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    SpoutNinja 1.1 - Be Hidden, like a Boss.
    Download: SpoutNinja.jar


    SpoutNinja lets you turn into a Ninja and hides your name, so nobody will ever know who you are. Very basic feature, but Spout needs to get started somehow.

    Bukkit Permissions
    spoutninja.use = Use /ninja (hides your title and adds Ninja skin)
    spoutninja.use = Use /ninja show (resets your title and reverts back to your normal skin)

    • Hides your name
    • Changes you into a Ninja
    • Bukkit Permissions Support
    1.10 - Configuration file to define the skin url
    1.00 - Released SpoutNinja
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    Thank you. If you download it, let me know if you experience any errors.
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    I'm afraid I dont use spout, I'll have to be convinced

    Also, does it require the client, or run smoothly without it,
    Also I would suggest making the players skin into a ninja(which admins can pre define) while there name is invisble

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    Can u add an option to stay completely invisible ?
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    Completely invisible as in.. ?

    Added. Download the newest version. ;)

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    this is amazing!!! This is better than the Tag plugin!!! :p
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    Silent updated pushed. Fixed permissions.
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    Since this is the first time anyone has implemented Spout's clientside name hiding feature, how about making this less specific so more people can make use of the feature? Like full server toggling of nametags, group based permissions, or even (hypothetical because I have no idea if Spout can even do this yet) showing names on crosshair hover.

    Use Spout to its full potential! (Like a boss.)
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    You do know MobDisguise does this without the need for the spout client?
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    To all of those suggestions! Especially combining them,so you can only see the name tag if you look at the player!
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    Does this need the Client Mod too ?
    and when yes : Did i see myself as Ninja?
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    Mobdisguise is a different approach, since it doesn't specifically set out to remove the name so much as smuggle your player actions under the banner of whatever mob you're impersonating. That includes having no name rendered, but doesn't have much scope for flexibility.

    (Unless this is using the same technique to remove the name tag by reskinning a mob or something? I assumed Spout had a class that controlled the display of names.)
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    Yes you do see yourself as a Ninja.
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    Nice :O
    i will try this
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    Grammar Troll

    This looks very nice! Is it possible to set a predefined title as well?
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    That would be cool!
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    MobDisguise lets you completely hide your nameplate and changes your skin to a ninja?
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    this need client plugin?
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    Can you make is so when you turn into/back from a ninja it spawns smoke? That would make it more ninja like. Also smoke grenades would be amazing!
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    Is there an API for that? :p

    Sorry i'm only getting to this thread, but yes I could make that. If I get enough request's Ill do it.

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    You can do it with the existing bukkit api it is:
    player.getWorld().playEffect(player.getLocation(), Effect.SMOKE, 3);
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    if i can see the ninja then he flunked ninja school v.v everyone knows true ninjas are never seen and seldom heard
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    I've added that in but when i'm testing it I don't see any effect.
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    Odd the same exact code works for me....
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    You got skype/aim/msn?
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    Skype I'm skeletonofchaos there too.
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    Weird.. i cant find you in the search list.
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    Odd what are you? capital S maybe. I come up when I search myself....

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