[INACTIVE] My First Plugin (When Pigs Fly)

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by azoundria, Jan 21, 2011.

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    lets see
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    did you test it on bukkit 115? becouse it dosnt work for me

    can you make it so you actually fly? not just trow you in the air?

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    Try to respect other players hard work before you go bashing it. Offering constructive criticism is always much more helpful.
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    I tested on the version available for testing. I know it's CraftBukkit 0.0.1. Not sure the version of the actual Bukkit software (as I believe they are separate).

    I guess you never skydived before. It's really surprisingly fun. And yeah I mostly built it for fun, though it might also be useful if somebody wants to know where they are on the map for building/testing their own plugin.

    I was trying. I made it so it gave you a position and then moved that position in a while loop but that is a horrible awful way to kill the server and it also ignores any further input to the plugin since execution is trapped. I need some way to recall a class in say another 100th of a second. Like in JavaScript you can setTimeout() and it will run another function in a set time. But this is not JavaScript.

    I wonder if you are in a minecart (moving) and you try it. Anyone want to test?
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    about your first one, all of the builds are 0.0.1 as is craftbukkit. Also, if you built a plugin it should be compiled with bukkit. The # he gave you is build number, and a given bukkit build is linked to a given Craftbukkit build. Every now and then the builds break existing plugins due to re-arangement of code.
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    Okay well I just literally downloaded Bukkit and built the plugin within about 3 hours. How often are they updating this?
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    pretty much none stop, anytime they change anything, even the smallest thing it results in a new build.
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    You called me a pig. Then killed me, Sweet
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    Err... What does it do?
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    to fix your calling problem, its quite easy. Look at the code from my plugin (arrowstorm bit) and you can see that it only goes through the code once every 2-3 seconds (use the onplayermove event)
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    lol xD lost all my stuff :p
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    This plugin no longer meets our Plugin Release/Submissions Guidelines and the author has not responded, so I'm marking this as inactive. Please feel free to contact a member of the Community Staff if you return and want your release unlocked.
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