[INACTIVE][TP/FUN] SimpleSkylands v2.0 - Tap into the vast skylands world [953]

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    Presenting SimpleSkylands: A plugin for a simple skylands world​
    SimpleSkylands allows you to create and teleport to a Skylands world (Aether). SimpleSkylands is easy to use, just drag n' drop into your plugin folder, and your done!​
    /ssk skylands - Teleports you to skylands world​
    /ssk back - Teleports you back to default world​
    Make skyland world​
    Teleport between worlds​
    Loads spawnpoint chunk for smoother-teleportation​
    Making file plugins/SimpleSkylands/config.yml with nothing inside it will teleport you to main world spawn when jumping off islands.​
    Releasing SimpleSkylands​
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    Will this be updated? not to be rude but 'the end' is just ugly, i dont care for it, i have it anyway, but i still want skylands, before 1.0 i had world with a skylands above it using inception, and its a real shame i cant have it now (since both skylands and inception are inactive & buggy with current bukkit builds)

    Please, somebody, recreate/continue this awesome plugin.
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    I agree, and with the 1.0 this plugin crashes hard. Is there any alternative that works with the skylands?
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    maybe a funny idea to make a real portal instead of a command, like the real eather

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