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    Version: 2.0dev
    Download (JAR / ZIP)
    Source code

    MyWarp is now in development by SpathiZilla, please see here

    MyWarp was made by Taylor Kelly (tkelly), all credits go to him! I forked MyWarp and will provide updates in future, or until tkelly is back. There are no changes in usage or functionality. Just the same commands, same permission nodes and same features. Original description:

    ...is Basic
    Many server admins only want the very basics. MyWarp delivers on that, and still gives the speed and reliability of using a SQLite database.

    By only giving your users permission to mywarp.warp.basic.*, they will only be able to use the very basic commands.

    ...is Social
    However, sometimes your users will demand more. They'll want to make their warps private, invite only specific people to their warps, even give their warp to someone else. MyWarp can do that too.

    Give your users mywarp.warp.soc.*, and they'll be able to do all of that.

    ...is Intelligent
    Sometimes, warps can be long and hard to remember. This is where MyWarp's auto-complete abilities come into play. It tries to find the most applicable match, and sends you there. It only considers warps you have access to, and will not send you somewhere unless it knows it's correct.

    A few examples:
    There are warps: {"Mob Spawner", "Farm", "farm", "tkelly's house", "joe's house"}
    tkelly has access to: {"Mob Spawner", "Farm" "tkelly's house"}
    joe has access to: {"Mob Spawner", "Farm", "farm", "joe's house"}

    No matter who uses /warp spawn, they will be sent to "Mob Spawner"
    If tkelly uses /warp house, he'll be sent to "tkelly's house"
    If joe uses /warp house, he'll be sent to "joe's house"
    If tkelly uses /warp farm or /warp arm, he'll be sent to "Farm"
    If joe uses /warp farm, he'll be sent to "farm"
    But if joe uses /warp arm, it equally matches both "Farm" and "farm", so will send him to neither.

    ...is Sign-full
    Physical interactions with the world is what Minecraft is all about. That's why signs can be used to replace many of the basic commands. For now, you can have a sign warp you to one of your current warps (using the auto-complete). Feel free to suggest more things, and I'll build that in.

    In order to build a warping sign, create a sign with two lines of text (it doesn't matter what specific lines).

    If you don't use the basic permission-set, give your players following nodes:

    ...is Guiding
    Want to make your users work to get to their points of interest? Rather than giving them /warp permission, just give them (mywarp.warp.basic.compass) permission. This will let them /warp point <name> to a given warp, and that'll orient their compass to that warp, allowing them to use their own two legs to get there.

    ...is Restricting
    In addition to the compass restrictions, you can also limit the number of public and private warps users can make. You can find and change these settings in MyWarp.settings.

    Until Bukkit's permissions and groups get fleshed out, this is a global number. However, with another setting in MyWarp.settings, you can allow admins to go around this limit.

    ...is Helpful
    As an server administrator, warps can easily be abused. MyWarp gives you access to be able to visit and modify all the warps.

    Version 2.0dev
    • MySQL support
    • importing warps from warps.db to mysql
    • permissions 3.x
    • removed extremely old artifacts (import of hmod warps)
    • tested and works on CB928
    Version 1.10.7
    • added native support for PermissionsEx
    • fixed namespace
    Version 1.10.6
    • updated for CB786-793
    • updated to Help 3.0 ( not interesting for you until you compile from Lycano's fork on github :p )
    Version 1.10.5c
    • fixed the "Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to MyWarp" error
    Version 1.10.5b
    • updated for CraftBukkit RB #677 (also tested with CB #678)
    • Permissions 2.5.5 or higher (tested with 2.6 and 2.7)
    • added GroupManager support
    • changed update URL where MyWarp downloads sqlite libraries
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    myhome 2 has send chunk on warping to home maybe this plugin could work on something similar?
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    yep, mywarp has this feature also.
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    Hmm that is weird because I am also using MyHome and I am getting no reports of that breaking nor have I myself seen it breaking but I have personally seen MyWarp showing this problem. So this sendchunk I am assuming is an internal procedure in bukkit that is called by the plugin? If that is what is supposed to fix this problem I'd say we need to start looking elsewhere for an answer because if its already built in then its not working with our server. I guess we will keep an eye on it during 1.7.3 and see if we get better results.

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    @oz_revulsion there's a setting in the config file to make it load chunk on warp. initially I believe it's set to false. set it to true if yours is still on false and see what happens.
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    in Mywarp.settings change loadChunks to true, since its disabled by default. i assume you guys should better read the config options before reporting :p
    loadChunks = false   #Force sending of the chunk which people teleport to - default: false
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  7. You magnificent bastard! It works :)
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    When i uninstall MyWarp, my server crashes. Is it normal?
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    not really, how do you uninstall mywarp? to remove mywarp just remove MyWarp.jar and the folder MyWarp from plugins, restart server, you're done.
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    No way I'm a 1337 plugin user I don't read your documentation, I write bug report that consist of "This is broken, fix it" and I wont use google...EVAARR! Yeah ok I was a pleb, sorry, I'll give this a try. Thanks again for your hard work on this plugin I really do love it.

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    The players on my server love your warp plugin, lately we decided we could record better using MultiVerse plugin to load challenge worlds so multiple recordings could happen at once. And as we all know with MultiVerse comes Permissions, we've never used it before but I worked along someone to get 3.1.6 working fine with all my plugins since for some reason 2.7.4 doesnt work. So 3.1.6 works with all the other plugins and plays nicely with them, except for your MyWarp plugin, every time someone goes to do something we get a red text paragraph that says something along the lines of An Internal Error Has Occurred. Does anyone know a way to fix this? The permissions clearly works, but it seems to have a database issue
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    dont know of any issues with permissions 3.xx, should work. i will test again.
    my personal suggestion is PermissionsEx.
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    PEX doesn't work with it either
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    We've just started using Permissions 3.x.x and it works fine with the MyWarp plugin.
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    and i am using pex since its first development build, works perfect. probably you have some other issue, check if you have latest mywarp version.
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    I do, could it be that I'm using it with SQlite and not MySQL?
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    nope, i frequently test pex with all of its backends, never found issues that affect mywarp. so actually you have issues with all permissions, maybe you just have wrong permission nodes? read the OP and check which mywarp version you have.
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    MyWarp 2.0 and it's not the nodes, if the nodes were in incorrectly it would tell me to type /warp help instead, it's defiantly a database issue. I'm assuming it's an issue with the warp plugin database compatibility since the permissions work with everything else.
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    ok, check if libraries were downloaded to mcserverfolder/lib/
    if not, download them manually and put it there.
    an error message would be usefull.
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    What would it be? Looking at the lib folder now
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    sqlite.jar file and some operatingsystem.lib (like linux-amd64.lib) or mysql-connector-java-bin.jar, maybe both, depending on what your plugins need.
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    i hate to double post but i still cant get mywarp to work on my server;
    no error message in the console only ingame i get the A warp by that name does not exist message and thats it ;(
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    removed MyWarp.jar but i think an other plugin was corrupt. Finally, I've kept MyWarp and my server works fine. Thx for reply.
  24. hello, flames
    usefull plugin, its one of few, we use since we launched server.. now, i would love to let people use private portal (or public) through sign, but not through command... could you add option for that? maybe perm node too :)

    Edit: hmm.. but only for creators with another node :)

    so: I would create warpToThroughSign, what will be copy of WarpList.warpTo.. but
    "if (warp.playerCanWarp(player)){"
    will be changed to
    "if (warp.playerCanWarp(player) || WarpPermissions.signPrivateWarp(warp.creator){
    or something.. you know ;)
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    when i use this with permissions it says an internal error occured when attempting to perform this command

    I get an error tht says 'internal error occured when trying to perform this command' when i use permissions with this but when i uninstall permissions mywarp works fine :/ plz help!

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    Is there anyway to disable warping between worlds? Any set permissions? Obviously any easy way is to only allow warps on one world, but I'd like to avoid that if I could.
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    Hi there.

    I'd like to see a feature where you can set a number of private and public warps per world.
    E.g. only 1 private warp in survival and unlimited warps allowed in build

    This plugin is fantastic otherwise and works like a charm :)
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    Can this plugin read the xWarp database format? I may be switching from xWarp to this.
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    Conflict with essentials ?
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    It simply wont operate... Any command i type in for it it doesnt do nothing but doesnt display any error or message.
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    are you aware that this has problems with players going through the ground when warping places? I get people warping underneath the warp location often. the only fix I've found is to put the warp a block above your actual destination.

    if the area underneath is not open, it will kill the player. this is getting rather annoying >.>

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