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    MultipleHomes - As many Homes as you wish:
    Version: v0.8
    Tested Bukkit Build: 1000
    Native Permissions Support: Yes! Now Supported!
    Multi-World Support: Yes!

    I may be stopping my MineCraft plugin developments, This is due to me not having time to keep things up to date, Sorry.
    People may use this source, or w/e they must, please yourself.

    This plugin allows you to set how many homes to use via the properties file; While also allowing for quick teleports to your homes or even favourite spots!

    To utilise them you will need to use the commands:
    • /sethome [home-number]
    • /home [home-number]
    • /deletehome [home-number]
    Preview Commands:

    • /home <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Teleport to a set home
    • /sethome <HomeNumber> "<HomeName>" <Description> //Set a custom home, Make sure you include the " around the name
    • /deletehome <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Remove a home
    • /homelist //list your homes
    • /homeinvite <playername> <HomeNumber:HomeName> //invite a player to use your home
    • /homevisit <playername <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Visit a players home
    • /multiplehomes [usage <commandname>] or /mh [usage <commandname>] //into or description of available commands.
    Where '[home-number]' is replaced with the number you wish that home to be as.

    Want to see this Plugin in Action?
    Since this plugin was made for Olympus Minecraft you can come over and join the community and check out this plugin!
    IP Address: login.olympus-mc.net

    To setup this plugin, You can run the plugin on the server for a first time, It will generate What it needs. The files will be located in the plugins folder of Bukkit. It will create a 'MultipleHomes' folder that contains it's properties file, this is what you will need to edit.

    If using GroupManager, Upon first run it will generate more text within the properties file for allowing you to set custom home amount for each group, Defaulted at 5.

    Example (Default config):

    • '/sethome'
    • '/home'
    • '/deletehome'
    • '/sethome 2'
    • '/home 2'
    • '/deletehome 2'

    • Allows you to assign and utilse as many homes as you wish.
    • Also it can be for ANY user that wishes to use it.
    • Configurable Commands
    • Permissions Support (See Nodes below)
    Permission Nodes:

    For use with GroupManager you generally need a node, MulitpleHomes is as 'mh' + (Assigned Command). For example,
    If your MulitpleHomes.properties Home command is set to 'home' (Called as '/home' In-Game), The node will be 'mh.home', Same goes for sethome & delete home. ('mh.sethome', 'mh.deletehome')

    v8 Preview:
    Source: (Outdated, Sorry)
    Version 0.8
        *Updated to #1000
        *Added homelist
        *Added homeinvite and homevisit
    Version 0.7
        *Updated to #740+
    Version 0.6
        *Updated to #617
    Version 0.52
        *Bug Fixes
        *Download link changed
    Version 0.51
        *Added /deletehome
    Version 0.5
        *Fixed up GroupManager Support
    Version 0.4
        *Switched to GroupManager
        *MultiWorld Support?
        *Forgot what 1 bug fix was...
    Version 0.3
        *Supported Permissions. (Works with or without, As with my testing)
        *Changed Console Text.
    Version 0.2
        *Fixed unhandled excpetion with text.
        *Fixed the 'Unknown Console Command' :p
        *Made /sethome & /home configurable
    Version 0.1
        * Initial Release
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    At this point, Yes. It could be changed back (If i remember correctly)
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    Please make it work with permissions becouse its a awesome plugin!
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    Does this work with build 818?
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    Still work with #818.
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    Any chance of getting this multi-world aware?
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    Yes, I'd like this as well. Currently you can't use /home in the new nether because it'll teleport you to those coordinates in the nether.
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    May i ask you what plugins you use? Because i've never used the nether for bukkit yet, So yeh.
    I'll setup something with what you have for testing.. (When/If i get time)
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    I'm currently using Multiverse with bukkit nether disabled.
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    Love this mod, thanks!
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    I would just like to add in my request as well for multiworld homes. Or, setting homes that will tele you to the worlds.
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    Is this going inactive?
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    work for 860 ?
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    it works, but has not been updated in the port...time to go look for another one.
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    To clarify what seems to be going on:

    I'm on 1.6.6 with Bukkit 863 (But I've been having this issue since 740).

    All players are happily setting their multiple homes. However, my server has 4 worlds:

    1. Normal World
    2. Official Nether
    3. Bukkit Skylands
    4. Bukkit StyxSpace

    What happens though is that if a player has a home set in <1> but uses it in <2>, <3>, <4>, it teleports them to the coordinates of their home in <1> but not to that world. Using this in other worlds has become dangerous because often they end up in fresh chunks which are being forced to load for the first time but also they're dying if they end up in a wall or in lava, etc.

    Is it possible to get this to work "multiworld" where a player can be in <2> and type "/home" to get back to their home in <1>?

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    Is it possible we could see Permissions for number of homes? Say for example we wanted to limit certain Permission Groups' Number Of Homes?
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    if this is going to be inactiva is their a way to transfer the homes to another plugin with multiple homes or maybe warps cause there is no other multi home plugin out yet
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    What do you mean by going to be inactive?
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    While this seems to have gone inactive, I would like to request that a feature be added that would allow the home command to be used for anyone with a proper permission node to teleport to any other user's homes.

    For example, for those with the mh.others node, they are able to use a command as such:
    /home User 2
    Which would teleport them to the second home of that user. This would be most helpful for server administration.

    That being said, if you do not have any intention of continuing work on this plugin, if you would update the source that you have linked in your post I would not mind maintaining this plugin into the future.
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  20. Any luck on getting this updated?
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  23. I am guessing this is a dead plugin, which sucks cause this was amazing. Will someone pick it up and take it from 744 to the newest version? Also, could we get the saved points to store in an sql database instead of a text file?
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    I'll give it a go. Will require a re-write, however, seeing as this is not OSS.

    Watch this space for more information.
  25. Ok, great thank you!
  26. Can you update this plugini =)
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    I didn't think many people had used my plugins...
    After my OS screw up I had some personal issues to deal with, In which I believe I may get time to recode this in the next few days,

    Should I update this or recode?
    If i am to recode I think I may change the way it saves, so all homes may be lost; Is this an issue?
    If so I will make a converter for release time...
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    That would be an issue, yes, but I am glad to see you taking this back up.
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    I have a feeling that if you rewrite this you'd be able to make it 100 times better. You should get the source up on GitHub, commit updates to it, and allow people to help you with updates. I'm sure there's a few java geniuses around that'd have the time to help.
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    I've gotten up a preview of v8, It's not a fully stable release, I need peoples feedback :3
    It has no permissions support as of yet, As in, Groups, I haven't looked into b1000 for that yet. I'm not even sure they have groups. If anyone has suggestions as to a plugin that does so, i'd love to know.

    You were right, I prefer the delegate method apposed to crappy redirection methods with switches or else if's. No offense to anyone, But I'm lazy, I'd prefer to just literally Add a command rather than route it xD. But yeh, GitHub was live as of yesterday or such when i started.

    It actually took me less than 24 hours to get to this stage. (Although Git may say otherwise, I was out doing stuff :3...And probably sleeping xD)

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