[INACTIVE][TP/FUN] SimpleSkylands v2.0 - Tap into the vast skylands world [953]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Presenting SimpleSkylands: A plugin for a simple skylands world​
    SimpleSkylands allows you to create and teleport to a Skylands world (Aether). SimpleSkylands is easy to use, just drag n' drop into your plugin folder, and your done!​
    /ssk skylands - Teleports you to skylands world​
    /ssk back - Teleports you back to default world​
    Make skyland world​
    Teleport between worlds​
    Loads spawnpoint chunk for smoother-teleportation​
    Making file plugins/SimpleSkylands/config.yml with nothing inside it will teleport you to main world spawn when jumping off islands.​
    Releasing SimpleSkylands​
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    i did it. (permissions lol)
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    I love your plugin but it would have been even more awesome if you could make it so that you get warped back to the normal world if you jump off an island, or you could make it an option.
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    love your plugin :)
    but PLEASE add an option to disable the command...
    you see,i built a portal there,so i no longer need the command,but people on my server still use it!
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    LOVE THIS i think if i take whitlist off for 2 days and repost ill get flooded!!
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    2 bugs I found: Time is off, the sun doesn't move and the night doesn't spawn mobs..
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    Theres already a Build 863,where can I download this
    Im getting many Errors with SimpleSkylands
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    OP, would you be able to work on getting the skyworld decent?

    Day and night cycles + mobs would be nice if its possible.
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    Not a bug. Time is supposed to be off, and only chickens spawn, it's hardcoded
    Look in the thread, I gave a link
    The skyworld is 'decent'
    Skyworld is hardcoded to not have day/night cycles and only chickens can spawn.
    I can't do anything about it. My plugin just provides you a means of access to Notch's unfinished world.
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    Fair enough. A feature that may be cool however, is when you fall into the void, you could teleport to the spawn location of the world.

    So instead of using a command to get out, you just jump. I am sure my members would like it, as would many other people.
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    Mathew Alden

    Very cool plugin... but I was wondering...

    Could you make it so that a glowstone portal light with fire will teleport you? or is that client-side?
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    yay! my friend keeps bugging me for this. thank you.

    i don't like the bed thing in the other plugin, so this is perfect. thanks :)

    for the future, if you want to, could you make it so that if you fall into the void, you will end up in the normal world. this would be great.
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    awesome thanks
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    It would be nice if /ssk returned the usage, all it does is return an error... :confused:
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    good plugin
    but could u maybe at night
    now no mobs spawn and no night comes
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    I got one thing you can add :p Epic plugin but can you pls try adding either new mob entities or some lovely new ores or blocks
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    That would require a client mod as well.
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    could you make portals work with this? as in say... make a nethergate but instead of lighting it on fire you i dunno pour water in it from a bucket then the portal fills with water and can teleport you there and you can make one there to teleport you back.
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    How about Permissions Support?
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    A question. Notch will release the skyworlds in a few weeks/months in 1.8. They will be VASTLY different from this he has said.
    The question is, will you continue updating this?
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    I will continue updating it until Notch puts out support for Skylands
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    But the skylands notch does will be GREATLY different from the one your plugin is (He has said so in his blog) and this is a rough alpha build of the skylands.

    When the skylands is released in 1.8, the world I have ATM wont be compatable with it. So will you continue supporting this so I have 4 worlds (nether, alpha skyland, normal, new skyland)
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    Thanks Desmin88!
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    Sure I will, however the alpha skylands may be removed from Bukkit code and I won't be able to do anything about it. As of now though, I will update it.
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    @desmin88 Thats all I can really ask for. If the worse comes to the worst I can just import buildings in. I will be asking the bukkit devs to leave this in. My server seriously all thanks you for this plugin.
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    Can it be made so to get back to the normal world, you can jump off the islands like in the other skylands mod? This one works for me fine but the other mod gave me a bunch of Java errors upon entering the world.
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    2.0 released
    If you make this file 'plugins/SimpleSkylands/config.yml and make it blank, you will be teleported to the main world spawn location when falling into void, or jumping off islands.


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