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    VAMPIRES v0.1: 'The Thirst'
    Download Vampires v0.1

    This is a proof-of-concept and will be developed over time to be a more complete plugin experience.

    This plugin creates a new race of players with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.
    It can be used with or without an RPG server setting, and only have it applied to specific groups/users.
    Vampires will fear the day, but triumph the night.

    - 4x damage with hand combat.
    - Receive health (suck blood) back when using hand combat or a rose.
    - Receive no fall damage
    - Vampires can use a Rose (right click) to unlight themselves from fire.
    - Mobs don't target Vampires (Not yet implemented, need to put an event into Bukkit)

    - Vampires burn in sunlight
    - Vampires burn in too high of a light level (standing on top of a torch or lightstone block)
    - If a player hits a vampire with a stick, it's an instant kill
    - Vampires cannot go in water (be prepared to build a coffin boat)

    VAMPIRES can work fine as a standalone plugin. However, using groups (with Permissions) can make it even better.

    As a default, using the command /vamp will toggle your vampire status. This works with or without Permissions.

    There are two permissions you can give users/groups.
    vampire.command - Allows the player to switch their group using /vamp
    vampire.vampire - The player will be automatically put in the vampire group
    (and a secret group vampire.notvampire) - Used to stop admins from always being a vampire

    This is a preview release. I wanted to see what everyone thought and see what direction people wanted this to go. So feel free to suggest/comment on what there is.

    Some things I'm planning on adding:
    - Mobs not targeting Vampires, event added to Bukkit
    - Vampire-Resistant items
    - Vampire spreading (after the bite)
    - Sparkly vampires just for @kexus
    - Sun protection (pumpkins?)
    - Custom on/off messages
    - Sending (not spawning) mobs to attack particular player
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    This sounds like a lot of fun.


    - Some sort of object can act as a ward, that either causes damage, or does not allow a "vamp" character to pass across it. (Garlic)

    - If a vamp character beats another character in hand to hand, the defeated character has a chance of becoming a vampire.

    Awaiting the competing "werewolf" plugin and the interaction between the two.
  3. Would be more cool to have vampire NPCs (I know that's not possible atm, just an idea :D). Great plugin though, good idea too.
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    I'd imagine a werewolf template having "uncontrollable assaults" in there in some form.

    Which I additionally image to be both difficult to code properly and also unpleasant as an effect itself.

    Do Zombies!
    Or Ghosts!
    Or Half-Creepers!
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    If you burn in bright light, how are you supposed to see? Could you make something like a vampire will make a very faint glow around him/herself, to simulate seeing in the dark?
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    Idea: putting a pumkin in your head makes you resist a little bit more in the sun
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    You're just trying to get him to make sparkly vampires, aren't you?
    Shame on you.
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    Ah, very cool suggestions, I'll definitely see what I can do with them (even your sparkley vampires kexus xD)

    And yea, I was considering making more races after I finish up w/ this one if people actually liked the direction it was going (werewolves, etc) :p
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    What's the point when humans are overpowered? Everyone can get a stick really fast and instant-kill a vampire. Vampires won't have a chance then, eh? Stick > Diamond Sword.
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    If you made a races plugin, i would love you forever. This is seriously some epic shit!
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    Nice plugin :) Will enjoy using this. And btw, when are you going to port your herobrine plugin? ;) (if you are the one who created it on hMod)

    Nvm. IE was just screwing it up.
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    Believe me, I would never want to poison my world with Twilight. Making vampires glow slightly was just the most logical way to represent seeing in the dark that I could think of.
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    Do you mean like some sort of vampire vision that helps it see in the dark? Cause I want something like this. Instead of filling my place with redstone torches
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    hey man great plugin,up to now i was doing this thing on my server where at night i would be mob going around killing and this is AWESOME just some suggestions which would be awesome:
    vampires to fly(they are bats)
    break blocks in 1 punch
    walk faster
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    How do I change back into human vampire?
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    Fucking. Amazing. Plugin.

    Already planning my server to get Vampires. Castles and so. Keep up the good work, man, you rocks.

    PS : about other races, with WorldGuard, you can make a special group that can breath underwater. Good start for a froggy-men race. If they had to go back into water from times to times, and get damages when crossing desert biomes, that would be awesome.
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    We are launching a plugin aptly named "Heroes" I'd love to have your input on some of the stuff being implemented - and if you're up for - we could use the plugin help. :)
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    Fast walk add plz
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    how setup?
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    Neat concept.

    What if Zombies were changed into npc vampires (maybe easier than adding a new mob type?), and if they hit("bite") you, you turn. That way you could experience the mod somewhat dynamically in a solo or low-population situation. That or I'm really sleepy :D
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    Add a timer to /vamp so ppl won't switch it on and off as they see fit, like 1 hour cooldown or it will be exploited :/
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    I'd love to see how you managed the x4 fist damage. We'll be making a monk class and very interested in using some of that same coding.
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    @riuthamus : I was considering doing something like that, but I realized that I didn't have enough race ideas to do a complete one, so I released this one separately :p But I may release one or two more race plugins similar to VAMPIRES

    @CXZero : Yep, Herobrine will be ported. There's something important missing from Bukkit that might cause problems, but I'll see how I can get that resolved

    @kexus @CXZero : Yea, I'll look into doing that or changing how the burning from bright light works (maybe only lightstone instead of every bright light)

    @Lookatmego : I'll look into the flying and walking faster. I'm not sure that vampires should be able to break breaks faster (sounds like a dwarf race or something like that)

    @ToitagL : Glad you like it. Yea, I was thinking of a "mermaid/man" or fish race that sounded similar to that.

    @Kainzo : Feel free to send me a PM and I'll help out w/ what you might need :)

    @arc31 : I looked into adding fast walk, but it seemed to be causing some funny problems when I ran a few tests. But that is one of the things I want to add.

    @Bronski : I'll look into that, but it'll be a little difficult, but I definitely like the idea of having NPC vampire nests :3

    @Chumber : Yea, I can add that. It's also one of the reasons that the permission for the command is separate (so you can just not have people be able to switch back and forth)
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    Pm sent thanks!
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    I have an idea for another "class" to make. Demons! My ideas so far:
    1. Can swim in lava
    2. Immune to fire
    3. Have chance to light enemies on fire on hit
    4. Take damage in water

    I'm really hoping you'll work on other plug-ins like this one. They work perfectly for RPG servers.
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    I have an idea for an improvement to the RPG aspect of this plugin...

    Since vampires are undead, and feed on blood not food - make food items not heal them? That way if they get damaged, they'll need to feed on living beings. Sheep/pigs/cows would be a substitute for more deadly targets, but perhaps not give as much life? Depends how you've built the blood-drinking effect.

    Short of that, still a great mod and I'm sure it'll get very interesting as it goes on :)
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    cant wait untill mobs dont attack them. right now my people are pissed because mages (plugin:spells) are more powered. and they cant put torches in their house. May you give us an estimate of when you will implement that feature?
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    Well if you really wanted to go crazy, what you should do is make a races plugin, create "variables" for a race and then let the admin create their own race.

    1) HP Bonus
    2) STR Bonus ( more damage )
    3) Immunity to Agro ( evil mobs )
    4) Damage in sunlight
    5) Damage in nighttime
    6) Races spreads on hit/bite/dmg ( with a % for chance to spread )
    7) Can cure race ( materials collected can cure/return to human )

    Then you would create a Races config like so:


    Something like this
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    Is there a way we could customize the "On" and "Off Messages?"

    Thank you! My players both hate and love this....

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