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    vBulletinWhitelist - Automatic Whitelist Based on Registered Forum Users:
    Version: v1.0 - Download Plugin (mirror)

    This plugin uses a vBulletin User Profile Field to manage your whitelist. When a player connects it will load a custom PHP file (provided in the rar) that will check if their minecraft username matches a user registered on your vBulletin Forum.

    1. Download the RAR
    2. Create a Single-Line Text Box User Profile Field on your vBulletin forum from the AdminCP.
    3. Open the mcwhitelist.php file, found in the vBulletin folder of the RAR, in a text editor and change the $profileField variable to the name of the new profile field you created. This isn't the title of the field. The name is typically in the format: field## and can be found on the User Profile Field Manager page. Save the file.
    4. Upload mcwhitelist.php to the root of your forum.
    5. Put vBulletinWhitelist.jar in your Minecraft Server plugins folder.
    6. Start your server. It will create a properties file in plugins/vBulletinWhitelist.
    7. Stop the server.
    8. Edit the vBulletinWhitelist.properties file that was just created. Change http://www.yourwebsite.com/path/to/forum/ to your forums url. You must include a trailing slash (/).
    9. Now you just get your users to enter their minecraft name in their profile to be granted access to your minecraft server.
    • Whitelists vBulletin users when they provide a minecraft username in their forum profile.
    Download Plugin (mirror)

    Thanks to @jjkoletar you can now use this plugin with MyBB and phpBB.
    Get his PHP scripts in his post.

    Coming Soon:
    • Support for more forum systems!
    • Strict Mode off. If the plugin can't connect to the forum website it will still let people connect. (strictmode is on by default)
    • Reads Minecraft Whitelist file and allows those players to connect even if they are not on the forum.

    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    It was a very good idea!

    Good luck for the future :)
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    bah.. would be nice if someone started this up again :(

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