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    As there isn't any reason to turn off online-mode in the newest versions of Minecraft (because of the anti-piracy), I stopped developing this plugin. Someone might want to continue the development, just fork my source and create a new thread ;)

    Authed - A simple authentication plugin
    Version: v0.3.1

    Since I wasn't able to find any authentication plugins that were either up to date with Bukkit and compatible with multiworld, I made Authed. It is designed to be simple to install and to use.

    1. Put the JAR file in your plugins directory
    2. Start/reload your Bukkit server
    3. There is no step 3.
    • Easy to use and to setup
    • Uses a YAML file to store the (hashed) passwords
    • Supports multiple worlds
    • Blocks viewing the inventory, breaking or placing blocks and issuing commands
    JAR file
    Source code

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    - Fixed some NullPointerExceptions when breaking/placing blocks
    - Fixed some stupid errors in the plugin.yml
    - Some code clean-ups
    - Tried to fix disappearing inventories
    - Plugin release

    This plugin is NOT bugfree.

    That's why this is version 0.x
    I have had experiences with inventories disappearing. Due to a lack of RAM, I am not able to test the plugin on my pc, so I have to wait until my server is empty.
    I have fixed a bug in the current development version (see source), but this could as well introduce new bugs. I am about to buy more RAM, so expect some improvements in stability soon.
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    Had a look at the code, what happens if the player loses connection when about to login (so not a proper log off)? My understanding is that this doesn't trigger a player quit event.
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    @Raphfrk I'll take a look at it, since that might explain why my friend's inventory regularly disappears.

    But I think it calls the QUIT event, since a crash is displayed as a "quit.genericReason"

    --EDIT-- It calls PLAYER_QUIT in every way of quitting
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    I'm not completely understanding what this does... ??? It authorizes players for playing?
    It makes people use a password for entering the server?
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    It requires people to (optionally) register their names, so that the registered names can't be used by people using hackclients when the server's online-mode is turned off.
    The plugin removes the inventory, the able to use /commands and interacting with the map until they have logged in.
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    If you use commands for user authentication, does it mean passwords are sent in the clear on the internet ?
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    @canabix Yes, but as far as I know there is no other way. You don't use your Minecraft user data for this, by the way.
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    sure there is another way. You can use public/private key and a plugin on the client side or a third part software for authenticating. I admit this is much more tedious to set up for users but this is a good authentication.

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