[INACTIVE][MECH] Wool Color Spawner 0.2 [CB241+]

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    Wool Color Spawner
    Version 0.2 [241+]

    Spawns 64 stacks of wool of your choice, great for creative and build servers.

    Spawn color wool by typing
    /gw <color> <number of stacks>
    Color can be a string or integer

    List color names
    /gw list

    Permissions Plugin Support, Permissions permission

    version 0.2 2/4/2011 (RELEASED)
    • fixed to work with 241+
    Download Now!
    Source Code
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    Jonathan Bloom

    When I do /gw black 64 it gave me 256 black wool.
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    it gives you stacks of 64, the /gw black (number here), is the number of stacks you want.
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    I wanted blue wool...
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    Jonathan Bloom

    If I have other wool in my inventory that is below 64 and I do /gw COLOR it replenishes the other wool and then gives me whatever is left in the color I want.
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    whenever I place the wool it just turns white
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    Voxel Box

    holy~ what version of craftbukkit are you running? that bug has been outdated for some time on our server.
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    This plugin seems to work fine but if I just type /gw <colour> and no number (I normally only need 1 stack), I'm not actually given 64. I'm given between 50 and 8 (in one instance), any ideas?
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    I tried this plugin, but I did't want to load. Enabled message properly showed but no commands were accepted and reloading the plugin with essentials ended up in a client freeze
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    Hello, can you update the plugin for the latest Bukkit? My players love this feature :)
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    Great work!

    Before I add this to my server I'd love to have a version that doesn't take an amount, or ignores the amount and always gives 1 stack. (or a config-file option to enforce this)

    Why? So that economy (currency) plugins like iConomy can be used to restrict the use of your command by charging a certain amount of money per use of the command. This is only viable if the user is not able to specify the amount of stacks. (Unless you want to get into the details of charging the correct amount, based on the number provided, but I think that is more the domain of "shop" type plugins.)

    Any chance of this making it into the next update?
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    please update i cant get this to work!
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    same here
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    When I type in /gw red or any other color, I get a response saying /gw (wool). I have added the permission to Permissions. How do I fix this?
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    Can we see the rank you have added it to, what bukkit version you use?
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    He most likely updated to the latest Bukkit and Craftbukkit. You get error returns like that because the entire permission hook was re-written.
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    Looks like this plugin is also suffering from the new changes to craftbukkit. I read somewhere that the new craftbukkit renamed getdamage to durability. Maybe thats why this is broke too since colored wool is just damaged regular wool.
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    updated to work with CB 168 and up
  19. it seems with bukkit 197 it turns the server off. Dunno why, no error, just says stopping :p
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    Plugin doesn't work. Crashes client when any /gw command other than /gw list is used. Does not spawn any wool.

    Bukkit 188, Wool Color 0.2.
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    still doesnt work for me, still says "/gw (wool)" for every gw command i do
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    Lol in permissions u can set it to use group users and even with out set the woolcolor.spawn in the groups permissions :D
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    With craft bukkit build 210. When i type /gw black 64 it turns off my server as if i was using the stop command in the console window.
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    Confirmed. Running on bukkit build #211 and everytime I do /gw it kicks everyone in the server then people can join again in about 20 seconds.
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    Thank you very much for sharing your source! I haven't been able to figure out how to spawn material variants, this is great! :)
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    /gw closes the server...
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    Please update this. This is a great plugin for creative servers!
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    yes we need it :)
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    Ok well for some reason when i load this plugin up, no folders or txts or anything at all is created, so what am i meant to do to get this to work, ingame no matter what cmnd i use it just goes "/gw (color)
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