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    AutoClear 1.2 - Automatically clears entities when they hit a limit!

    You might not know this, but entities in your game cause a lot of lag, especially in large numbers. AutoClear is meant to reduce the load on your server, and to make it look more tidy.

    • Clears item drops when they reach a limit
    • Optionally clears arrows and vehicles
    • Can optionally display messages and give warnings.
    #The drop limit
    maxDrops: 500
    #How much time should we wait to clear the drops?
    warningTime: 30
    #The warning message to display
    warningMessage: '&cClearing all drops in 30 seconds!'
    #The message to display on clear completion.
    completeMessage: '&aDrop clearing complete! Cleared %amount% entities!'
    #Should we display messages?
    showMessages: true
    #Should we clear vehicles?
    clearVehicles: false
    #Should we clear arrows?
    clearArrows: true

    Download AutoClear 1.2

    Version 1.0-1.2:

    • Changelog was lost.
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    Can the Dev Re-upload this or can someone put it on mediafire and post the link. I would greatly appreciate it!
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    best plugin for anti-grief please update this plugin
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    Cannot download :(
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    link don't wor
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    Does this work for 1.0.0? Or does anyone know of a plugin that has the same functionality? I desperately need this plugin. Srsly. Vsrsly.
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    I'm working for a 1.0 server that currently uses this, so yes.
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    Then why not update it? I mean is it really that hard to recompile with the latest version?
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    It was a rhetorical question, I was being sarcastic, of course it's not hard to recompile...
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    This is why your plugin is labeled inactive.
    My plugins are respected because I'm not an ignorant dick, like some. ---^
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    Was I not clear? Let me rephrase this:
    (and by the way, I'm pretty sure it's labeled inactive because I don't actively develop it.)
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    You're a dev, you do it.
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    I have my own plugins to worry about let alone fix other plugins.
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    Then why are you complaining?
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    honestly, if a new RB didn't break how a plugin works, what's the point bickering over if it's "up to date" and compiled against the latest and greatest? it still works!
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    Can you please put up a new download link?
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    link wont work

    Hay can i have the source if it is ok if can have the plugin and do the updating things

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    Hello, could I have the source for this so I can update it? I'm making a creative server, and I need a plugin like this for security.
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    Hay can I contune this plugin since you dont work on it anymore if you can send me the source that will be asome
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    It would be greatly appreciated if DrAgonmoray would upload the source if he is not going to update it. This plugin is great and having it for R4 or R5 would be a beautiful thing!
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    I don't understand why people want this so much. It has ugly code, it's inefficient, and it doesn't even work well.
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    Well the thing is that having something to work off of is a hell of a lot better than restarting it from scratch regardless of the ugly code. I saw your status, and if you are still trying to understand GitHub, I would be more than happy to help you.

    Once again, thanks for your time and reply.
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    This is very helpfull when server have a lot of droped items and this cause lags if admins offline :|
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    Actually, not so much Github as it is Git. >.< How to get the code onnto my computer, then send it back to Github in the form of a pull request. :D

    If you help me out in a way that I understand, I'll slap the source up there.
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    very need plugin.... pls.. stay update... :'(
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    I will like to get this it looks good and I saw some servers have it
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    Am I allowed to decompile your code, update it and post it as yours just re-compiled and updated by me?
    Or atleast update it for my own use?

    Thanks in advance,
    - Unscrewed

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