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    BlockRemover - disable blocks (specified by admin)
    Version: v0.4

    BlockRemover allows the server administrator to decide what blocks he doesn't some people to be able to place.

    First download the .jar and place it into your plugins folder. Run your server so it generates the directory. Inside the Blockremover directory their will be a file Worlds.txt. In this file list all of the worlds that you wish to use BlockRemover on. It is case sensitive. Then, reload the plugin or startup your server and it will generate a seperate text file for each world. In the text file for the world you can put each block you do not want to be able to be placed. If my world names are world1, nether, main, and extra then my Worlds.txt would look like this:

    Four seperate text files by these names will then be created and fill them with the ID's of the blocks you dont want. Example of a main.txt:

    **After any changes in the textfiles make sure you reload the plugin**

    This also has permissions support for allowing blocks to people that are listed as disabled in the textfiles. The node is BlockRemover.Block.BlockId
    For example, if I was to allow a player to place sand even though in my textfile it says they cant, I would put a permissions node, BlockRemover.Block.12 so they would now be able to use sand.

    *The use of names in the textfiles is no longer supported in v0.4*

    * Admin can chose which blocks to disable
    * Operators can place blocks that are disabled
    * Make any block that is listed file disappear instantly
    * Broadcasts a message to the server if a player tries to place a disallowed block
    * Permissions support to bypass textfiles
    * Multiworld support - Different blocks for different worlds
    * Much more efficient then previous versions
    * Clears the players inventory of the type of block if they try placing it and it is disabled(Prevents spaming broadcast messages)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version 0.1:
    * Release

    Version 0.2:
    * Added ability to put either block names or block ids

    Version 0.3:
    * Updated for 818 support

    Version 0.4:
    * Multiworld
    * More efficent
    * Permissions
    * Inventory Clearing
    * 860 support
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    Thangs!! :) This is exactly what i needed!!
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    Sounds good i might try it out.
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    Can I just use the data value instead of the actual name?
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    Use the block's data value instead of saying the name.

    TNT = 46
    Ice= 89
    Obsidian = 49
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    That makes more sense now lol, sorry got confused. Im not sure why not download and have a go :)
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    you cant right now im thinking about adding it tho
    do you guys think i should?
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    Doesnt hurt i guess, but i dont mind i like as is
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    kk i added the ability to put ids or names.

    Yea you can use ids now if you want
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    If you can make this multi-world, that would be awesome. I would like the ability to turn off torches being placed, if that is not also covered.

    To clarify: Different blocked blocks for different worlds. So for example, no torches or workbenches in one world, no cobblestone or wood blocks in another world... that kind of thing.
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    i'll see what i can do with the multiworld, and it should work for torches.

    Will most likely not include multiworld unless I get more requests for it.
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    Commands I.E.
    /give <player name>
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    I decompiled/forked your code for my own personal server, but I think you might like the suggestion:

    Implement permisisions, and have it setup as like BlockRemover.Block.*
    where * is the block.getType().

    like BlockRemover.Block.WATER, would allow that person to have water.

    If you want my code that I modified just PM me
  17. Requesting multi world support.
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    ok when i get time i'll add it, it'll probelly be this weekend though.
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    818 support?
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    Requesting multi world support.
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    sorry had no time to update or test on 818 il do it as soon as i can.
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    can you gimme those sources of your plugins ? i mean i need translate it in french
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    you should be able to decompile the plugin.
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    818? and can you ban tools with this plugin?
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    updated for 818 support and no cant do tools.
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    Add me to the canidate list of multiworld support, also perhaps a permission node to bypass restrictions?
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    ok and when you guys say mulitworld support you mean different blocks for each world right?
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    yeah. at least I do.

    I want my freebuild world to have tnt restrictions, while my BlowJunkUpForStressRelief world to not.
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    I'm with acetech09 on this one, multiworld support and permissions for bypassing restrictions would be nice. Blowing stuff up is fun, but I don't want others to get the idea and wreak havoc across the worlds
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    ok im working on this now but im removing the ability to input block types by name

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