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    Thomas Bucher

    Dungeon - Creates a World of Dungeons:
    Version: v0.6

    It creates a new World, called "dungeon". After First load a OP has to run the command
    After that everyone can can join the Meetingarea of the Dungeons by type
    There are 3 Mazes / Dungeons waiting for the Player
    - Iron (easy) 200x200 Blocks
    - Gold (normal) 500x500 Blocks
    - Diamond (hard) 1000x1000 Blocks
    If you join the Maze via the Platforms in the Meetingroom, your compass will show to the Exit
    The Exit is a Square on the Ground made with Obsidian.

    - Only OP can place/destroy Blocks in this world
    - There should be no Creepers / Explosions
    - Spawnpoints are located in Rooms, if you reach a Room, there will be some Spawn
    - There are Chests. They are Filled with Loot.
    - Mobs / Chests have a Cooldowntimer in Spawning.
    - For normal / hard, you should get some Torches with you.

    • 3 Different Maze (Seed)
    • Complete separate Spawn / World Rules
    • Lot of Fun

    Pictures (open)




    Download The Plugin
    Source Code on Github

    Config (open)

    gensmall: 200
    respawntime: 600000
    exitz: 0
    exity: 70
    torchchance: 50
    chestchance: 5
    exitx: 0
    exitworld: world
    lootablecount: 5
    rarechance: 70
    lootstacksize: 10
    genlarge: 1000
    maxroomsize: 20
    gennormal: 500
    removedeads: 5
    roomchance: 80
    autosavechunklist: true
    autosaveinterval: 30
    worldseed: 12345
    world: dungeon
    gensmall -> Small Maze Size
    gennormal -> Normal Maze Size
    genlarge -> Large Maze Size
    respawntime -> Respawn Time of Monsters per Room / Chests (in miliseconds)
    exitx, exity,exitz -> Coordinates on the Normal world to Port players to, if the stay on the Stone Platform
    torchchance -> Chance to place a random torch in the maze (in per mille)
    chestchance -> Change to place a chest (Room edges only in %)
    exitworld -> Name of the World the exitx/y/z points too
    lootablecount -> Times it roles per Chest for some Loot
    rarechance -> Chance to get a Rareloot
    maxroomsize -> Maximal size of Rooms
    removedeads -> Times recurring to remove Deadends from the Maze -> 0 is most Difficult after
    roomcahance -> Chance to get a Room in a Position
    worldseed -> seed of the World
    world -> name of the new World

    Check it at our Server: MC.KTN.CH
    Version 0.6
    • Fixed for Version 1.7.2
    Version 0.5b
    • Added Teleport from Roof to Startarea
    • Fixed some Problem
    • Removed Torches on the Dungeons.
    • Fixed Worldname to match dungeon not sphere.
    Version 0.4
    • First Public release
    • Disable /dungeon while in Dungeonwolrd (Configurable)
    • Permissions for build etc..
    • No Spawn at entrance room
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    Ahh ~ no worries take your time! This is a really awesome plugin btw :)
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    Hope you get better soon!

    I also just tried this plugin - looks pretty cool indeed.
    More variety in the chests would be nice, yer.

    I had a problem when using /dungeon, that I started in the floor level, causing the client to be stuck. Reconnecting fixes temporarilly. I use travelportals, so I put up a portal in the meeting room.
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    I'll be trying this plugin, looks awesome.

    One suggestion I'd like to add though, is maybe create a config file where we can set different options, such as the types of loot that can be found (Like, diamond, coal, woodplanks, etc.) and it then randomly selects items+amounts from that list to put in the chests?
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    When we use this, the dungeon generates, but after using /initdun and typing /dungeon, we appear in what looks like a chunk error.
    I can even /jumpto over to solid ground, and it looks like one of the chunks for the starting area does not create.
    We can also build the blocks back into this area however.
    Super weird. (b818)

    We've tried a multitude of resets.
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    eehh... saying this is a minor problem is an understatement... It wont generate the full dungeon... it just... goes stupid... I am trying what you said earlier to delete that one file in the plugin folder. will get back to you if it works...
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    Thomas Bucher

    There is such an option allready.
    - 91,5
    - 89,5
    - 57,2

    - <itemid>,<stacksize>

    Sincerly Thomas
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    Oh - they are just undocumented? :)
    But, in the yml, you write it exactly like you just did?
      - 91,5
      - 89,5
      - 57,2
    And you can add more if you want? Or am I not understanding it right?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Sure. You can add as many as you like.
    And you get 0 to lootablecount of the lootables and
    0 or 1 of the lootablesrare by Rarechance %.
    i was lazy, thats why its undocumented ;-P

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    Works just perfectly, thanks!
    You should really document that :)
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    Would really like to use it,..but i can't at the moment.
    Iinstalled it a minute before switching the server to #860.

    When i reboot the server now strange holes appear in my "world".
    After removing "Dungeons" and loading a backup the holes keep gone.
    Tryied it different times,....reproduceable.

    Install Dungeons, reboot,....holes in the world,...and hole means,..hole! ;-)
    From ground to lowest point at -200 or something like that and i think 25x25 big,...

    Any idea about this??


    PS: Forgot to mention.... MC1.6.6 / Craftbukkit #860
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    Working great so far, but there is one problem. When I stand in the middle of the stone platform after typing /dungeon, I get teleported to a desert area in my world, and an entire chunk is missing. It's not a chunk error, just a completely empty chunk. There isn't even any bedrock. How to fix?
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    I may be wrong, but I don't think that would be caused by this plugin. If you have WorldEdit, just select that chunk and use //regen.
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    Can others confirm the above or is it just a coinsidence? I had chunk problems before, also before using this plugin. I can't see why it would have that affect either tho.
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    I can confirm this, I have the same problem, seems chunk 0,0 of the main world gets deleted permenantly. Also the dungeon world tends to corrupt when you stop and restart the server.
    Also as a suggestion the dungeon command should just take you to the dungeon staging area, I dont think it should try and remember where you were when you firts typed the command as this does cause problems if you log out in the dungeon. Going to the dungeon should be a one way affair. Let them use the TP platform to get out. Let them make thier way back home themselves.
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    Ooh - I actually have quite some issues with chunk 0,0 - I am still on CB#818. I went missing some time ago, then I added some bedrock with WorldEdit, but the chunk disappeared again. Tonight I just tried regenerating the chunk with WorldEdits //regen command - so far it is still there, but haven't had the server restarted since yet. But the original loss of 0,0 happened prior to Dungeon plugin being loaded.
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    I'm going to get around this by making my own portal to the dungeon world. How can I make it so that my players no longer have access to the /dungeon command?
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    I remade the chunk using MCEdit, and now everything is fine. Dungeon difficulty is messed up, though. The "Easy" dungeon is 3 blocks high, so skeletons can hit you in the corridors. The "Medium" dungeon is only 2 blocks high, so skeletons can't even hit you there. Might want to fix that. Also, sometimes, I have to type /dungeon twice.
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    For me it's the same with chunk 0 i think,...
    Just wanted to add this information to my last post,..i think we have the same problem.
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    A list of suggestions/fixes (some already mentioned):
    • Have some way to disallow /dungeon from players (permissions maybe?)
    • Have /dungeon not work once in the dungeon (perhaps an option?) as it is far too easy to get out of the dungeon.
    • Have separate loot tables for each dungeon. My players claim gold is harder than Iron but the rewards are crappier.
    • Option for creepers (that maybe spawn 1 at a time) for servers like mine where creepers don't blow up blocks.
    • Random traps, like pressure plates that trigger arrow dispensers, or hatches that open at "random" intervals and drop players into lava.
    Excellent work so far! I love this plugin :D

    Also, what is lootstacksize?

    edit: And what happens when someone doesn't completely empty a chest? Will it get refreshed with new loot still?

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    hi how i can say where the player become exit of the dungeon in the world "world"

    and its possible to make a portale or somethingelse as entrance
  22. Awesome plugin! THANK YOU!
    i have Mobarena and now this, really nice job ! this is epic dude!
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    The location stuff is in the config file AND documented in the OP. It is the exitx, exity, exitz config options.
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    Wow, Awesome plugin! I love your sphere plugin (even though I'm having some /region claiming trouble with spheres XD). This is just icing to the cake :)

    On a side note, can you make permissions? :p
    Thanks XD
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  26. Ok this worked just fine with my bukkit 860.
    Today when i tried to log in my server -> it wont work
    later i got in -> it didnt load map.
    Now i removed dungeon plugin and all that stuff which it brought.
    Server works fine..
    What may cause this?
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    When i typ: /dungeon, it says: "Multiworld teleporting disabled in this build. Nether works"
    How do i enable Multieworld Teleporting?
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    I can confirm the deletion of chunk 0.0, which is unfortunate, because I tested the plugin for almost an hour and love it. I only found 2 bugs.
    1: mobs didn't spawn in the "gold" dungeon.
    2: chunk 0.0 is missing unless I remove the plugin.

    I was running a screen for the server the entire time to see if I got any errors, but got none. So there is just something odd that's happening when the dungeon world is being created and hooked.
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    can you make in the config file that you disable the command dungeon?
    because we have make an teleport there and dont will that user use this command
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    Agreed, if anything, maybe set it up for only ops or use permissions. I suppose using ops only would be easiest. Just a guess.

    Also, I've noticed that every day I have to use /initdun every day in order for the room to be set up, and for some reason, not sure if this is suppose to happen, but the dungeon world is remade ever day. Just a couple days on dynmap, the setup looked like a backward L, now it's expanded.

    I really like the setup, only complaint I have is the loot. I've had to make a change in the config to force stacks no larger than 1. Some of the users on my server has become fairly wealthy due to the armor and weapons.

    If it's possible, maybe set up a config for what items is allowed as loot, min and max quantity, and rating of rarity of 1-5 or the likes.
    May something like:

    This would be a choice of wood, 5-25 qty, rarity of 3, 5 being rarest.
  31. no answer for this or any others either.

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