... Now what??
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    can any one tell me if there a remote tool that stop and start the server?
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    Nice, this should come in handy.
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    What exactly changes when I enter the Remote Toolkit settings? I entered all the info exactly but it seems nothing has changed or appeared.
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    Is this plugin inactive? Is it working with CB860?

    Sounds like a great plugin by the way!
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    I'm working on the compatibility with Permission 3.x and the removal of Bukkit Tcp
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    Wow I really love this idea, how could I have missed it. I have a couple of questions tough (one was about Permissions 3.x, glad to see you are working on that!)

    • Any idea how this is this working with CB 818 (or above)?
    • I saw @FrenchTart 's screenshot from BuddyPress. I am using BuddyPress, should there be any reason for this not to work with buddypress?
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    Woua, that exactly what I need, thanks a lot.
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    WP just updated to 3.2, forcing many plugin and theme developers to update. Is this compatible with WP 3.2 or CB 953?
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    Update ? :p
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    Yeah I also want an update for this
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    #740 very inactive.

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