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    MyTime v0.1
    Change your time, not the server's
    Craftbukkit Build: 953

    Ever wanted to change the time to day as an Admin - but you didn't want your legit server to be always day when an Admin was on? Find it hard to spy on your players in the dark?
    This is the plugin for you :D With MyTime you can change the time on your client to whatever you want - without changing the servers and without the need for a client mod.

    • Change your time with simple commands
    • Reset your time back to the servers time
    • Locks the time in place when you use /mytime
    • Permissions and OPs Support
    Using this plugin is simple :D
    Just type the commands into the chat box.
    Commands (open)

    /mytime day - Changes your time to day
    /mytime night - Changes your time to night
    /mytime dusk - Changes your time to dusk
    /mytime dawn - Chages your time to dawn
    /mytime <Number> - Sets your time to the specified Ticks
    /mytime reset - Resets your time back to the server's time

    If you log out of the server - your time will also be reset to the server's time

    mytime.time - Allows the user to change their time


    Download v0.1 Here
    Source (Will be up tomorrow)

    Got an suggestion/feature request? Feel free to post it here.
    You can also do the same with bugs - but remember to include the version of craftbukkit you are running.

    • Add Commands to Change the time of other users
    • Add Commands to Change the time of groups??

    Version 0.1
    • Initial Realease
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    Ok, can you confirm these are all correct?

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    not sure what skumring means but..he he, I don't know what it should be instead.
    dawn = daggry
    change = endre
    You don't have permission to do that! = Du har ikkje tillatelse til å gjøre dette!
    Your time has been changed to: = Din tid har blitt endret til:

    What exacly is the "change others" command doing?
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    Change others is a permission node.
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    You can leave the permission nodes in english, but the correct translation is "endre andre"
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    This plugin is great, but I'd really like it if the /mytime by itself command was fixed.. :)
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    @RROD Sure, go ahead. I will be back updating this in a week or so (After exams) - but you can update this. Post the update on this thread - and i'll put it in the main post - giving credit of course :) .

    I will be changing this plugin completely sometime next week. It will fix that problem(Which was me being lazy while coding...) and i'll add some new things like disabling mob targeting. RROD might put out an update to fix that bug before I do, in which case - i'lll update the thread.

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    I updated it a week or two ago now, but didn't release. I don't plan on doing so neither.
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    This doesn't work with PermissionsEx.
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    It's will only support newer versions of permission managers for a reason. Try bPermissions or another one.
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    PermissionsEx is updates and has SuperPerms, do you know why?

    Hmm, so I'm guessing you don't really know why? Most servers use PermissionsEx nowadays, okay?

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    There will be no more updates for MyTime, There is at least one other plugin that I know of that does this (Command Book) and I'm sure there is more. I just don't have time on my hands to do this anymore.
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    Broken links, can you post the latest release you ever made for mytime?

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