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    MultipleHomes - As many Homes as you wish:
    Version: v0.8
    Tested Bukkit Build: 1000
    Native Permissions Support: Yes! Now Supported!
    Multi-World Support: Yes!

    I may be stopping my MineCraft plugin developments, This is due to me not having time to keep things up to date, Sorry.
    People may use this source, or w/e they must, please yourself.

    This plugin allows you to set how many homes to use via the properties file; While also allowing for quick teleports to your homes or even favourite spots!

    To utilise them you will need to use the commands:
    • /sethome [home-number]
    • /home [home-number]
    • /deletehome [home-number]
    Preview Commands:

    • /home <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Teleport to a set home
    • /sethome <HomeNumber> "<HomeName>" <Description> //Set a custom home, Make sure you include the " around the name
    • /deletehome <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Remove a home
    • /homelist //list your homes
    • /homeinvite <playername> <HomeNumber:HomeName> //invite a player to use your home
    • /homevisit <playername <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Visit a players home
    • /multiplehomes [usage <commandname>] or /mh [usage <commandname>] //into or description of available commands.
    Where '[home-number]' is replaced with the number you wish that home to be as.

    Want to see this Plugin in Action?
    Since this plugin was made for Olympus Minecraft you can come over and join the community and check out this plugin!
    IP Address: login.olympus-mc.net

    To setup this plugin, You can run the plugin on the server for a first time, It will generate What it needs. The files will be located in the plugins folder of Bukkit. It will create a 'MultipleHomes' folder that contains it's properties file, this is what you will need to edit.

    If using GroupManager, Upon first run it will generate more text within the properties file for allowing you to set custom home amount for each group, Defaulted at 5.

    Example (Default config):

    • '/sethome'
    • '/home'
    • '/deletehome'
    • '/sethome 2'
    • '/home 2'
    • '/deletehome 2'

    • Allows you to assign and utilse as many homes as you wish.
    • Also it can be for ANY user that wishes to use it.
    • Configurable Commands
    • Permissions Support (See Nodes below)
    Permission Nodes:

    For use with GroupManager you generally need a node, MulitpleHomes is as 'mh' + (Assigned Command). For example,
    If your MulitpleHomes.properties Home command is set to 'home' (Called as '/home' In-Game), The node will be 'mh.home', Same goes for sethome & delete home. ('mh.sethome', 'mh.deletehome')

    v8 Preview:
    Source: (Outdated, Sorry)
    Version 0.8
        *Updated to #1000
        *Added homelist
        *Added homeinvite and homevisit
    Version 0.7
        *Updated to #740+
    Version 0.6
        *Updated to #617
    Version 0.52
        *Bug Fixes
        *Download link changed
    Version 0.51
        *Added /deletehome
    Version 0.5
        *Fixed up GroupManager Support
    Version 0.4
        *Switched to GroupManager
        *MultiWorld Support?
        *Forgot what 1 bug fix was...
    Version 0.3
        *Supported Permissions. (Works with or without, As with my testing)
        *Changed Console Text.
    Version 0.2
        *Fixed unhandled excpetion with text.
        *Fixed the 'Unknown Console Command' :p
        *Made /sethome & /home configurable
    Version 0.1
        * Initial Release
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    Hi, I use Multi-Verse and MultipleHomes in my server. Is it normal that when I set a home in a world, then go to the other world and tried to teleport back, it teleports me to the good coordinates but not in the good world ?
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    is it possible to make an option to set a cooldown on /home? I run a server where we pvp a lot and people tend to abuse it so they /home whenever they are close to dying, and possibly integrate it with permissions so that it can be controlled, who can and who cannot constantly use /home
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    Any news on that error?
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    Jm Erestain

    wew its cool but you should put a cooldown so people cant just escape from drowning, skeleton, creeper etc.
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    Delta; No i havent seen anything of it yet...

    Jm, yeh i am intending to do so one day ;)
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    This is mostly working for me but I am having trouble with the multiworld. I probably have something setup wrong.
    I setup my other world yesterday so I have my first world just called world and my new one named Abydos but when I start bukkit it loads abyds and seems to wait to load world till someone goes to it which is a problem because my users are now logging on it going straight to the new world instead of where they logged off on world.

    So anyways with the warps I made a couple on each world and I can /home from Abydos to world but it puts me at the world spawn and I have to /home again to get home. If I try to warp from world to Abydos it just put me at the coords still on world
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    Is there any information I could give you that would help locate the problem?
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    I've been using Multiple Homes on my private Ubuntu SMP server and I've been running into some problems. It may just be a coincidence but there are areas on my map that when a player gets close, it lags the entire server down to the point it nearly freezes until the player exits that area. The areas happen to be the places where the player has set a home. Also if the area does not lag, many times a player is unable to break blocks in their home area. The only errors I get when a player approaches the problem areas of the map is [Warning] Server is overloaded"...etc. I don't get any chunk errors in the console, so not sure what is up. Has anyone experienced this or could this be linked to the plugin? Other than that its a great mod and I appreciate your time in making it. Thanks.
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    Can you make it compatible with 600? It doesn't seem to be working.
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    Yea, the latest builds have messed up quite a few plugins for me, MultipleHomes being one of them...
  12. Got a minor problem, when I try to set multiple homes (two for example) it says it sets both homes, but I can not tp to both of them. In fact, it doesn't Tp to either. Any suggestions? I am running the CB 602.
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    update for 1.4 please ;) my players LOVE haveing 4 homes XD
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    i realy like this pluggin on my server ppl are realy missing it visit us at www.mycraft.me
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    Please update for 1.4. The ppl on my server love this too much!

    Please update this to 1.4 soon. The people on my server love this sooooo much!

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    It would really be nice to have an update on this plugin. Doesnt seem to work all that well with 1.4
  17. Guys, spamming the forums asking to update the plugin isn't going to make it happen faster. He is now aware of the update and that the plugin needs updated. So I would suggest that we just leave him be for a bit.
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    Which part isn't working ? seems to be working for me.. i am able to set locations and warp to them?
  19. What version of MC are you running, did you update to the 1.4 beta?
    What version of Craftbukkit are you running?

    I can only set one home location even though the config file says 15. Also, every set home location I do overwrites the previous location, no matter the home number.
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    [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-612-g4c7a9e7-b617jnks (MC: 1.4)

    Config File
    #Sat Apr 02 10:49:20 CDT 2011
    I changed the commands so not to conflict with another plugin I have.

    I was able to use my old 'loc'ations. I haven't been using delete at all since setting a new location just overwrites it. I have a multi story house and was able to goto different levels and do a /setloc 13 , /setloc 14 and then /loc 13 , /loc 14 to go back and forth.
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    1: Allow for a [name] parameter on /sethome (e.g. "/sethome 5 Castle").
    2: Create /listhomes (e.g. "...
    Home 1 - Beach House
    Home 2 - Burrow
    Home 3 - Fortress
    For those who set a lot of home locations, this provides a simple way of knowing which is which.
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    I really would love this too.
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    update to CB#617+ soon maby Please!!
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    I have an update ready, I will upload shortly, And will consider Seathre's post.

    Edit: Uploaded one that works fro me on 617...
    I also might be adding Seathre's suggestion in a release.
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    Thanks so much :)
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    Update thread name, it fooled me. :)

    Thanks for the quick update.
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    Bahaha I forgot about that! Thanks ;D
  28. My players are telling me that if they warp to their set homes from the nether, they get stuck underground and eventually die.

    Using essentials for the nether.
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    Is it possible to set a limit of homes per user group with permissions. Such as donators got 3 homes? Please quote me
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    Yes, Once it detects the permissions plugins it should build nessissary requirements in the config.
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    Can you add an cooldown option.

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