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    BlocksOnGlass - Place everything you want on glass .. and fences .. and ice :>
    Version: v0.44
    CraftBukkit: 1185

    Thanks for the video, @Gabriel Moon

    This plugin allows the players of your server to place anything on glass, ice and fences. Redstone also works.

    • Place every item or block on glass, ice, fences and leaves
    • Support for Permissions
    Download BlocksOnGlass v0.44
    Source Code

    If you want to support me, please [​IMG].

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    Players can only place an item on glass if they have the permission to for it.
    There are the following permission nodes:

    If you want to allow them to place a torch on glass, you would use for example
    for wooden doors on fences
    and so on.

    The itemname hast to be uncapitalized or it won't work!
    Possible itemnames are:
    TORCH (not for fences)
    REDSTONE_TORCH_ON (not for fences)
    You can use bog.*, bof.*, boi.* and bol.* as well!

    fenceFixIf this is set to 'true', you can place fences next to another one even if there's no fence below the new one.

    Version 0.44
    • Update for CB 1185 (Minecraft 1.8.1)
    Version 0.43
    • Update for CB 1060 and 1118
    Version 0.42
    • Fixed ice (was not melting correctly)
    Version 0.41
    • Added support for leaves
    • Noteblocks placed on glass will now play the correct sound
    Version 0.40
    • Added support for ice
    • Updated for CB build 1000
    • Added "fenceFix" to the config (see above)
    • Monsters can no longer climb over fences
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    Version 0.35
    • Snow shouldn't be forming on glass and fences now
    • Torches can now be placed on fences without having to explicitly have the permission to
    Version 0.34
    • Added support for fences
    Version 0.33
    • Fixed lighting bug
    Version 0.32
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.6.6 (CraftBukkit b818)
    Version 0.31
    • Changed the way you can allow or disallow items to be placed on glass
      • See Permissions
    Version 0.30
    • Fixed redstone
    • The plugin has been completely rewritten to make it
      • faster
      • more reliable
      • more flexible
      • more compatible
    Version 0.22
    • Updated for CB 733
    • Added support for powered rails and detector rails
      • You can place them, but they do net work correctly yet, sorry.
    Version 0.21
    • You can now place beds on glass
    Version 0.20
    • Doors can now be placed on glass
    • You can now set which items can be placed on glass (see Configuration)
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Cleaned up the code a bit
    Version 0.11
    • Rails, Ladders, Redstone Wire and Redstone Torches can now be placed on glass (however redstone doesn't work until I know how to fix that)
    • Fixed Ladders
    Version 0.1
    • First public release

    Incompatible plugins: None
    Todo: Fix the sound note blocks make if there's glass below it (may be impossible)

    Have fun :)
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    Quick question. Is Permissions required now or just supported?
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    can i have link to 0.30 not 0.22 lol
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    Damn I forgott to copy the file to my Dropbox Folder *facepalm*. I'll fix this Tomorrow.
    Supported. If you don't have permissions installed, everybody is able to place everything on glass.

    I fixed the link, it's in the first post.

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    Uhh, thanks for redstone!

    I'm an idiot so ingore the "bugs" - I hate redstone xD

    But here you can see NO bug with redstone and redstonetorches!

    But the funny thing is, it's working this way:


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    I can't find a bug on your screens, sorry :D The redstone should work like on any other block now.

    Would you tell me exactly what you think is going wrong?
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    Yes, I do :p

    I am an idiot and thought, that the redstone torch on the block will power the redstone wire, too
    Damn it!
    No bugs, everything fine :D
    (I meant the first pic. left side)
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    Good that everything works as it should, I hate bugs :D

    Version 0.31 is up, I screwed up the permissions support in 0.30 :oops:
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    ^^ Explains why no one had permission using GM and the Bridging jar to place items on glass but me.

    Thanks for supporting this. I was wondering if you could make this an all round Glass fix plugin by adding glass to DROP on break and not just smash.
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    I'am actually planning to make a plugin that allows you to modify blocks as you'd like. You'll be able to change whether they should act like a normal block or like glass, the time you need to break the block, the drop etc.
    I just don't know yet what is clientside and what's serverside so I can't tell yet if it will be possible or not.
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    hmm is this going to be a seperate plugin ? as it sounds a lot like others that do this already and worldguard conflicts with those. It conflicts with most plugins that modify drop blocks and timing and all of that stuff.

    I got this as it was simple and effective for using glass in better ways.
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    I don't know yet if I'll make another plugin or if I just update this one. I'll tell you when I've got time to make it.
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    Gabriel Moon

    Hey We Have Made Another Video For You, This Time Its About Your Awesome BlocksOnGlass Plugin, Well Here It Is:
    Feel Free To Use It Where Ever You Want :), And Thank You Sooooo Much For Putting Our WeatherGod Video On The Main Page!!!!
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    One quick note.. I just watched the video and you say there that Permissions are required. I use this plugin without permissions and it works perfectly.
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    Gabriel Moon

    we tried it without permissions, and only op could place blocks on glass, so im sure
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    ...which means it works without permissions, because the default for most plugins is to go back to isOp when no permissions is available
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    Thanks so much :)

    The plugin should work without permissions, too. I'll test it later.
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    This plugin work well without permissions (i like freedom)
    Have just one little thing... Now snow can take on glass :( :( :(
    Can you add a config for disallow ? :)
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    Hey great plugin! I've used it for 2weeks and it works perfectly
    I can now make rails without those eyesore cobblestone path.
    Unfortunately It seems incompatible with the plugin 'Showcase'.
    Indeed whenever I put item to 'showcase' the plugin blockonglass seems to make glass throw back the item.
    Is it possible to make it work with the plugin 'showcase'?
    I tried to ask the showcase developer but he told me it has something to do with 'cancelled event from this plugin'
    Anyway Great job.
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    Does this plugin enable mobs to spawn on glass? I've had a few unexplained spawns on unlit glass floors.
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    Glass is acting like dirt, stone and every other solid block after installing the plugin. So yes, there will be snow on glass and yes, Mobs will spawn on glass. I'll maybe add some options to disable this behavior.
    I'll also maybe add an option to make the plugin compatible with Showcase.

    However it will take some time to do all that because I haven't got that much time atm.
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    Awesome! Take your time!
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    No problem, take your time !
    And thanks for your support :)
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    So how can I exactly give permissions to players on my hamachi server? I have the Permissions plugin but I can't give any other players than myself permission? :s
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    Everything's explained very well in the default config.
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    does it work with 798?
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    It should but I've not tested it yet.
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    I'm looking for a way to make it so item drops don't clip through glass. Does this mod affect that at all?
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    Thank you for making this!! I have been looking for a way to put stuff on glass.
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    For those wondering, I've installed it, and yes, this plugin keeps item drops from clipping through glass. Now I don't have to remake my entire mob grinder. Thanks for the plugin!
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    I know, CB #812 isn't recommend, but it breaks your plugin :(
    (MC 1.6.4)

    I just can't place any blocks on glass again!

    But I found out, that GLOWSTONE is affected, too, by your plugin!


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