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    Varietree - Grow Birch & Redwood With Bonemeal
    Version: v0.5

    I couldn't find a good way to hook into natural tree growth, but bonemeal I can do! When bonemeal is used to make a sapling grow, it becomes a random type of tree, including Birch or Redwood. Give your world a variety of trees with Varietree!

    Permissions supported, but not required. If Permissions is found and the use of it is enabled in the Varietree config file, only players with 'varietree.random' will grow random trees, while all other players will grow only boring, standard trees. If Permissions is not found, or the use of Permissions is disabled in the config file, all players will grow random trees. Use of Permissions is disabled by default. Tested with Permissions 2.4.

    Source Code

    Varietree will create a default config file when it is first run. Default configuration will look something like this:
    permissions: false
      TREE: 1
      BIG_TREE: 1
      REDWOOD: 1
      BIRCH: 1
    Permissions can be true or false. If set to true, and the Permissions plugin is found, only players with the 'varietree.random' permission will grow random trees, while all others will grow only standard, boring trees.

    The chances are all relative. A tree type with a chance of 2 will occur twice as often as a tree type with a chance of 1. If all tree types have the same chance, they will occur with equal frequency. A tree type with a chance of 0 will not be grown.

    • Hook into natural tree growth somehow
    • Make type of tree grown depend on biome
    • Per-world tree probability configuration
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed to work with latest bukkit
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed nasty bug where last piece of bonemeal wouldn't be used
    Version 0.3
    • Configuration of tree probabilities
    Version 0.2
    • Permissions support
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    Permissions Plox :3
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    This is my first time working with Permissions, so hopefully I've done everything right. I considered also adding the ability to restrict using bonemeal at all, but didn't quickly find a good way to do so. If this is what you wanted, I can look into it further.
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    hmm... lol. Thats restricting to randon to normal isnt exactly what I had i mind, but thanks, I really apreciate you trying :D
    Anyway I would like to restrict the grow at all. Like people with the permission can grow it, people without it cant grow. I think growing tree instatntly is a bit easy, so I thought about restricting the ability to only some people.

    I dont want to be a pain in the ass thou. :p

    Also I have a question, if you plant all the saplings in a line, and grow all of them, will they make a wal like thing? Or saplings with no apropriate height wont grow?

    Also wich permission is needed? 2.0? 2.1? 2.4? Groupmanager?
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    Nice plugin, I use it on my server! :D
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    Trees can grow that way naturally or with bonemeal, but either way its hard. It'll take quite a while to happen naturally, and with bonemeal you waste a lot of bonemeal before one finally works.

    I used 2.4, I was under the impression they should be somewhat interoperable.

    I might look more into restricting bonemeal entirely later, so far the best I can manage is an awkward situation where the tree's trunk disappears quickly, but the leaves hang around ;D Not really the intent of this plugin, but if I figure it out, I'll throw it in.
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    Please release a config to disable the use of permissions. I have tried adding 'varietree.random' to my permissions config and I get massive severe console errors from it.
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    Permissions config option added with the other new config options in v0.3. Permissions config currently disabled by default.
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    I found a bug.
    If I have one piece bone meal - item does not disappear after use.
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    Fixed in 0.4
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    Nice, thanks. ;)
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    nice plugin :)
    But coming back to anon, would it be possible to restict growing trees only to some people, as he said it is too easy :D
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    could you fix this bug:
    when i wanna grow a tree but it isn´t possible(e.g. when the ceiling is to low) it costs two bonemeal
  14. Hope to see this updated to 600+ a really awesome plugin.
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    When I first made this plugin I couldn't find any non-buggy way to cancel the bonemeal usage, but I'll try to see if things have changed when I update to 612 tonight.

    Ehhh I've never really thought of that as a bug. Just.. if you're in less than ideal growing conditions, you have to try a few times, even with bonemeal. Its how it works with vanilla minecraft, and I proobably won't change it. But I'll think about seeing if I can make it an option.

    Sorry for the delay in updatingness, I plan to get this caught up tonight.

    Updated to latest bukkit, no additional features/whatnot added at this point.

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    Nice plugin man keep up the good work! But i think there is a problem, after trying on roughly 40 trees, with this config file i only got normal/big trees.
    permissions: false
      TREE: 5
      BIG_TREE: 10
      REDWOOD: 5
      TALL_REDWOOD: 15
      BIRCH: 5
    Using CB version 617 and Varietree 0.5
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    @Caseus Could you show me what a config looks like for the following or maybe its simple haha.

    Tree: 70% Chance
    Tall Tree: 20% Chance
    Redwood: 2.5% Chance
    Tall Redwood: 2.5% Chance
    Birch: 5% chance

    Not sure if that is how it would work. But yeah I like to make rare tree's 5% chance something really rare to come back.
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    Really looking forward for a method of fully grown trees to drop saplings which could grow more trees. Is there anything out there like this yet?
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    Any news about restriction the tree grow to only people with the permission node?
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    fyi, I think growbie can do this... not that there is anything wrong with this plugin : ). I don't think growbie Hooks into natural tree growth either (but I'm not sure), so if you did that, it would be cool. However I think growbe can make the type of tree grown depend on the biome.
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    considered inactive

    plus 1.5 makes this obsolete, doesn't it?

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