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    BlocksOnGlass - Place everything you want on glass .. and fences .. and ice :>
    Version: v0.44
    CraftBukkit: 1185

    Thanks for the video, @Gabriel Moon

    This plugin allows the players of your server to place anything on glass, ice and fences. Redstone also works.

    • Place every item or block on glass, ice, fences and leaves
    • Support for Permissions
    Download BlocksOnGlass v0.44
    Source Code

    If you want to support me, please [​IMG].

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    Players can only place an item on glass if they have the permission to for it.
    There are the following permission nodes:

    If you want to allow them to place a torch on glass, you would use for example
    for wooden doors on fences
    and so on.

    The itemname hast to be uncapitalized or it won't work!
    Possible itemnames are:
    TORCH (not for fences)
    REDSTONE_TORCH_ON (not for fences)
    You can use bog.*, bof.*, boi.* and bol.* as well!

    fenceFixIf this is set to 'true', you can place fences next to another one even if there's no fence below the new one.

    Version 0.44
    • Update for CB 1185 (Minecraft 1.8.1)
    Version 0.43
    • Update for CB 1060 and 1118
    Version 0.42
    • Fixed ice (was not melting correctly)
    Version 0.41
    • Added support for leaves
    • Noteblocks placed on glass will now play the correct sound
    Version 0.40
    • Added support for ice
    • Updated for CB build 1000
    • Added "fenceFix" to the config (see above)
    • Monsters can no longer climb over fences
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    Version 0.35
    • Snow shouldn't be forming on glass and fences now
    • Torches can now be placed on fences without having to explicitly have the permission to
    Version 0.34
    • Added support for fences
    Version 0.33
    • Fixed lighting bug
    Version 0.32
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.6.6 (CraftBukkit b818)
    Version 0.31
    • Changed the way you can allow or disallow items to be placed on glass
      • See Permissions
    Version 0.30
    • Fixed redstone
    • The plugin has been completely rewritten to make it
      • faster
      • more reliable
      • more flexible
      • more compatible
    Version 0.22
    • Updated for CB 733
    • Added support for powered rails and detector rails
      • You can place them, but they do net work correctly yet, sorry.
    Version 0.21
    • You can now place beds on glass
    Version 0.20
    • Doors can now be placed on glass
    • You can now set which items can be placed on glass (see Configuration)
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Cleaned up the code a bit
    Version 0.11
    • Rails, Ladders, Redstone Wire and Redstone Torches can now be placed on glass (however redstone doesn't work until I know how to fix that)
    • Fixed Ladders
    Version 0.1
    • First public release

    Incompatible plugins: None
    Todo: Fix the sound note blocks make if there's glass below it (may be impossible)

    Have fun :)
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    hmm... that doesn't sound like this plugin would affect it. I'll check out if my server isn't allowed to change note blocks to clicks when I get home. It'd certainly be interesting if it's this plugin causing that lol.
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    Hi, just a little warning if you weren't aware. 1.7 will allow you to place at least torches on fences (maybe other stuff too), so you might need to take away some of the aspects of this plugin so it doesn't clash with the actual game. Maybe have the stuff which is available in 1.7 be disabled in the plugin if CBXXX+ is detected (where XXX is whatever the first 1.7 update is).
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    @Wesley Boynton
    I suppose if we used note blocks more I would have caught that... I personally don't mind, but that's a good catch.
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    Hey man, wanted to remind you. Great plugin!
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    Wesley Boynton

    Yeah. If that gets fixed, please please please let me know. I don't use them extensively, but a few guys on my server made an enormous drum machine. I'd adore installing this again.
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    If you've not enabled the "bof.fence" permission, this plugin refused to let fences stack on top of each other (as in vanilla 1.7). Probably should fix it to allow that by default (since that's vanilla behavior) rather than requiring a permission for 1.7.

    Fix until mod is upgraded (for those coming here b/c they run into this issue) is just to add "bof.fence" to your default permissions for everyone.

    @FrozenBrain Also you only have 0.32 checked into GIT, your mod is 0.34. Would you mind posting latest source onto git hub as well in case you ever stop updating, someone else can take over? :D Thanks!
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    BlocksOnGlass does not change the behaviour of block placement in any ways, it just let's you put items in glass.
    Maybe this can help you: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...lace-fences-above-other-fences-670-733.11216/

    Snow should be fixed in the next update.

    I'm changing the Material of the glass so the Noteblock doesn't recognizes is as glass and therefore plays the wrong sound. I can't do much about that, sorry. I would have to modify the server (or use an event like "NOTE_PLAY", which does not exist yet).

    Not with this plugin.

    That's not the purpose of this plugin :)

    I can place hatches at the sides of a glass block normally.

    It doesn't show up on glass? Hm .. Are there any plugins on your server that could conflict with BoG?

    Thanks, I'm going to add those items to some kind of whitelist. And yes, the next update will be pushed to github :)
  9. Just a quick one, ive not installed the mod yet, so i've not tried, Can i add bog.* to the permissions to allow all blocks? As i pretty much fun a freebuild server, and dont want to add a ton of permission nodes.


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    Yep, that's possible.
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    I had nothing that would have possibly conflicted with this plugin. This is the only plugin that edits redstone to any degree, same for glass.
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    Hi Frozen,

    could you add support to place blocks on Ice as well? With new anti-melting abilities from worldguard and others, it'd great to light up my ice fortress with torches, without having to interlace snowblocks.
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    found a bug and I'm 100% sure this is the cause because of trial and error of other plugins..

    The bug is.. the mobs are getting killed on the top of the fences..
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    I've noticed this as well. I've watched as cows and pigs roam and get on fences then take damage. sometimes even die
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    Maybe you should take a look in the configuration files, there may be something in there that could solve your problem.
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    blocksonglass doen't have a configuration file.. XD
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    Would it be possible to extend this to include torches on ice as well? I know it seems a bit of an stupid request, but we use a no-melt plugin on our server to make ice a viable building material and it would be nice for it to be more pliable.
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    i just requested this myself but YES THIS WOULD BE AMAZING :)
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    Sorry I look through a lot of plugins in a day. I don't always look through all the comments first x.x
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    I noticed that i cant place torches on leaves since 1.7.2/1.7.3 is out... Maybe you can add this to your plugin?
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    For some reason my players can no longer place fences on top of other fences. They were able to do so before. Admins can still do it however. I added the permissions for it, but they still can't do it. Any ideas?
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    @Haduke that should be a default minecraft thing now I believe. it's working for me regardless though (I give my ppl bog.* and bof.*) as well as my players
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    Give them the bof.fence permission.

    BlocksOnIce is also planned.
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    You went right for the NMS. I would of never though that you could do this!

    Isn't it unsafe for updates?

    Explain to me Please how you went about doing it in the nms, i do not quite follow how you did it in the source

    It took me forever to make trapdoors place able everywhere without any nms changes
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    is it possible to remove this debug message?​
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    Thank you for the great plugin!

    I found a bug. With Minecraft 1.7.3, Craftbukkit RB1000 and BlocksOnGlass 0.35, zombies can climb fences.

    01:19:20 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.7.3
    01:19:20 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-945-g73697a4-b1000jnks (MC: 1.7.3)
    01:19:26 [INFO] BlocksOnGlass version 0.35 is enabled!
    01:19:26 [INFO] [BlocksOnGlass] Permission system detected.
    Best regards,
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    CB1000 BOG0.35
    Fences no longer work as they once did. If you place a fence on a fence and then try to place fence against the side of the top fence it won't go. Also you can't place fence UNDER fence.
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    Why would you want to remove it?

    Thanks, that's fixed in 0.40.

    AFAIK they never worked like this. However, I've added this functionality to 0.40.

    See first post for the update.
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    Wow thanks, that was fast. Ah, I remember I used to use a plugin called FenceStack (or something) which let us do this.
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    Can you add a config option to disable the need for permissions?
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    Unnecessary in my opinion. Just give everyone the following permissions:

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