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    MultipleHomes - As many Homes as you wish:
    Version: v0.8
    Tested Bukkit Build: 1000
    Native Permissions Support: Yes! Now Supported!
    Multi-World Support: Yes!

    I may be stopping my MineCraft plugin developments, This is due to me not having time to keep things up to date, Sorry.
    People may use this source, or w/e they must, please yourself.

    This plugin allows you to set how many homes to use via the properties file; While also allowing for quick teleports to your homes or even favourite spots!

    To utilise them you will need to use the commands:
    • /sethome [home-number]
    • /home [home-number]
    • /deletehome [home-number]
    Preview Commands:

    • /home <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Teleport to a set home
    • /sethome <HomeNumber> "<HomeName>" <Description> //Set a custom home, Make sure you include the " around the name
    • /deletehome <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Remove a home
    • /homelist //list your homes
    • /homeinvite <playername> <HomeNumber:HomeName> //invite a player to use your home
    • /homevisit <playername <HomeNumber:HomeName> //Visit a players home
    • /multiplehomes [usage <commandname>] or /mh [usage <commandname>] //into or description of available commands.
    Where '[home-number]' is replaced with the number you wish that home to be as.

    Want to see this Plugin in Action?
    Since this plugin was made for Olympus Minecraft you can come over and join the community and check out this plugin!
    IP Address: login.olympus-mc.net

    To setup this plugin, You can run the plugin on the server for a first time, It will generate What it needs. The files will be located in the plugins folder of Bukkit. It will create a 'MultipleHomes' folder that contains it's properties file, this is what you will need to edit.

    If using GroupManager, Upon first run it will generate more text within the properties file for allowing you to set custom home amount for each group, Defaulted at 5.

    Example (Default config):

    • '/sethome'
    • '/home'
    • '/deletehome'
    • '/sethome 2'
    • '/home 2'
    • '/deletehome 2'

    • Allows you to assign and utilse as many homes as you wish.
    • Also it can be for ANY user that wishes to use it.
    • Configurable Commands
    • Permissions Support (See Nodes below)
    Permission Nodes:

    For use with GroupManager you generally need a node, MulitpleHomes is as 'mh' + (Assigned Command). For example,
    If your MulitpleHomes.properties Home command is set to 'home' (Called as '/home' In-Game), The node will be 'mh.home', Same goes for sethome & delete home. ('mh.sethome', 'mh.deletehome')

    v8 Preview:
    Source: (Outdated, Sorry)
    Version 0.8
        *Updated to #1000
        *Added homelist
        *Added homeinvite and homevisit
    Version 0.7
        *Updated to #740+
    Version 0.6
        *Updated to #617
    Version 0.52
        *Bug Fixes
        *Download link changed
    Version 0.51
        *Added /deletehome
    Version 0.5
        *Fixed up GroupManager Support
    Version 0.4
        *Switched to GroupManager
        *MultiWorld Support?
        *Forgot what 1 bug fix was...
    Version 0.3
        *Supported Permissions. (Works with or without, As with my testing)
        *Changed Console Text.
    Version 0.2
        *Fixed unhandled excpetion with text.
        *Fixed the 'Unknown Console Command' :p
        *Made /sethome & /home configurable
    Version 0.1
        * Initial Release
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    damn, thanks for the help, much appreciated.
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    Can you make it so you can list your homes?
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    Okay, one of my players is having the same problem you're having and I don't know why, on my test server it was working how it was supposed to, I set myself to default and everything.

    This is so strange, there's definitely something up. I cannot figure out what is causing it.
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    excellent feature for my new donor status. Ill allow them to have more than 1 home while non-donors get 1. Thanks so much!
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    I don't know whats causing it either, This is the method i use;

    public static boolean canUseCommand(Player ply, String Cmd, MultipleHomes instance) {
            if(instance.mySettings.getPermissionsPluginStatus()) {
                return instance.Permissions.has(ply, "mh." + Cmd);
            } else { return true; }
    That also determines the Node and returns whether they have what you set, Cmd, is what you had set in the properties file ("home/sethome" as default).

    I have also uploaded the Source, I'm going to try a few more things on my test server, And about to start on multiple worlds and groups.

    Edit: :/ By testing on mine, when i restart things work fine, But using /pr doesnt do much for me.?

    Edit 2: Ok, i just switched from the code from the permissions page, and changed it from 'has' to 'permission', Seems to be the same, But hopefully it works...
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    I'm not sure if this is implying you uploaded a new version or not, I redownloaded it and it seems to be the same file.
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    How do I change the welcome message? I want to say, in the pale blue colour, "Poof! Welcome home."
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    I havent uploaded a new one yet, im still adding in a few more things, And Bloq, Ill also add that in when i get a chance.
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    It is good, but I want to delete my homes. Please add this command ex)/dhome 5
    My homes are so confused!!
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    i cant download~
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  13. download not working for me, anyone else?

    can some1 else upload it please
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    Here you go. http://www.sendspace.com/file/yqt029

    This is version 0.3. (Just for future reference if the download link ever goes down again.)
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    Ill try adding a delete in,

    And yes, i've already changed over my namespaces in all my plugins,
    Annnnd it seems my server is crashing more than ever, and i really dont know why.
    Well i sorta do, VisualAdmin (my bigger project) gets a fair amount of connections per day, But hmm, I cant afford a bigger server, nor an upgrade. It's connection Log was totalled to be 50-60gb, The log is only of people connecting. Plain text. Event then i changed to CentOS. So yeh, please if there is anything wrone with visualadmin.org, please bare with me as im very busy with work, and all my projects.

    Thanks for uploading that QQCucumber, Very appreciated.

    Edit: Talking to my providers at the moment
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    I noticed that after using my a /home command, my inventory seems to freeze up. As in, it doesn't show items that I pick up or create until I drag click drag a quickslot... then all the items I just obtained appear. I have to do this after each item I get.

    I am using Craftbukkit build 345, but it was doing the same on 339 I believe that I was using previously. Could be related to another plugin, but it seems it is the upgrade in Craftbukkit.
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    Thats strange, I dont recall doing anything with the inventory at all, So it could possibly be a conflict, but you can change the in-game commands in the MH's properties to fix that. It may fix it, i am not sure, But i will certainy upgrade mine (as i do every release), I've just been working on a much more complex thing to do with the client :p.

    I'll try finishing up what i am doing in MH's today.

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    a feature request — iConomy support (paid teleportation)
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    Seems to be an issue with the latest build. It appears I can use /home normally, but it gets stuck at the end. Therefore, I must rejoin the server to successfully warp back home.
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    ETA on 1.3 support (432)?
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    Not working on #432

    2011-02-24 08:55:17 [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor com.bukkit.DeathCradle.MultipleHomes.MultipleHomes(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, ClassLoader) is no longer recommended. Go nag the plugin author of MultipleHomes to remove it! (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)
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    Fixed it on my own :D

    Here it is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/avide4

    • Renamed Namespace (sorry for that, just because the bukkit namespace)
    • Fixed long constructor
    • increased version number
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    I actually fell sick :/
    sorry about that. I'll try to get around to it today, Seeing how i go that is...
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    Hope you are well again. my server is kinda naked without this plugin :(
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    yo when you are working on this dont forget that permissions 2.1 needs a different input system, anyway i can give people an allotment of homes they can set? we have an ingame currency (not iconemy or anything we just use diamonds to buy stuff) would be cool if the admins could sell home amounts
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    Just use my own version i posted above. Works on newest craftbukkit. We don't have any problems on our server with it.
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    Im actually working on the permissions side, It's basically done, But the permissions plugin i am having trouble with. Besides that, I've only to add 5 mins of work for multiple world support.

    Just the permsissions problem is a pain, As i now would as, wth is going on with it,
    Is someone taking over? 1 main problem is for me i cant even use commands, where i used to be able to. (Even plain with just permsissions installed). No idea whats happening.

    If anyone knows more please let me know, As i dont know all the 'in's and 'out's with this lol

    (p.s. i rewrote the permsissions support about 4 times, and still doesnt work, it inisialises 100% though...)
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    If you want to, you can make a branch with your current source on GitHub and i will take a look at it.
    Can't promise that it will work then, but let's have a try :D

    Perhabs you can describe your problem a little bit better, because i don't have any problems on my server with this plugin.
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    I have a question in regards to the permissions support...

    The nodes are;


    Is there any way to set it up so that people only have access to a 1, 2, and 3 homes?

    For example, if I give someone the node "mh.sethome" now, they can set 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 etc homes...

    Our server is set up in such a way that people at different tiers of donation recieve a different # of homes, so I can't just give the 5$ donators "mh.sethome", otherwise they'd be able to set more than 1 home, when 5$ donators are only supposed to be able to do 1 home.

    Ideally, I would want it to work like;

    - 5$ donators -

    - 10$ donators -

    Etc, etc.

    Is this currently possible with your plugin?
    --- merged: Feb 28, 2011 1:47 AM ---
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    My code works fine, It's just i can't use commands at all. With any plugin.

    I have gotten a way already, Just having the issue ^
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    Now i understand your problem :D

    Try switching to GroupManager...
    I use it with your plugin and it works like a charm.

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