[INACTIVE][TP] AncientGates v1.0.2 - Easily create portals with custom design [733]

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    Olof Larsson

    Take a look at this plugin instead: Creative Gates [cake]
    AncientGates - Easily create portals with custom design
    Version: 1.0.2

    With this plugin the server operators (OPs) can create gates that will teleport anyone who enter to a location specific to that gate. The hightlights are: It is so darn easy to use! [​IMG] and The gates can look any way you like \0/

    Try the ingame command: /gate

    Download: AncientGates
    Userguide: mcteam.org

    Thought first you should take a look at the demonstration I and karibu6 created:

    • /gate help,h,? *[page] Display a help page
    • /gate create,new [id] Create a gate
    • /gate delete,del,remove [id] Delete a gate
    • /gate setfrom [id] Set “from” to your location.
    • /gate setto [id] Set “to” to your location.
    • /gate open [id] Open that gate
    • /gate close [id] Close that gate
    • /gate list,ls Display a list of the gates
    Why the name AncientGates?
    Because the purpose of this plugin that I envision is that players should not be able to create gates to other worlds themselves. The server operators build gates with cool ruins around them and in order to get to another world the players need to find one of those ruins.

    Who can create a gate?
    Only server operators! Not normal players. There is no suport for any permissions plugin.

    Who can destroy a gate?
    Anyone if you do not use a third-party protection plugin like Factions.

    Are there IConnomy integration, Features for user to dial other gates etc?
    Nope. This plugin is very minimalistic and plain. Server operators manage the portals players use them any time they are open.

    1. Download the latest release: https://github.com/oloflarsson/minecraft-ancient-gates/downloads
    2. Put AncientGates.jar in the plugins folder.
    • Add a create world command.
    Version 1.0.2
    • Fix seldomly occuring error on teleportation.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed compatibility with half blocks.
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    Hey I hope you update the plugin, I really like it!
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    yo update this shit this is the only decent portal mod
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    Quote from Signature
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    I really hope someone picks this plugin up and updates it because its one of the most important plugins we have on our server...
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    As a previous poster (MatCat) mentioned .. the issues with seeing "void" and chunks not updating seems to be a problem with the latest 1.6.x updates of Minecraft, not this plug-in.

    Even using the /tp command on it's own seems to have the same effects.

    Out of curiosity, what other issues are plaguing this add-on? I'm not aware of any. This plug-in rocks. I'm eagerly awaiting the next 1.7 version of Minecraft to have the teleport issues fixed.
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    Yes, someone list the current issues; I'm going to be using this and will rebuild against 818 if necessary.
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    The TP issues are fixed as of 819 (it is a safe build even though non recom)
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    there is a plugin called bananachunk that fixed that.

    can you make the nether-gate like blue mist optional? The noise is annoying....

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    The portal blocks cause that effect and the original author is gone, any changes need to be done by someone else
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    hmmm im not sure if its just me but people are getting tped to the nether somtimes when i dont even have a gate to there

    yea this totally messes up nether portals lol ill look at the source code to see if i can fix this but i think i need help

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    I have nether disabled just so i can use this.
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    everyone i know is having issues with this plugin causing you to go to the nether randomly instead of the destination and if you take another portal out it can cause a random portal to be created in the normal world.

    Good luck Roy. Im really crossing my fingers that someone will pick this plugin up and give it some love.
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    If your nether is enabled then Minecraft is overriding AG because it's working with the portal blocks now
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    That's exactly what is happening; you can't have this plugin enabled and the nether enabled at the same time.
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    please make it for 1.6.6!!!
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    It works and I use it for 1.6.6.
  18. Shame that i can't use minecarts through this.
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    SO, I've done the /gate setto for my warp, but it's not sending me to where I was standing.
    I spawn in the same room, in an odd place. No matter where I set the setto it sends me there, but the other gate I made sends me to the right place. This is world to world porting. Any ideas on what's going on?
    Oh and I also tried manually changing the coords but it still sends me there.
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    I've got the problem that every time i teleport using gates, i get kicked for moving too fast. I am using b818, DefaultC ommands, WorldEdit and Permissions.

    Any idea on how to fix this?
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    Any error messages in your log?
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    is this plugin dead ?
    i realy love it and hope to see a update for it soon
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    i love this plugin but whenever i make a gate all weather is changed to snow and all biomes grass color is all the same
    and the setto place seems to shift slightly over or down if on a one block thick floor. i love this plugin but i would love if that was fixed or if i was told if i was doing something wrong. and it works on 818. that could be my problem. and sometimes i get a moving to fast kick message when i go into a gate.

    Edit: there are no error messages but the console says
    22:29:03 [WARNING] JUMBOshrimp277 moved wrongly!
    22:29:03 [INFO] Got position 12.699999988079071, 63.20000004768373, 38.50824998807907
    22:29:03 [INFO] Expected 12.699999988079071, 63.20000004768373, 39.30000001192093

    note that the last number is diffrent
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    Strange. Have you tried disabling all other plug-in's just to rule out any conflicts? I use the plug-in with the latest build and other than the occasional death from being dropped in the void and being crushed to death by rock all around me, I don't have any other issues. :) Just a thought.
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    Does this work with b860?
    Not sure if I want to download a plug-in for b733...
    I hope it updates though, looks very good.
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    Does this still work if Nether is enabled?
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    Nope. At least not in my tests. I switched to the Wormhole Extreme plug-in. It uses "water" as the portal material, so it doesn't interfere with the Nether. It also support minecarts and stuff passing through it. Also supports permissions. I still like this MOD as a quick-and-dirty portal system. "Easy" is one word that comes to mind. Unfortunately I out-grew it real quick. If this one doesn't work for you, try Wormhole Extreme.

  28. I have a conflict with the Nethrar plugin. I'm using it to link world to world_nether, and world2 to world2_nether. And I am using this plugin to create a fixed gate from world to world2, and a fixed gate from world to world_nether.

    AncientGates loads before Nethrar, sees that it has a configured gate to world_nether, and so loads that world. But it loads it as a normal environment, and I want a nether environment. Is there a way to fix this so that it loads the world as a nether environment?
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    Ancient Gates, I will morn thee. You were the third best plugin I ever had. Thank you for working for us for so long.
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    Olof Larsson

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