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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: EssentialsCleanUp

    What I want: I need a tool to easily delete all inactive users files from essentials directory.

    Most of you may have noticed that having a large playerbase and a normal HDD on your server (not a SSD) executing essentials commands like /baltop can take an insane amount of time to retrieve and sort the results (even minutes).​
    Also, when making a full backup having thousands of user files will make that backup process an incredibly slow one for standard HDDs.​

    Essentials store all last login times from all users, each last login time into each user file, so any piece of software would be able to retrieve that data, evaluate it and delete the user (destroying the inactive user file) from essentials user data folder if it's considered inactive.

    The plugin would also have a simple config.yml file where basic configurations should be made like:

    #Set the amount of time in days since last login for any user to be considered inactive
    InactiveTime: 40

    Ideas for commands:
    /ecu reload (reloads the config.yml file data and restarts the plugin)
    /ecu ignorelist add <playername> (adds the specified player to the ignore list so it will not be deleted even if inactive)
    /ecu ignorelist remove <playername> (removes the specified player from the ignore list so it will be eligible to be deleted again)
    /ecu setinactivetime <time> (changes the config.yml InactiveTime setting. Needs to reload the plugin to apply the changes)

    Ideas for permissions: ecu.admin (grants the user access to all plugin commands. Default OP).

    When I'd like it by: before Christmas 2014

    Thanks in advance!​
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    teamcraft Why not ask the developers of essentials if they could implement this?
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    Because this could be an extensive plugin like Vault, achieving a complete user cleanup from all plugins like McMMO, Essentials, BOSEconomy and all plugins that store users and their data in files.

    Starting with eseentials cleanup would be a nice start because it's being used by millions of players, but making this plugin extensible would make the Christmas for every server owner.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You do know that all those plugins implement vault and not the other way around?
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    there is already an /essentials cleanup command.
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    huh, that's weird... under com.earth2me.essentials.commands package, there's only 3 commands that start with C:,,
    Ugh, i'm blind in my old age :'(
    EDIT: i used it from the console, but is there documentation for it ? i saw there was an optional [homes] [money] & [ban] arguments ?
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    its in
    as for optional arguments, it means that user will be cleared if it meets all conditions, being, less than amount of homes, less than amount of money, and if banned.

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