[INACTIVE][WEB/ADMN] milkAdmin - Free Web Administrator Tool v0.0.55- Backups, Starting and Stopping

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    [​IMG]MilkAdmin [ALPHA]

    Liked MilkAdmin? Well, good news!

    It's out again: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...0-05-14-full-webserver-in-a-plugin-766.17249/

    A free, open-source admin tool thats compatible with every OS.
    Designed to be simple, easy and functional.
    How to use? (open)

    1. Download milkAdmin.zip
    2. Extract into the directory craftBukkit is in.
    3. Go into your web browser and go to http://<server ip address here>:64712
    4. Login (username is admin password is admin)
    5. Create a new administrative user (username CANNOT be admin)

    Restarting/Starting/Stopping/Restoring not working?!? (open)
    This requires the wrapper made by drdanick: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...view-full-remote-console-access-r10-a6-2.674/
    Use this server wrapper to launch your server and restarting will work.

    Editing strings (open)
    Go into milkAdmin/strings.txt and edit the strings in there.
    Editing strings (open)

    Current strings available to edit:
    • banned
    • giveitem
    • takeawayitem
    • port

    Features currently implemented:
    • SHA-512 authentication
    • Restarting/Reloading/Killing server
    • Users online
    • Free/Total Memory
    • Server Version
    • Broadcasting messages.
    • Chat (type in the console, dont use /say)
    • Performing Server Commands (start commands with a /)
    • Backups
    • Starting and Stopping Server
    Features in next version:

    • Finish off web interface (players)
    Features coded but not in interface yet (should be in in a version or two):

    • Kicking User
    • Banning User/IP
    • Giving/Removing item from player
    • Getting and setting health of player
    • Changing display name of players
    • Teleport players to x, y, z/another player
    • Get IP: Port of player
    • Saving server
    • Editing/viewing inventory
    Features planned:

    • Fixing up web interface
    • Adding in all the features
    • Plugins
    • Mobile Theme
    • Fixing of properties
    • milkAdmin Account Management
    • View of logs
    • Dynamic Signatures
    • Scheduling
    • multiWorld Backups


    Why use MilkAdmin?

    There are a lot of alternatives out there that seem to have more features.
    Well for a start, MilkAdmin is very easy to install and requires almost no technical knowledge whatsoever to install and run. Not to mention that the server uses only java so configuring a complex webserver is not required as most gamers that play minecraft are gamers and not professional server administrators.

    A list of reasons why to use MilkAdmin;

    -Very easy to install and use
    -Does not require technical server knowledge
    -Does not use an external webserver
    -Does not require configuration
    -It's free and open source, I like to be forked on github :p
    -It uses a relatively small amount of memory
    -It's cross platform (will work like a charm on Linux, OS X and Windows)

    And I hope you enjoy my program we put time and effort into it, we appreciate your donations it encourages us and helps every step of the way!

    Thanks to
    • drdanick
    • cayde Dixon
    • d3x
    • RandomSRVApps (for testing and more ;) )

    • Fixed major bug.

    • Backups /Restoring
    • Fixes
    • Starting and stopping server
    • Edits to the Web Server
    • More

    • Added console in server

    • Fixed Firefox
    • Added save-all option
    • Fixed restarting server
    • Fixed RTK errors
    • Added focusing Broadcast Message clears the box

    • Added port changing
    • Added customizable strings

    • Initial commit. Nothing really special here.
    Source code available at https://github.com/Snowl/milkAdmin

    Want to support me? Like this plugin? [​IMG]
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    This is an iChat problem, I do not hook into chat.
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    Thanks man,

    works nice for me but....

    there is an little error/bug on my interface and i can´t find the misstake.

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    It's a bug with HTML headers. Im trying to fix.
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    Edit: never mind
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    hey i have downloaded everything and set everything up just fine but every time i try to log in to my server on minecraft it wont let me it just says connection lost. Do you know why this is happending
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    Thanks! Not sure if I need this, but i installed it anyway :D

    And... In the broadcast thingy... I want utf-8 support (åäö) and color
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    Hey, can anyone say how to install the wrapper for restart? I dont know if I did it right, also if I did it right, after installing the wrapper it happens the same as Rjfire: connection lost and cant even connect to milkAdmin
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    Thats weird. Does it start without the wrapper.
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 7:31 AM ---
    Next version should have some player functions, if not all that are coded in currently :D
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    Cool, looking forward to this! :)

    I have a feature request: Let the admin users change their password (I mean the password to access milkadmin).
    Because now my moderators cannot access milkadmin with their own password, just one I defined.

    Great plugin, keep up the good work :)
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    You can do this manually by going to http://hash.online-convert.com/sha512-generator and put in your password and copy paste the hash that comes out, and remove the enters and then replace it with the current one that is in users.txt

    But ill add this :D
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    Not work on Debian 5...
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    Im using ubuntu and its working fine for me. What are the errors you are getting?
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    on Linux does not show me
    [milkAdminWebServer]: Listening on localhost: 80
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    have you tried going to localhost? Does it work on a different port besides 80
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    If people are having problems with running the wrapper, can they please post the issues on the wrapper thread? I can't offer much support if they are posted only here.
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    Working good here, however it seems to crash after about 30 min of running. I will try to catch an error message.
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    Hey... I can connect through LAN. But when a friend tries to connect from outside, they cant do it. My port is forward correctly and port checker also says it is open. I dont know whats happening!

    Im giving: *hidden*.dyndns.org: port <- without the space. I assume this is correct...

    EDIT: !?!?!?!? It worked from nothing. Cant explain :eek:
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    Awesome plugin. But any idea on how to integrate it with existing Apache server? Would be better if I could run it on web ports.
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    look at what RandomSRVapps posted on the first page.
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    Hey Fantastic web admin. Thanks. One thing I have in the console on the webserver every minute I get
    "Unknown console command type "help" for help."
    But it doesn't appear in the Bukkit server console only on milkadmin console.
    Nothing crashes all my plugins work ok and I get no other errors.
    Using CB 302 if that makes any difference.
    I use it with McMyadmin.
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    Hmm. I'm using it with CB 302 as well S: but I can't really test it with McMyAdmin as I havent purchased it, lol. Check your server.log and see what appears in there, do you see the help command?
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    Scratch that. It looks like it isn't a problem with milkAdmin looks like it's a problem with something else as it is in the log back before I was using milkAdmin. Sorry about that. I always forget to check the server.log. Thanks
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    No problem, hope you can get it fixed D:
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 4:40 AM ---
    Got backups partially working :D Still waiting for web dev though.
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    Very impressive!

    I needed this simply to check the memory being used vs. free (my host was stiffing me it turns out) and it worked like a charm! I think I may install the restart module as well since that's pretty neat (and if i'm on the move it would be nice for my server uptime percent not to tank.)

    Bravo :)
    P.S. Can't wait for the new features!
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    Thanks. If it was a VPS you might not have allocated all the server ram that was available.
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    Thanks for the Update, it works very well, I like the console ;)
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    Awesome plugin, it works fine for me and i will use it :D

    Only suggestions:
    -Password Change
    -Server start/stop (I see it on your Todo list :D)
    -Backup Support (Backup the hole server, or the map/world and list it on a list, where you can delete it too or restore it)
    -Ban Management (Ban,Unban Players/ips)
    -Dynamic Signatures (Signatures with the Server name, dynamic with players 0/0, server ip, port and datas that you can set by your self (homepage,Forum ...))
    -Whitelist add/remove (For this whitelist (mysql supported) http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-gen-whitelist-v2-1-287.587/)
    -Logs viewing (Look into the server.logs, and maybe other logs)
    -Inventory editing, you can see the inventory of a player (like a picture) and can edit it
    -Account Rights management System:
    You can create accounts, there are list in a table where you can give rights for every action (whitelist,Ban Management,Backup Support, Console, Server Start/stop/reload,password change (of every user),right management,account creating,players management (inventory editing, give items, kick, send private message)

    I hope you will add these things or some of these (Or add it to your todo list ^^)
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    As a suggestion, could you make a mobile formatted webpage for iPhone and Android based around user agent

    Great job, I love the addition of the console.
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    Justin Gray

    when i login i get this

    <head><meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=/"></head>

    on a white blank screen but when i go to my ip "xx.xxx.xxx.xx:64712" again it works just fine.
    it's not a big problem but i was wondering if this is a problem on my end or with the code?


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