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    Sortal - The Sign base teleportation system: Version: v2
    Sortal, my newest plugin. Allows the user to create signs that players can use to teleport to places.
    Currently, it's very simple and just uses co-ords. I made this is about 5 minutes.
    How to install -
    Unzip and place the jar in the plugin folder
    How to use -
    Simply make the sign say this:
    Line2: [sortal]
    With x,y,z being co-ords.
    Warp Points
    Warp points are points you can set with your chat command. This allows you to store co-ords without having to remember them. Warp points are used on signs instead of co-ords (co-ords can still be used).
    This is the layout for a warp sign:
    Line 1: Whatever
    Line 2: [sortal]
    Line 3: w:<warname> OR this
    Line 4: Whatever
    Commands -
    /sortal warp <warpname> X,Y,Z
    /sortal warp <warpname> this
    First one uses the co-ords you give it.
    Second one gets your current position and puts it as the sign
    iConomy Support
    iConomy support added - look for the sortal-settings.txt file in your servers directory. Price is set in there. No spaces, please. The way I read them doesn't allow it. I plan to make it changeable via a command later. I thought I would roll this out for now.
    Temp Fix
    Error with the intergration of iConomy - download this to fix it if you can't use warp points on signs

    • Sign based co-ords teleports
    • Warp points
    • iConomy Support
    Download Sortal​
    • Version 1
    • Version 2
    Added warp points​
    • Version 3
    Added iConomy Support.​
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  2. Any chance for it to support /warp sometime in the future? :)
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    I plan to add a whole variety of features. Probably commands and probably implement different portal designs.
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    <3 this soooo much! Thanks.

    I can't wait for sign to sign teleports! For me thats the main feature.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Waiting for sign-to-sign =D
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    Ozone Sama

    Ok, it works fine with Build 110 (with latest official "vanilla" server on Linux Ubuntu), but I'd like to suggest that future version of the plugin should be able to use "signs-on-walls" as well (I only managed to use it with "signs-on-a-post").

    It can warp you in a currently non-explored (as in "no chunk created yet") area, that makes the screen jiggle a little funky until the server send you there, but it will work ok.

    It seems there are also some failsafe features to prevent you from teleporting inside a solid block.
    Look forward for the announced features, I'm using Sortal to plan an MC-RPG coming soon.
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    It would be SOO awesome if we can use money from iConomy to charge for the use of the "sortal".
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    It ports you on top of a block. Didn't need to make it anyway. I'll be inplementing sign on wall soon. Explored areas will be done soon.

    Get iConomy to release a version with Plugin-Communication.

    Also, for a secret update. Soon after permissions are enabled. I'll be releasing something a bit more spawnful, sorry. I mean awesome.
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    Binder News

    Can't wait for sign-to-sign. Also, could we see the source? I really want to learn how to work with Bukkit, and this seems like the perfect thing to start with.
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    As soon as everything is done, yes. I'll be putting it on Github.
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    Binder News

    Cool. Thanks. I just kinda wanted something small that I could easily pick apart, to start with.
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    I'll post the source after I've done sign-sign then.
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    :D Another! So Excited :D Ill try to get the Owner to install it.. He is grumpy with plugins :p
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    Awesomeness! Thank you :)
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    Before sign to sign. I'll be adding set points commands. So you can set a point, and then use it on the sign. Instead of writing co-ords.

    New Features -
    /sortal warp [WarpName] [co-ords] - makes a warp point to use on your sign!
    /sortal warp [WarpName] this - Makes a warp point on your current position!

    Sign Layout for Warp Points -

    First Line - [You can edit this line]
    Second Line - [sortal]
    Third Line - w:[WarpName]
    Forth Line - [You can edit this line]

    w: stands for warp. This denotes a warp point.

    Things I didn't update -
    Chunk Checking, I couldn't figure this out ): Sorry. I'll keep trying
    Sign - Sign ( I have it work, I'm just perfecting it. Unstable)

    Also, Github!
    Downloads shall be from there!

    Thanks for reading :)
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    Just messed up first posts BBCODE and the Github. Sorry guys! I'll fix it now :(

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    This will be on my server when sign-to-sign is done!
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    It is done, I just need to perfect it. It shall be released with the /sortal warp spawn command, which'll allow you to teleport to your spawn via the signs.

    I'm currently implementing some new commands

    Please, if you have any ideas, tell me now.

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    Binder News

    Feature request: be able to use warps from MyWarp
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    I'll check the format.

    Sign to sign is ALMOST perfected.
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    Any ETA on the permissions? this is the only thing stopping me from using it...
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    I'll do it now.
    Basic permissions first though. Like only allowing everyone or just op. No group support just yet.
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    Great! You rock!

    To clarify, the permissions I'm looking for are to build, not use. Is that your plan?

    Are you eventually looking to use the Permissions mod?
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    Yes, to build. I have to warn though, due to problems with Bukkit I cannot stop the building of a sign. So I'll have to remove the block it's placed on. So this might be a bit buggy at first.

    I also do plan to use Permissions at one point. Not right now though, I wanna get stuff sorted out first.

    OK, the API actually doesn't allow me to remove the sign or detect it being placed. Sorry, I'll add permissions to this when this bug is rectified.

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    How will sign to sign work? Right click a sign and instantly warp to another sign without any /commands?
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    Yeah. It'll require you to name the signs.
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    I can't get signs To Work on Walls... But they seem to work when they are posted on the ground.
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    Fixed - Permissions currently being added
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    Any update on sign to sign?
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    It's buggy, also extremely long winded method. I'm gonna roll out Permissions tonight (hopefully) and then do sign-sign.
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    Updated with plea for Permission help.
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