[INACTIVE][RPG] Exile v2.0 - Banish from the server or world on death! [REVIVED] [1000]

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    Exile 2.0 - Banish users from a world (or the entire server) when they die!

    This was originally made for my server a long time ago, but I released it as my first ever plugin. It died because of some bugs, but I later revived it again and added/fixed a few things.

    • Exile from specific worlds (or the entire server) on death.
    • Exile time is configurable.
    • Display custom messages to the players.
    #Should we ban from the server, or just the worlds?
    banFromServer: false
    #Worlds that Exile should work on.
    worlds: world1, world2, etc
    #How long players should be banned for. -1 for eternity.
    banTime: 30
    #What the player should see when they die.
    deathMessage: '&fYou died in the PvP world. You have been exiled for %time% minutes.'
    #What the player should see when they try to enter a world/server they are exiled from.
    timeMessage: '&fYou are exiled for %time% more minutes.'
    Exile supports SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit, Permissions 3.x, Permissions 2.x
    There is only one node: exile.exempt
    If a player is given this permission, they cannot be exiled.

    Download Exile 2.0

    Version 2.0
    • Bug fixes
    • Efficiency improvements
    • Revived Exile
    • other stuff i dont remember
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    Nothing happens when I click on the link on livecraft.
    Can I have another link?

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