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    a lightweight dynmap alternative - fater than ever

    • Player names and faces on a map
    • ZOOMING!
    • Gorgeous map rendering
    • Monsters on a map
    • Monster spawners on map
    • Signs on map if the first line of the sign is [BMR]
    • Shows time of day
    • Super light on resources
    • Super fast rendering
    • Full multithreading support
    • Worldguard Regions
    • Worldborder borders (circle and square)
    • Permissions support
    • Configure everything the way you want it
    • MultiWorld support
    • Toggleable icons
    Version: 1.6
    Download: Download Link
    Commands: /bmr [value between 1 and 4] /bmr length
    Example Render: Here

    Instructions: These assume that you are running BukkitHTTPD as the web server on your host. If this is the case you don't need to change anything. Otherwise, please configure the correct directory for your web server install.

    • Place in plugins/ folder along with all the included libs and extra folders in the zip. The plugin will not create its own if these do not exist!
    • Start the server, then type bmr 1 into the console - wait for this to complete then continue running your server as normal!
    • Players will automatically generate the entire map over a period of weeks as they explore it, but if you wish, you can forcefully render areas of the map using /bmr in-game.
    • Navigate to http://yourip/worldname/
    • If you wish to have certain signs displaying on the map - have the first line of the sign be
    is a
    Some more information:
    • The plugin keeps each 512px tile for 1 hour after creation. After this they are flagged for updating, either by your players as they wander around your map, or by you using /bmr [value]
    • Each bmr value is equal to (mcregion file+1)^2 so be careful when using large values as bmr 10 renders over 5k by 5k tiles!
    • The plugin will print a report when it is done rendering. It will look something like this.
    2011-08-04 14:31:37 [INFO] Map rendering: 1 1 DONE
    2011-08-04 14:31:37 [INFO] Rendering complete: Took 190s to complete : 288 chunks rendered in total
    Live Examples:


    Credit Where Due:
    • clone1018 for minotar.net
    • Nijikokun for suggestion I use leaflet as the map system, and for the css and coding help
    • Demonen for all the testing and for writing a couple of functions for me
    • All the folks on the United Banana Empire for being super patient with me as I tested this plugin
    • Protected for doing a complete rewrite of some of my code for 0.3 - thankyou so so so much - I don't know what I'd do without you on my team! ^^
    • K900 for all his anti-noob nyan work :)
    Coming soon: progress on GitHub

    • Fun filters (not done)
    • Fix wierd chrome bugs (possibly done)
    • Flash based site (partially done)

    • 0.0.1 - 01/06/2011 - released privately to beta testers.
    • 0.1 - 04/06/2011 - released publicly after adding lots of shiny features.
    • 0.2 - 06/06/2011 - implemented multiworld and added more entities.
    • 02.1 - 07/06/2011 - implemented biomes, changed mob formula, changed how ice looks to be more "icey" added sign and mob spawner display.
    • 1.0 - 09/06/2011
    • 1.1 - 15/06/2011 - added all sorts of anti-noob nyanerry - thanks K900!
    • 1.2 - 19/07/2011 - removed NMS references - increased performance - hopefully fixed sign bug
    • 1.5 - 04/08/2011 - new index.html - new rendering method - new chunksnapshot method increased performance - decreased lag
    • 1.6 - 16/08/2011 - reordered rendering logic, cleaned up memory leak, took out the cat, introduced the neighbors to my girlfriend, slowed down rendering so you don't even notice its happening when the server is running. Also it's a lot prettier.
  2. sorry, drunken. but: My RAM usage was OK. Also no outOfMemory error... so... paging on disk.. ahm... fuck alk... I think I won't get the point (sorry) please explain it a bit more (and have in mind that you're talking to a german man who says his english is poor..)

    # ls *jar                                     (08-21 01:17)
    AutoCraft.jar           CraftBookMechanisms.jar  StealIdent.jar
    BMR.jar                 CraftBookVehicles.jar    StyxSpace-1.1-dev.jar
    BananaChunk.jar         DCReason(1.2)_1.7.3.jar  ThunderTools.jar
    BananaImageToMap.jar    EverCart.jar             TimeEvent.jar
    Bananapocalypse.jar     HeroicDeath.jar          TrainCarts.jar
    BedMessage.jar          Inception.jar            V10phone.jar
    BoatMod.jar             LagMeter.jar             VNP.jar
    BukkitHTTPD.jar         MCStats2.jar             WStone.jar
    BukkitUpdater.jar       MapAPI-1.1.jar           WeatherSigns.jar
    CellMod.jar             MidiBanks.jar            WorldEdit.jar
    ChunkLoad.jar           MultiWorld.jar           WorldGuard.jar
    Citizens.jar            MusicCraft.jar           WormholeXTreme.jar
    CleanroomGenerator.jar  RealTimeSet.jar          lib24time.jar
    CraftBook.jar           SignClock.jar            libMMS.jar
    CraftBookCircuits.jar   Stargate.jar
    I hope this answers you're question. As I sayed in other threads: I'm drunken right now (and maybe it would be better to not post in this state..). -.-

    But please explain that "paging" thing to me, because I'm developing plugins, too (you may notice that some of the plugins you see on the list are only in WIP threads here... or you won't find them at all... ;)) and I try to get better so... If one of my plugins is doing something stupid (which I don't hope because especially the write-to-disk tasks are things I try to minimize...) ... but as I sayed: drunken right now so maybe I understand something wrong and you will kick your PC out of the window by reading this... but explaining it better would help me when the alcohol has left, too (I think/hope).

    //EDIT: Okay, I re-read this again. Do you mean when the operating system has to swap on the disk because there's no more RAM left this can happen? If so: why? That swaping task should be fully handled by the OS and not interfer with tasks in the userspace. If it does such things it is a kernel bug of the OS, isn't it? :confused:
    BTW: I have no swap space on disk! My only swapspace is compressed RAM: http://code.google.com/p/compcache/
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    I love this plugin - great work. I only have one problem - I have a couple of signs in my world with first line [BMR] and they aren't showing up ont he map, despite tile-entites enable begn true and signs being true, and a /bmr 4 having been done.

    I also can't get the worldguard regions to show up.

    Are there any plugin conflicts I should know about that might cause this? I'm running bukkit 1063, essentials 2.5.6, WG and WE (latest version), spout, turnstile, lytreehelper, groupmanager and simpletips.
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    Well so far all it has done is make my server extremly laggy with no actual map, just a page saying 404 not found.

    After some poking around folders I found the map, and I have to say its very nice. So good work. This is the first banana plugin that has worked properly for me.
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    Hello there folks,

    I was wondering if I need to setup the worlds in the config file?

    Why? When I try to run another world apart from "world" itself it just shows me 3 files in a directory - no index.html or nothing. I am new to BMR and welcome any help :)
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    I'm doing a BMR 4 on my server, and the picture loads fine at first, but then new region file overlap the old ones and its looks messed up:
    Any ideas why this happen?
    Also, are areas outside the BMR update region updated when players walk outside that border? I assume no?
    Also, a BMR update for specific region would be nice, like BMR -1,-1 or similar

    Thanks for a great plugin!
  7. The image looks nice to me, what exactly is ypur problem= ^^
    As no "BMR Border" exists: Yes.


    /bmr X world_name or wait till enough information is collected...
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    It seems the overlapping of pictures only happen in google chrome (my default web browser). Since you said you did not see a problem, I tried internet explorer and there the picture stays as it should.

    I did however not notice any updating of the map even when users where running around outside the borders of the manually BMR generated area... or maybe I did not see it in when using google chrome then, if that also was an issue, since my users have run so far into each direction so the map becomes quite wide.

    Edit: The map thinks the citizens from the citizens mod is players online - is there a possibilty for you to make this map ignore the npcs from that plugin?
  9. Yes, have a look at the config:
        # Names of people who won't be shown on the map. Good for NPCs and stealth guys.
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    Yeah, but the users can buy and place NPC's themselves, so that means I would manually have to add the names each time anyone buys & places a NPC. A feature to think about in the future maybe - would be nice ;)

    Anyway, still thanks for the great map plugin!
  11. why do i get HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found. error?
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    No webhost?
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    Hey, it is me again. Everything on the normal worlds works fine! Somehow I can't get the nether-map to work. When I start the rendering by the command bmr 1 world_nether it does render, the image, HTML, .js and .css files get created BUT when I open the index.html there's just the overlay, no map.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I thought maybe it is because the nether world data gets saved in the DIM-1/region directory instead of the simple region-dir normal worlds get saved in, but if that were the case I guess the world wouldn't get rendered at all.

    Using the current MC version (1.8.1) and Bukkit build #1130 (I have been using the last recommended build 1060 with the same problem). The plugin seems to recognize changes in the nether-world and renders anew, no viewable map though.

    Thanks again for that plugin, it rules.
  14. hi having a small issue with [BMR] signs not showing on map?

    any ideas? its enabled andset true in config, everything else works perfect :)
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    I got it all to work but it wont seem to render the map properly it hasn't added anything to the map since i ran the first bmr 1 command, i have tried rendering the map again and it says successful but when you view the URL there is only abit around the spawn showing up, also signs don't show.

    any help would be appreciated
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    Hey, just wondering if this is still alive or works on 1185 or greater.... doesn't look too hopeful. xD
  17. How can i use it on multiworld i've tried but it dosen't create a index.html + some other files, any help?
    placed all files from template but the map still needs images.
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    I've got it running on CB #1550 without problems. No signs though but I guess that was because some people like me had problems with them in the previous version(s), so I guess codename_B switched them off for the current release.

    Try deleting the world-folders in your plugins\BukkitHTTPD\ folder and then from the server console enter "bmr 1 [Worldname]". Worked for me, but still not with Nether-Maps.
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    It looks fantastic, but does enyone know how much RAM it uses?
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    As you know this is now inactive due to not being maintained if it is on Bukkitdev or you wish to revive it tag me.
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    *Grave dig* Anything like this available for 1.3.2?
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    Haha of course, but I meant something as lightweight as this.

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