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    SkylandsPlugin - Go to the Skylands!
    Version: v1.4

    • Go to the Skylands with a bed!
    Download SkylandsPlugin!
    Source is inside the jar file.

    How to use:
    First go to a bed.
    If you go in a bed you have a chance that you go to the Skylands.
    The default chance for going to the Skylands is 20 (5 %).
    Chances 1 to 30 (you can go higher) (open)
    1: 100.00 %
    2: 50.00 %
    3: 33.33 %
    4: 25.00 %
    5: 20.00 %
    6: 16.67 %
    7: 14.29 %
    8: 12.50 %
    9: 11.11 %
    10: 10.00 %
    11: 9.09 %
    12: 8.33 %
    13: 7.69 %
    14: 7.14 %
    15: 6.67 %
    16: 6.25 %
    17: 5.88 %
    18: 5.56 %
    19: 5.26 %
    20: 5.00 %
    21: 4.76 %
    22: 4.55 %
    23: 4.35 %
    24: 4.17 %
    25: 4.00 %
    26: 3.85 %
    27: 3.70 %
    28: 3.57 %
    29: 3.45 %
    30: 3.33 %
    If you are in the Skylands you find only chickens.
    If you kill a chicken you can get feather(s).
    Hold a feather in your hand and press the right mouse button to fly. ;)

    Video-tutorial by mesiapk (open)

    You can go back to the normal world (if voidtonormalworld is true) by jumping of a island.
    Now you fall down to the normal world.
    If you get kicked for flying disable "allow-flight" in the "server.properties" and install AntiHack and/or NoCheat.

    Give the player you want this permissions for going to the Skylands.
    Give the player you want this permissions for flying in the Skylands with a feather.
    Known bugs:
    None. :D

    This plugin creates a properties file on Plugins/SkylandsPlugin/config.yml. ;)

    Standard properties:
        fly: true
        chance: 20
        portalexplode: true
        flytool: '288'
        voidtonormalworld: true
    Version 1.0
    • Release.
    Version 1.1
    • Added flying in the Skylands with a feather.
    Version 1.2
    • Added flytool-setting.
    • Added portalexplode-setting for exploding Nether portals (like beds in the Nether).
    Version 1.3
    • Fixed the "You moved too quickly :( (Hacking?)"-kick.
    Version 1.4
    • You now go to the Skylands if you awake in your bed, not if you just enter your bed.
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    Just a curious question: Does your config file show the same options as posted in the OP?
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    yes exept th chance to get ported to the skylands everything else is the same
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    Awesome plugin :) ! But I can't fly with a feather :(.

    Bukkit build : 898
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    not mine... i've downloaded it a few minutes ago... but i've issues aswell :(
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    why i need 863? and how do it get there?
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    because build 863 (+) have fix of random NPEs when generating a world :)
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    didnt work with me... skylands was empty :(
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    I am working on this options. ;)

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    Can we get a link to the build?
    It's usually harder to find a non-recommended build.
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    Ok robin0van0der0v ..

    I found a bug with flying .. I'm using great PeX (thread here)

    Only Admins (not OP) with '*' can use a feather for flying .. others not :(

    Any help with this please ? I have set for all players your perm. -> skylandsplugin.goto however.
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    On top of what hofec said my players also get the KICKED for moving to fast error that notch built in when falling into void to tp back to default world.


    Appears CB 888 may be the issue for me they changed how movement was handled and thus likely to mess up the move event fix in 1.3 on servers running 888 + the same is going on with Nocheat as well as it was annouced over on thier thread.
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    First issue was already fixed, update please.
    And the next issue; it is "skylandsplugin.fly". ;)

    I can't fix the first issue, ask the owner of their plugin.
    And the next issue was already fixed, update please. ;)

    Download it here. ;)

    It is "skylandsplugin.fly". ;)
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    Actually mate im using CB883 and Skylands 1.3 I even me as ADMIN with '*' get kicked with moved to quickly when falling back to default world.

    but thanks for the tip with permission appears that it was not listed on OP when I checked.
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    Hmm, I think I had forgotten it. :$
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    Can you make a option that if you die you go to the skylands?
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    Can anyone make a screenshot of the skylands? :)
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    Yep !

    I have same issues as above with #863 | SkyLands 1.3 installed ..
    ( also tried to install your [FIX] NoMovedToQuicklyKick - no chance! )

    Everybody (admins, players, ..) who fall down to void get moved to quickly.

    Anyway .. robin0van0der0v, please check news of #888 builds+

    With build 888+ all works as well ( even player died, when hit the default world after void-jump :D )

    thanks for support.
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    Great plugin and it works! The only problem is I fall to death when I try to get out of the Skylands, by jumping off the island.
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    here u are .. SkyLands
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    Yes, this was it.
    I edited the topic. ;)

    I am adding a way to go back with beds. ;)
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    Great! Can't wait!
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    Ah I see thank you will try 888 lets just hope the event changes dont screw up everyplugin that uses those events :p
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    I registered on the Bukkit forums just so I could post on this thread. I really would like for this plugin to work. When I first downloaded it it was fine, but I didn't like that it only took you to the skylands 5% of the time, so I changed the 20 to 1. When I did that I got a crapload of errors, so after thinking a bit I changed it to 01, and the errors were gone. Knowing it would take me there 100% of the time now I hopped into the closest bed on the server and went to the skylands, but then found that 1 feather isn't enough to fly. I killed chickens until I got 10 feathers, and right clicked, but as soon as I did that it said CHAEMERA WINGS (or something like that) and I was immediatly kicked from the skylands and appeared back at my bed. I tried it several more times (6 I think it was) but got the same results. Every time I right click to fly it takes me back to my bed. Is there any way I can fix this?
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    List your other plugins
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    I think it conflict with a other plugin. :(
    Can you please tell me which plugins you are running? :p
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    He is using MCMMO...
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    factions, magic carpet, MakeEmSpawn, MCMMO,Skylands,BukkitContrib
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    Hi, i just loaded the newest version today, and i still get this "You moved too quickly :( (Hacking?)" thingy if i wanna leave skylands... happily i have demigod installed and got prometheus so i wont loose items if i die... otherwise would be annoying :/ any clue how to fix?

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